Writings embellished with feelings from the heart and soul.

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  • meraki_exulansis 28w

    Superficial smiles and genuine love
    "Take my hand for I'll be the salvation at nighfall when oneiric stories besiege the benelovence etched in your delicate soul"
    Cherishing these promise of yours, yet the doubts waver the assurance you'll be the savior who'll never abandon a broken piece of me

    #ponder #love #doubt #salvation

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    An empty heart doesn't deserve an empty promise


  • meraki_exulansis 106w

    The painting was yellowed with rounded edges. It was a masterpiece and it was lying in my hand. Wait, have I stolen it? I don't remember... Its a painting of a man and a women , both with a single tear drop on their cheeks but what baffles me is their fierce look. Overall, it seems weird to me. The elements of the painting doesn't seem to correlate. The background is yellow ; a color that symbolizes happiness. The tears on their faces and the fierce looks which objectively depicts a mix of emotions - sadness and anger. I just can't fathom out why the background was yellow.
    The longer I stared at it, random images kept flashing on my mind.
    A vision showed me that the woman was with another man whom she calls 'father' then it transioned that she was beside the man in the painting - they were holding hands. Her father grabbed her towards him as he clutched both his hands on the mans' shoulders, pushing him out the open door, afterwards he slams it. The middle part of the images were hazy. What surprises me was the last part of the vision, it was lucid that it even seems so real - the father drenched in a pool of blood. There's more, there are 4 more people bathing with their own scarlet blood.
    The visions baffles me more and more. Shivers crawled down my spine.
    But all of a sudden, someone whispered to me. "I painted it. The background was yellow because it symbolizes they were happy to be with each other. However, the world is against them despite of this fact, they never let go. Those tears and the fierce looks go hand in hand, they are willing to do anything just to win for their love. The anger that they pour into the world and those tears that were induced by blood."
    I turned around... it was the man in the painting. I was petrified.
    To my surprise he placed his forehead over mine "I love you" as he kissed me on the lips as he turned ito dust

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    Art of Love

    A short story

  • meraki_exulansis 106w

    Does life give us a second chance? The race had begun and he wondered if he would win this time round. "I have ventured several tortuous paths and I have been afflicted with every twinges of suffering one could ever imagine"
    He spoke to increase determination. "The race has always been going on, but it doesn't matter who finishes first. Life isn't a race, it doesn't matter who gets to reach the summit first." He gasp for air as he ran faster. "Now that its the second time around, I got higher chances to save you because I've learned lessons as I fail." He looks up the sky closing his eyes and felt the wind. "You may have died in the past, but this time I won't allow history to repeat itself" In surprise, it is within his sight - the castle wherein the love of his life is held captive.

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    Never Again

  • meraki_exulansis 108w


    That moment when you are enjoying the happiness thats pouring upon you. When all of a sudden, everything was washed away by just one mistake?

  • meraki_exulansis 109w


    Mildness touch of shivering winds
    Nightmare melodies
    Cold whispers
    Thick layered blanket -
    penetrable by fear

    Shunned by hope of light
    feet on the abyssal waters
    drowned within perils
    kept lurking in shadows
    in depths of sea

  • meraki_exulansis 109w


    The moon wakes up with my longing
    Dreams glanced through the night

  • meraki_exulansis 114w

    6 word story

    Multicolored palettes, painted black and white

  • meraki_exulansis 114w


    Fragments of euphoric rhythm kept preying on my mind. Reminiscing the sound of my laughter was music to my ears. someday I could never hold onto these. It will only remain as mementoes for I'm amidst of profound sadness and my body is etched with all the pain

  • meraki_exulansis 119w


    Obnoxious voices disheveled my thoughts
    Melancholically reflecting within my eyes
    Venturing in the depths of the abyss; searching for serenity and bliss

  • meraki_exulansis 119w

    Time Lapse

    The rapid pace of time is irrefutably inexorable
    with a variety of different perspectives, it is still impeccable
    as it determines the onset and demise of life which is valuable