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  • meow_hazz 16w

    I shout out loud inside
    I scream till i tear apart
    Did u ever listen me?

    I wish to be heard
    My pain my sorrows
    And all that,
    i've been through

    The love, thedespair and challenges
    Mountain of agony and pain
    Till it calm n soothes my heart
    With your listening heart and love of rain

    I will shall find my heart at peace

  • meow_hazz 16w

    More of tecnicalities, less of feelings
    More of motives, less of emotions
    More of desires, less of needs
    More of expectations, less of deeds

  • meow_hazz 16w

    The vibes i get
    The energy i feel
    The vibrations i catch
    The thoughts i think loud
    ........are all true
    ........are all true

    Your snooth smooth lie

  • meow_hazz 16w

    Embellished thy armour in true colors
    Though i preached it as a "Rainbow"

  • meow_hazz 16w

    When you were in love with the sun,moon stars the universe nature and life

    Dont let anyone make you belief you were only busy living your life

  • meow_hazz 20w

    Dont impress but influence

    Dont react but respond

  • meow_hazz 20w

    You are emotionally mature when you know if you have or not pissed off a person....and how much they are faking it off

  • meow_hazz 20w

    Got no cash

    Got no worries

    Got no responsibilities

    N no work to hurry

    All my dreams i burry

    Man, thats my story☝️

  • meow_hazz 20w

    What if, you are not judged but understood?
    What if, you get a hug and not beg for it?
    What if, you are in cloud 9 N chillin fine
    What if you are mine, on a date ....we dine

  • meow_hazz 21w

    Resting peacefully inside the mother earth's womb i reflect heaven