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  • mehna_2006 6h

    The rain poured in the background ,
    And the voice starts calling
    Once the melody visits.

    This was not a reality
    Not for me atleast.
    A fantasy wrapped around
    The threads of reality .

    It started a walk in my self ,
    The steps were walking on their own.
    And I found myself getting
    More lost in this so called fantasy.

    He said that my faint voice called ,
    And here my faint brushes against
    My window glass ,
    Making it opaque.

    The way the voice softly sang ,
    My heart softly took a peek at the
    Words that were weaved in that
    Breeze that was let loose.

    It was just blissful and soulful,
    I couldn't find words to
    Describe this feeling
    In my heart.

    Guess it's unknown yet the known one.


    #inspoetry #writersbay

    Sorry it's late .

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  • mehna_2006 1d

    The light glimmers ,
    And I watch from afar
    Sitting on my window sill.
    I always wandered ,
    What could that be ?
    But never got the answer.
    Those lights shined at night
    And disappeared in the morning.

    I would hope in the morning
    And meet them at night .
    Midnight were easy
    Because of those lights.
    They gave me a reason to yearn .
    And a solace to enjoy.

    I was between the green ,
    And never what those lights were.
    They weren't the stars ,
    The stars were gazing at me ,
    Like I would at those lights.

    These lights were in sight ,
    Away from me .
    But between the sky and the ground
    They resided.

    They were the city lights I knew ,
    But never visited .
    The ones I fancied
    Yet forgot in the morning.

    #lights #life #cityc #writersbay

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  • mehna_2006 2d

    I sit there ,
    All alone . Slumped down .
    No one at sight.
    But heart filled with voices,
    Trying to break out of the curse ,
    I put on them .
    Never did the tears dare to fall .
    Scared for no one to wipe them
    but my own hand .
    Under the fallen stars ,
    That I once wished upon .
    I still hope,
    That they shine under that dull duvet.


  • mehna_2006 2d


    Bg :- by me ��

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    The strokes that she painted
    was just a canvas with paint for them .
    But for her it was the tears that
    soaked the colors and
    the pain as the strokes .


  • mehna_2006 1w

    Welcome to this shop .
    Where fellow customers come and ask for
    Recipes that exist nowhere but here.
    Everything here is a masterpiece ,
    In its own way.

    And you dear are sure a lucky one.
    You get a story time ,
    Of this beloved shop .

    A story that took place not long gone,
    But every now and then.

    First we have that one guy ,
    That comes heartbroken,
    Everytime he visits.
    I just give him the recipe Of love .

    Love .
    Takes a little amount of rainbow
    And a lot of trust and smiles,
    That are always the real ones and wholehearted.
    But never the fake ones .
    The quality won't last ,
    and the recipe will fail .
    Just these things will do.
    And oh don't worry , Cupid will there to help you .

    And there comes this girl with an umbrella and an empty bag . Just to get a lesson of humanity and be a better human.
    So i give what is asked.

    Humanity .
    It takes a lot of patience and benevolence.
    First grind them and mix them so they are one.
    Because if cold or rude the recipe will turn into something you don't want. Inhumanity.
    Well that's another recipe so,Onto this one.
    It requires a handful of goodness .
    A spoonful of will to give away .
    Mercy . A lot of it.
    Pity . Just a pinch .
    Leniency. you could take as much as you wish.
    Just make a layer of all these and voila !
    There you have it.
    The freshly sliced piece of humanity.

    After here comes another girl , But with tears dried and her head messed up. And as always she asks for something no one does. Hate.

    Hate .
    Though called a bad recipe ,
    I still sell this.
    For those naive , who can't seem to accept fate
    Because for them it was cruel
    It just takes a simple misunderstanding to make this Plat do jour.
    Just plate it however you want because at last it will the same hate staying on the plate.

    After a long evening , the bell rings again with a
    Man searching everywhere and ending up here .
    His eyes say more than his voice could so I quickly give him .

    This is simple .
    A little faith and fallen stars you wished upon.
    Just pour then in a glass and enjoy the rest.
    Faith In anything would do .
    Well that's what hope is.
    The fallen star still wait for the sky to embrace it,
    That's why you need it in here.
    But another thing you need to pay attention is
    That sometimes whispers
    Mix with the faith and
    that shatters hope before you can even see it.

    Another jingle of the bell , and there she stands with her hood covering her face . She just stands there and puts her hand out for something I already know.

    Beauty .
    As hard as it sounds ,
    It ain't that hard. Beauty is easy.
    For those who the real meaning.
    You don't need makeup for this recipe.
    You just need self love and confidence.
    Just mix them well and let it cool a bit.
    And oh don't forget the smile.
    That's the main thing in Beauty.
    Just top it with any smile of yours
    Not matter what type , it still works.

    And that's everyone who thinks this magic shop could help them . And with a sigh of ease , the shop is closed to opened yet another morning when the sun still sets and the moon still shines.



    I seriously didn't think it would be this long. But I'm happy. I love y'all so much thank you for the love at my previous post .
    First 100 !!��������❤��

    #wod #pod #recipe #life #me #magicshop

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    The magic shop

    A shop that could give you
    a recipe to anything .


  • mehna_2006 1w

    Sometimes I await for those wrapped boxes outside my door,
    Sometimes under the Christmas tree,
    Sometimes when I cut the cake or even blow out the candles on top of it.

    And at last when they would catch my eye,
    I'm always curious what it might be ?
    And when i open the gifts , I feel happy for a moment and then it's me back to normal.
    Just enjoying something , still waiting for something.

    Then my door bell rings , unexpectedly on a Sunday morning . And to my surprise there was no one standing but a vintage wrapped box on my door mat. The one I awaited but with doubt.
    I quickly hurry inside and place it on the small table .

    Without thinking twice I slowly remove the wrapper as the wrapper held magical powers of luring me .
    A brown small cardboard box lies there in front of me. Without hesitation I open the box just to get tears in my eyes .

    It was a charm braclet . A beautiful one and a heart touching one too. The one I wanted from long .It had small gems around it and a big charm in between them with just a heart of color black . I look at my unwrapped gifts from yesterday and it gets me thinking ,
    Why wasn't I this happy when I opened them ?

    Maybe they did make me happy and blissful but not that much as this little charm here.

    Maybe this is what you call a special gift.
    Just a wrapped box with no name or address .
    But you know it belongs to you.



    Tell me if this is right or wrong .
    Just thought of writing this.
    Though I have many gifts that gave me memories and many gave me smiles .

    #pod #gifts #wod #life #me #charms #love

    Thank you all for the likes and reposts ������
    @writersnetwork thank you for the like & repost ��

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    I know gifts are just wrapped in paper ,
    But special ones are wrapped
    with love inside them . Even if unknown ,
    they will give you smiles
    and maybe tears of bliss.
    Special are remembered
    with the memories they leave ,
    not how much they cost
    or who gifted it .


  • mehna_2006 1w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word micro-tale on Forgot

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    Those dried tears reminded to forget


  • mehna_2006 1w

    #she #girl #her #woman

    Don't know what to do with myself .��

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    Some cries suddenly emerged from that little piece of flesh.

    Alas !
    It's a girl .

    A she was born .

    Grace born in disgrace .
    With whispers around , the news wasn't good for them.

    She would grow to live in this hateful world and yet be strong.
    She isn't weak , she strong enough to face the truth .
    She doesn't cry often, they make her shed those pearls.
    She isn't cold , she is just stabbed in the back all through her walk.
    She is encouraged, to be broken the next minute .
    She won't quit but keep going till her last breath.
    Though a girl , she would grow to be an example of elegance in her own way despite people murmuring.

    She has a body of a woman and a heart of woman
    Because having a heart of a man would only make her regret.

    She shall prove that judging a book by it's cover ain't right .
    Even if pushed back , she would still climb her life without clinging on it.


  • mehna_2006 2w

    #temp again ��
    Idk this just a thought so ..


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  • mehna_2006 3w

    Random again ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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    Love was just a word for those who despised it .
    And a whole new world for those who've visited this feeling atleast once.