Insta - megn ( meghna_ thakuria ) 17 yr BTS ARMY ot7 unknown poet �� n an writer too.

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  • meghna_thakuria 2w


    Every night it's been long wait
    Waiting for you
    Watching the streetlights
    The roads are clear, closed shops
    The song I wrote now singing on the roof
    The stars I met joining me too
    Beautiful moments, spending time
    Lost in a world with an unknown place
    With whom I spent my time,
    It was a magical place for me
    Inside my heart there is a little space
    You can stay but you will leave too
    I know...
    I don't have time, I said
    But did I really meant that
    Actually I lied.
    It is a heaven, people.
    With the stars above singing with me
    Joining hands praying for me.
    Wanted to go back,
    But cruelty was down.
    Staying in a place I don't want is
    better than where I was living back then...


  • meghna_thakuria 2w

    Sometimes the good chapters
    are not there so that we could create it

  • meghna_thakuria 2w


    I wrote your name in the canvas
    The crayons broke down
    But still jotting
    Do you read my mind
    Cus you make me happy
    Without knowing anything
    Without your hug of love
    You come here and come to my heart
    These beautiful smile came cus of you
    I miss you
    I miss your happy moments
    And funny crying moves
    I used to laugh
    Cus you never cried
    You were always happy
    You stayed like that
    Happily ever after
    Will you see me from the sky
    Will you cry for me
    No, just smile
    I want to see you like that
    This canvas knows your name now
    It makes me remind me of the song we sang
    We dance in the beat
    Thanks for staying
    Thanks for never making me cry
    Thanks for making me live

  • meghna_thakuria 2w

    LET'S GO

    Truth that you hide
    That beautiful smile that you write
    Let that soul come out of your body of love
    Let you love yourself again
    These beautiful pictures of love will again shower
    These lights will again light up
    Your broken heart
    Your broken soul
    Let it be an example
    Take me again to the world of peace
    Sing me a song
    A song describing me
    Dance with me till I die
    Laugh with me till everything pass
    Stay with me like the evening moon
    covering my shadows
    Let's sing together
    This song of happiness
    Where we can't be sad anymore.

  • meghna_thakuria 2w


    When you love yourself
    You will never fall down

  • meghna_thakuria 2w


    I wanted the love
    But you closed my door
    I couldn't step out
    I couldn't make me smile
    I was lonely
    I wanted someone I could lean on too
    And when you came in
    I have never felt that warm before
    Wanted to hug you
    But you were far away from me
    But you said we are close to each other
    Unspoken words you understood
    But how ?
    My life that you took it, molded it, and gave me back
    Should I call you an Angel,
    Or just someone a walking miracle ?
    Can I touch you and tell myself that you are someone
    Someone more than love, life ...
    Everyone thinks it's just a time pass to love you
    But they never understood that you made me feel myself
    Made me happy when I wanted to cry
    Made me special for someone
    Someone is you
    Someone is me
    Someone is both of us
    Someone told me that
    Outsiders will never understand
    The bond you created for me...

  • meghna_thakuria 2w

    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld #poet #poem #poetry
    Wrote this 4 years ago
    But I still have this piece of poetry

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    Country missing
    Borders that made their decision
    Land that were divided
    Nomads lost their way
    Kids went missing
    Happiness like shuttered down
    Hope was left in those hearts
    But eyes left it
    Like it knew that no ones' gonna rescue them
    The missing country
    Now divided on some basis
    The people of each side now crying for death
    Borders of people's minds got in a traffic
    They wanted love
    But the country wanted freedom
    Nomadics wanted home
    Childrens wanted to play on the parks
    that were burnt down
    One heart many soul
    The country of our lives on it's own
    With the hope that someone will hear out this
    And this country will be found again

  • meghna_thakuria 2w


    I am the ocean
    Swimming to myself
    Taking myself to an unknown place
    Taking sorrows and happiness
    Taking my friends
    Writing my days with you
    Letters in the bottles
    Reading one by one
    Some wrote their stories
    Some wrote their happiness
    Some with an empty letter
    Like God will scribble there
    I also want to write in the bottles
    about my stories
    But will again come back to me flowing
    I wish somebody read my life
    Judge me
    Take my letters and explain me
    how is my life
    Because I don't know what I am
    Where I am going
    I wanted my flow to stop right there
    and ask me where I want to go !

  • meghna_thakuria 3w


    When you destroyed me,
    I ruined you...

  • meghna_thakuria 3w


    I am afraid of losing myself