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  • mehtazbegum 12w

    And someday we will fold in each other's arm in cozy rainy wintry days under the duvet.

    ------Mehtaz Begum

  • mehtazbegum 16w

    The adour of new books is my favourite drugs.

    ------------ Mehtaz Begum

  • mehtazbegum 22w

    You won't know what a person feels for you or what that person's perspectivdle of thinking is towards you unless you hear the words from behind the curtains with your own ears.

    ------------ Mehtaz Begum

  • mehtazbegum 29w

    You was never mine for which you are being someone else's now.

    ------------- Mehtaz Begum

  • mehtazbegum 30w

    Persons with broken heart can control the pain but they can't overcome the pain.

    -------- Mehtaz Begum

  • mehtazbegum 30w

    Because staying awake the whole night won't bring you back to my life.

    ------------ Mehtaz Begum

  • mehtazbegum 30w

    Just for once let me feel that you need me.

    ----------- Mehtaz Begum

  • mehtazbegum 31w

    The evening tea in the canteen was just an excuse to see you from near though you never knew that not the tea but you were my refreshment.

    ---------- Mehtaz Begum

  • mehtazbegum 32w

    Distance does not matter;
    Trust matters.

    --------Mehtaz Begum

  • mehtazbegum 34w

    There isn't any relationship,but we still are...

    ----------Mehtaz Begum