A little more love to urself A little more care to urself A little more frnd of urself A little more of urself A little more of ur own!

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  • mehvish_malik 6w

    But the tears flew away with the fear, and
    opened the vision of my encroached heart....


  • mehvish_malik 6w

    Let the worries go
    Let the emotions flow.....


  • mehvish_malik 8w

    ◦•●◉✿THE AUTUMN BREEZE✿◉●•◦

    The autumn breeze
    Gently touched my skin
    Invaded my soul
    Slightly, the forcast changed!
    As if, I needed the trigger
    Somewhat cold, somewhat warm

    It brought along
    The smell from flower gardens
    And the river sides,
    That enriched my heart
    With eccentric stimulus,
    Of unknown pleasure

    It's little snoring, let me hear
    The miraculous music, thats is beautified
    By the sparkle of falling leaves
    I'm having tea in the hostel yard
    With an unknown excitement in my heart!
    And eccentric smile on my face...


  • mehvish_malik 8w

    Tired of this schizophrenic agony
    Refrain refrain refrain......


  • mehvish_malik 11w


    Hello there! Wake up!
    For, day has come
    The night is gone
    Yesterday is gone

    Hello there! Wake up!
    For u may lag behind
    Come on, the race has begun
    Come on, let's have fun

    Hello there! Wake up!
    For the fantasy is gone
    The reality is spread around
    Ok! Let's get the cure of wound!

    Hello there! Wake up!
    For its time to give in
    Let's see the good
    Let's hope for the good!


  • mehvish_malik 17w


    A world is there
    Everything is alright
    No horror n no fear
    Pleasure at its every site

    Blossoms are everywhere
    Everything just pure n fine
    Peace in atmosphere n perfumes in air
    Glow in everything n the sunshine

    No sort of misery n no pain
    Only the peace n joy
    Pure is warmth n the rain
    No mixture like that of alloy

    No greed n no enemy
    The atmosphere is so cool
    Superior is he as well as she
    Perfect is every rule

    No sort of discrimination
    All people are alike
    Satisfied is every creation
    There is no war n no strike

    Everyone is happy and delight
    Whether rich or poor
    There is no hatred, jealousy n fight
    Everyone is sweet, of course! not sour!

    I've seen this lovely world
    Where is is peace,..., no discrimination
    In fact, I live in this world
    But Only in imagination!


  • mehvish_malik 19w


    Often, it feels vacuum
    Often, sky is deficit of bloom
    Often, flowers lack perfume
    Often, fantasy is short of costume

    Often, exterior is pale
    Often, interior lives in fairytale
    Often, it's so tiny to exhale
    Often, no desire to inhale

    Often, there is no enthusiasm
    Often, there is lack of jasm
    Often, there is no opening or chasm
    Often, there is just tetany and spasm

    Often, there is only dark
    Often, there is no light mark
    Often, silent is skylark
    Often, there is just bark


  • mehvish_malik 24w

    A custodian in need of care......


  • mehvish_malik 27w

    Why do u?

    Y do u look back?
    to renew the abrasions
    just skipping
    the faded ones!
    Let's start here,
    to see the good

    Y do u lie?
    to yourself,
    Just those few applauses
    Of the past!
    Let's start here,
    to own the more

    Y do u say?
    Out of mind
    Just not getting
    Up to the mark!
    Let's start here,
    To b patient

    Y do u think?
    U r not worth it
    Just letting to
    Lazy n coward!
    Let's start here,
    to b optimistic

    Y do u pretend?
    to b what is not u
    Just to adjust
    in this new!
    Let's start here,
    to b ur own

    Y do u believe?
    'He' isn't listening
    Just to futher
    deepen ur grief!
    Let's start here
    to have faith


  • mehvish_malik 27w

    #A rainy morning

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    Ever soft screams of thunder, and
    Twinkling lights
    Dazzled dead souls to life

    A feeling, a hope, for
    rain to drenched souls
    and rusted hearts

    My window calls me off,
    to witness the drift
    From grief to grace

    Little pearls jumping from high
    And irrigating shabby thoughts,
    bitter moods and sunken abilities

    Smooth touch of pearls
    Gives me goose bumps,
    an unknown reason to smile

    The dead soul tries to awake
    from hibernation,
    Little by little

    Soothing melody forces me
    to listen attentively,
    in the compound of silence

    Some how, I love this music, that
    Blessed life to drenched lands
    and dried ponds!