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  • mhnhsn 68w

    Few lines on Mosquito

    Slimy,smart,freaky creature,
    Every thing is crazy about you.
    Tiny little body of yours,
    Holds antennas,wings, sensors..
    How! well equipped are you.
    Dancing.. attuning your
    Buzzing melody..,
    Never understand, what's
    The matter with you.
    No landings, take offs...
    Dodging everyone...
    So agile are you...
    As tiny as a speck,
    But knows every trickery,
    As a shrew...
    Bloody you're in nature..
    Piercing here n there..
    Is the only thing you knew.
    You creepingly steal our blood,
    Though we needed it more than you.
    Quite ubiquitous you're..
    Very unwonted guest are you.
    Spoiling every party is your
    Favorite habit that..
    you most keenly persue.
    Your somersaults are irking me,
    Clasping, swishing, mosquito killers..
    Nothing could get rid of you..
    You! Spooky little urchin...
    Enough of your mischiefs,
    Now let me have some rest...
    It will be very kind of you...

    Please donate some blood,
    To this poor hungry creature...♐♒♑

  • mhnhsn 72w

    A love....A lie.

    A love .... A lie,
    An Ecstasy,
    A mere Fantasy,
    A realm of imagination,
    We sought after our life long.
    A love .... A lie,
    A game of changing hearts,
    Sometimes you, sometimes else,
    Same deluge of words...
    False promises,
    Same story again.
    A love .... A lie,
    No chorinicle of love been made,
    Many games in name of love..
    Been played,
    No device to measure broken Hearts,
    This game is on, since this universe starts.
    A love .... A lie,
    Millions of lines written,
    Numerous quotable quotes,
    Unending lovestories piles every where,
    Make me ever wonder,
    Does love really exist?
    A love .... A lie,
    Making hell out of the world,
    Dieing for one another,
    Then what is falling apart??
    Where's this chaos start?
    A love .... A lie,
    Love is a disillusionment...
    A treaded path,
    We all love for expectations,
    A matter of give n take,
    Once this is gone,
    We realize A love.... A lie.
    Mhn Hsn poetic endeavors.

  • mhnhsn 73w

    High Spirits


  • mhnhsn 78w

    One face Many Worlds

    So many faces...
    Every face has its
    Own story...
    Walking on same path..
    But following its own destiny..
    This world is just a place..
    We actually live in our
    own worlds.
    This is the place we belong
    To...this is where we
    Toiled our lives on...
    With sets of our own
    Sorrows nd pleasures...
    Rise nd fall...
    Many characters just
    Walked in and go
    playing their
    Part...but alone we actually,
    Trudged through this path.
    Hiding so many emotions,
    Nd stories in our
    Existed self..
    This body of flesh n bone
    Is mere a illusion,
    but When you peeled through it,
    You found, one face
    And so many worlds,
    Confounded, tempestuous,
    Freaky and perplexed..
    Though we Born with same features,
    But live in different worlds.
    This is place we belong to..
    This is where we live our lives on.

  • mhnhsn 79w

    My Defeat Is The New Beginning

    Today I am weak,
    Today I have given up,
    Turmoil is too high,
    And I lacked the vigour.
    But I will risen up,
    My defeat is new beginning.
    You are mighty nd relentless,
    I'm puny and fragile,
    You like to duress nd sabotage,
    I'm frightened nd shackled,
    But I will risen up,
    My defeat is new beginning.
    My life has taken unexpected turns,
    I m forlorn nd bewildered,
    Just about to perish,
    But I will risen up,
    My defeat is new beginning.
    My feelings are crushed,
    My thoughts are tousled,
    My existence is suppressed,
    But I will risen up,
    My defeat is new beginning.
    At times there are resentments,
    I grapple with fate,
    Tried to come out of this
    Vicious cycle, but fallen
    But I will risen up,
    My defeat is new beginning.
    One thing always..
    strengthen my faith,
    No defeat is tremendous,
    Than my courage,
    Nothing can subdue,
    My abilities nd prowess,
    I will risen again,
    To my glory, to myself,
    My defeat is new beginning.
    Mhn Hsn poetic endeavors.

  • mhnhsn 80w

    Give it Love ❤️

    The Love nd passion..
    You have for someone..
    Is like the Rain..,
    Make you glad...
    Nd enliven again..,
    You want to soak
    In it nd blithe
    Your imagery...,
    Creating ripples in heart
    Nd beautiful melody..
    Drifting of mind
    nd casting words
    In poetry...
    Love is a feeling..
    Love is a bonding..,
    Life is harsh...
    Love makes it beautiful..
    When you fall in it...
    Just give it Love...
    Poetic endeavors.

  • mhnhsn 94w


    Let me be the Winner
    To lose my Heart...
    Let me be the Lover,
    To soak in its pleasure...
    Let me be the player,
    To swirl you around...
    Let me be the reason,
    To hold you abound...
    Let me be the thought,
    To enthrall your mind...
    Let me be that wish,
    To invoke you down...
    Let me be the admirer,
    To sway your senses...
    Let me be the world,
    To bestow you upon...
    Let me be the loser,
    To find you surmount...
    Let me be ... Every thing.
    To remind me of you.
    Mhnhsn poetic endeavours

  • mhnhsn 98w

    Mistake.. s

    Life is paradox of
    Yes and no...
    Sometimes yes can
    Lead to many possibilities,
    Sometimes no is the
    Solution to many queries.
    Every mistake is
    Another take...
    Making you worse or better,
    No matter how smart
    You may be...
    Pondering long, calculating
    Every thing..
    Mistakes are about to happen.
    You can't evade it.
    Its like groping in the dark.
    Don't know where it will take..
    To lost or broken relationships
    To regrets or failures
    or shattered faith...
    Life is collection of
    Numerous mistakes.
    It befooled you time nd again.
    You toiled to come out of
    One to fall in trap
    Of another mistake again..
    Mhn Hsn poetic endeavors

  • mhnhsn 98w

    Distance of.... Selves

    Distance of Selves covered,
    But distance of souls remain...
    Always at loss but,
    Sure to play again.
    The song of life,
    Is beautiful but
    Frenzies of reality restrains.
    Standing at crossroads,
    Waiting for new journey to begin
    Mhn Hsn poetic endeavors.

  • mhnhsn 99w

    Wills (desires)

    Wills are there with no will,
    They enchant your eyes,
    Fill your dreams that fly,
    Spill your heart with joys,
    They never stop, keep multiplies,
    It lives with life,
    When no hope is there,
    it still lies,
    How! Strange is this...
    It has no shape or eyes...
    But it keeps you Alive...
    Mhn Hsn poetic endeavors