The experience of conflict is the price one pays for the freedom to chose.

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    // CONFLICT //

    Billowing heart in search of sea
    a thick wall of insecurities
    balancing on my cracked stilettos
    drowning myself in the heap of miseries.

    Is it what life's all about?
    you're searching eternity
    all they say is to be in the present realm
    but what about the raging heart
    driving wild in roller coaster of emotions
    how to still it
    and find the niche?

    I'm a cliffhanger
    seeking no home
    everytime a river meets a sea
    it loses its identity,
    that's how we melt
    lost in oblivion, dark yet comforting.

    Till my tears ricochet
    And my heart gets shallow again
    There's conflict within
    To which I surrender
    Yet experiencing.
    - meghasharma

    PC- Taylor Swift

    Happy New Year Mirakeeans ��

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    Sound Of Silence

    I'm here tonight
    under the dark starless sky
    It's all quiet
    as if the stars are sleeping
    or maybe hiding from the sight
    I don't yearn to behold them
    as I've got a twinkle in my eyes
    which makes me see them
    even in this starless night.

    There are no flowers in my yard
    as the violent gust of wind last night
    snatched all the plants,
    carry them away
    far from my olfaction
    still I don't yearn to get them back
    as I still sense them
    as if the wind has impregnated in it
    the sweet nectar of my garden.

    I've lost myself
    in the speed of life,
    Childhood, adult and old age,
    all hold different parts of my being
    still I don't yearn to rewind the time.

    I'm deafened by all the voices
    my ears have listened
    but now I can hear
    a constant hum
    out of nowhere
    ringing in my ears
    as if the world is ghost quiet
    and the silence talks with a voice.

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    And I behold the stars
    With a twinkle in my eyes
    And listening a voice
    Sleeping under the starless sky.

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    || INARA ||

    When the interstellar pressure reaches a peak
    which the stars couldn't conceal
    that's when the rain falls
    in the form of shooting stars,
    a stellar explosion
    left the world in an awe.

    But furtively,
    out of a loophole,
    a seed untouched falls down
    and buried underneath the ground.
    Witnessing daily, the rains and the storms
    amidst the dust and chaos
    a bud of innocence starts to grow
    soon a tiny sapling blooms upright
    facing the welkin with a bright smile,
    with a dazzling haze and mysterious yellow lights
    a ray of hope illuminates the darkest nights.

    The silhouette and nebulae
    the supernovae and the dark skies
    smile bright as a tiny star starts to shine.
    He who once falls,
    soak in him all the love of the cosmos
    enduring the pain within
    he's never afraid of rain and storm.

    Alani, Ò the beautiful dear child
    A seren you're to our eyes
    Sprinkling the pixiedust of love and light
    the gloomy welkin once again rise and shine.

    Inara- (arabic) shining light
    Alani- beautiful dear child

    Hey Woody, it's celebration time as the child of the stars born on this auspicious date ��
    Happy birthday to you, Alok ������

    As each year advances,
    may you shine more brightly,
    touching lives with your lively heart
    you're spreading pixiedust of your starlight��

    May your gaze remains fixed at stars,
    with feet fixed firmly to the ground
    with heart composing an ocean of peace
    and wings of imagination
    floating freely in the open welkin ⭐

    Stay healthy, stay blessed
    Rise and shine ������
    To infinity and beyond ��

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    Every path and every road
    brings me to some distant shores,
    yet my eyes still found it
    an invisible string of love
    always follows me.

    Inside a dark web
    and a deep sea,
    I gasped for breaths,
    suddenly I see
    crepuscular rays of light
    always beholding me,
    I survive, as an invisible cord
    always ventilated me.

    Sometimes as the shade of a tree,
    Sometimes as the sweet taste of tear streams,
    Sometimes as the gurgle of gigantic sea,
    An invisible string of love
    always follows me.

    As I sit in silence and think,
    someone caresses my hair
    and touch my cheeks,
    a kiss of spring
    and the silent zephyr of wind,
    she awakens me
    whenever I lost in deep sleep.

    Her sempiternal presence
    in everything I am and I see,
    connects me to the heavenly realm,
    like the shower of her grace and innocence
    in the twinkling stars and the shining sea.

    Every path and every road
    bring me to some distant shores,
    yet my eyes still found it
    an invisible string of love
    always follows me.

    Image credit- to the rightful owner

    Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers ��❤
    #mothersday #mother @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Every path and every road
    bring me to some distant shores,
    yet my eyes still found it
    an invisible string of love
    always follows me.