The experience of conflict is the price one pays for the freedom to chose.

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  • meghasharma 11w

    #tanka #laugh
    Syllable scheme- 5:7:5:7:7

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    Tanka: Long forgotten Paradise

    The ringing windchimes
    Giving music to deaf ears
    Now the child has gone
    Replacing cherubic laugh
    With formidable silence.

  • meghasharma 12w

    #spring #hyacinth #miraquill #writersnetwork

    Rhyming scheme- ababcdcdefefgg

    The poem is inspired from the Greek mythology about the story of love between Greek God of poetry and music, Apollo and the Spartan prince, Hyacinth. Hyacinth was the male lover of Apollo and he choses Apollo over the Greek God of West winds, Zephyrus who in wrath killed Hyacinth. Apollo was unable to save him despite his medicinal skills as he can't reverse the fate. From Hyacinth's spilled blood, Apollo created a flower with the same name with deep blue hue and curled petals. The flower attributes the symbol of decay and renewal.

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    Death and Birth

    The sovereign of the mystical land
    With his abode blossomed with spring and eternity,
    One day in his elflock did entangle Apollo's hand
    Unlocking the plaits left him in serenity,
    Lovestruck, he played the lyre
    Drenching the mortals with Ambrosio from heaven,
    Alas! The west winds brought an ire
    A wrath upon Apollo sung by the raven,
    Not even his poesy did lament his heart
    Cursed the west winds to bring about the fall,
    But the spilled blood from heaven created an art
    On the land of mortals uncovering the pall,
    Of the glommy darkness as the blue mist touches the earth,
    Bringing about seasonal mirth in the form of Hyacinth's birth .

  • meghasharma 13w


    In the battleground of life,
    The slings and arrows of cruel destiny
    Espy the feeble mind ,
    Entangling the conscience
    An act of conflicts
    Either a play of mind
    or a curse of Satan's influence
    Sucking the soul out of life
    Left behind a mortal's fate:
    Languid eyes, flaxen face
    Always in search of a treasure
    Which once found,
    seemingly exalted will be the sunken eyes
    Till then the lingering shadows
    Embellish the night
    As a trail of the dark, crestfallen sky.

  • meghasharma 14w

    Waiting for the spring
    Time flees like autumnal leaves
    Tyranny of life.

  • meghasharma 14w

    # haiku # nature

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    Let the mind wander
    Free as spirit of forest
    Roaming with the winds.

  • meghasharma 16w


    Hey Woody,

    Miraculous eve is here
    Yeah, it's your birthday ��

    A very happy birthday to you, Alok ����������

    On this eve, I'm wishing you plethora of blessings and best wishes, may you always count your blessings, may the angels always guide you.
    Always fix your eyes to the stars, because there you gonna hear your angels singing a song, always guiding you ��

    I'm extremely grateful to have a great friend as you, and in me you've got a friend too ����

    Wishing you abundance of happines and blessings.
    May all your sweet dreams come true ������

    Stay healthy
    Stay blessed
    Stay ebullient

    Rise and Shine ��
    To infinity and beyond ��

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    Whispering a chorus O' the sweet larks
    Perching on the branches of my front yard,
    Welcomes the advent of a day I mark
    Kindles the dormant spirit into bard,
    Sailing in verses to prepare a song
    In honour of thee, O' sweet child of stars,
    Heaven and galaxies waiting so long
    Pouring wishes galore opening the jars,
    Circling an aura of glistening shimmer
    Gliding merrily in swing of crescent,
    Falling into the lap of fleecy glimmer
    Of clouds adorned with thy iridescent,
    Hues of love, hope, and light emitting thee
    Makes welkin glorifies, a sight to see.

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  • meghasharma 41w

    // CONFLICT //

    Billowing heart in search of sea
    a thick wall of insecurities
    balancing on my cracked stilettos
    drowning myself in the heap of miseries.

    Is it what life's all about?
    you're searching eternity
    all they say is to be in the present realm
    but what about the raging heart
    driving wild in roller coaster of emotions
    how to still it
    and find the niche?

    I'm a cliffhanger
    seeking no home
    everytime a river meets a sea
    it loses its identity,
    that's how we melt
    lost in oblivion, dark yet comforting.

    Till my tears ricochet
    And my heart gets shallow again
    There's conflict within
    To which I surrender
    Yet experiencing.
    - meghasharma

    PC- Taylor Swift

    Happy New Year Mirakeeans ��

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  • meghasharma 53w