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  • merin_ann_jose 6w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short write-up on Identity

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    Soul searching,
    Find myself on my heart's doorstep


  • merin_ann_jose 6w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Inequality

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    The crowd cheered, she was invisible.

  • merin_ann_jose 6w


    And so, in that small corner of your heart, you keep the flickering hope for love alive.
    Even though we pretend to not believe in immortal love stories,
    That naive untarnished part of you awaits its prince charming.
    Because after all, we're all just waiting for that fairytale ending,
    Secretly hoping that his eyes would be sparkling with unshed tears
    When he looks at you walking down the aisle to him.


  • merin_ann_jose 82w


    They say the strongest emotion is love
    That love makes the world go round,
    But now when life comes to a standstill,
    You wonder if love was all we found.

    So now each day we move forward,
    All of humanity, with one emotion - Hope.
    Every day, every minute, trudging through,
    Because hope makes the world go round too.


  • merin_ann_jose 97w


    In solitude, in pain,
    On the rocky patches of life's terrain.
    In the daunting hours, on the darkest days,
    On the coldest nights known to human race.
    Some defending, some guarding
    And some sacrificing;
    Souls undeterred, grit unwavering.


  • merin_ann_jose 107w


    Young love is beautiful,
    Fiesty and naive.
    Falling in it is easy,
    The beginning is all fun and sweet...
    Until the journey starts to wear out even the strongest of them;
    We don't lose love or trust,
    Sometimes it's patience that we overlook.

    In love, it's the wait that's the hardest.

    Yours always,
    P. S. We'll make it...

  • merin_ann_jose 114w


    I never imagined it to be like this,
    Growing up was a dream,
    College life was a goal.
    Working and sleepless nights sounded so cool!
    The desire to do something, that fiery passion was all we cared about as kids;

    And now when the time actually comes ,
    I realize most of it was a mirage-
    That college life is fun yet messy,
    That sleep matters the most;
    That mental health is important;
    That passion is useless without practice;
    While thirty and flirty was the mantra, I'm already twenty and tired,
    Stressed, weighed down with responsibilities and panicking about the future.

    And as life teaches me all this, I lose hope at times,
    I scramble for help,
    I find out that mistakes I do have bigger consequences now,
    The decisions I make affect the people around me too,
    That everybody is different
    and it's a journey...
    A sweet yet painstakingly difficult journey

    And life had never seemed more overwhelming.


  • merin_ann_jose 118w

    I KNOW

    Sometimes I look into your eyes and search for signs of regret...
    But all I see is ignorance.
    And you need to know that,
    I know-
    I know it was you.
    ~(A once shy little girl who stupidly believed that you were her Knight in shining armour, only to find out that you were the wolf)


  • merin_ann_jose 119w


    No matter how hard we try to build strong fences around us,
    Wanting to be strong and brave for the world and for ourselves,
    One day, it'll all come crashing down.
    When plans you made tumble,
    When the fears at the back of your head start resurfacing,
    When emotions overwhelm you
    And there'll be nothing you can do except
    cry and let it go!
    Even strong people deserve a #cheatday


  • merin_ann_jose 121w


    Most of the time, we hold ourselves back
    keeping love, joy and peace in check,
    Always too scared of becoming icarus - of flying too close to the sun,
    We keep waiting for something bad to happen that we forget to embrace life in full measure.

    It's okay to be happy,
    It's okay to enjoy the moment.