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  • meenalochani 1w

    Moonlight (katuta)

    Oh! My Mystique love- you
    Are moon light that gleam my heart,
    Making me selenophile.

  • meenalochani 2w


    Remember, Remember to thank Almighty,
    For granting yet another day to live,
    To keep up the promises you made,
    To keep up the hope you laid,
    To forget yesterday's worries,
    And enjoy the present new day flurries,

    Remember, Remember until
    Sun, moon and stars shine,
    Until flowers bloom and wither,
    Until colourful butterfly flutter
    Until white misty blanket Caress the blue mountain,
    Until nature is alive,
    Love is contagious,
    A poet is born within you,

    Remember, Remember to thank Almighty,
    For granting yet another day to live,
    To write, read and enjoy the poems that touched your heart.

  • meenalochani 2w

    Dear friend

    Dear poet, poetess of miraquill family,
    This question is for you all,
    How do you write such fabulous, Flawless,prefect poems?
    Are you in love? Are you going to love? Or Is it love failure?

  • meenalochani 3w

    CONFIDENCE (skinny)

    You can surely achieve
    you can surely achieve

    Why are you despair?
    are you despair?Why

    You are born to win- for
    For- you are born to win

  • meenalochani 3w


    Camera has an ability to capture and, process a dark film strips called "NEGATIVE,"
    To bring out beautiful photographs of cherished moment,
    That hangs on the wall inside an ornamental photo frames,
    Creating a "POSITIVE" vibes
    Each time, I look at these photos.
    Even negative has postive impact only in photograph.

  • meenalochani 4w


    Live life to fullest,
    For life exists only once,
    Alike syllable of life.

  • meenalochani 4w


    Once,I owned a beautiful mirror,
    It always portrayed me as charismatic as a rose,
    I love to stand before my mirror in different pose,

    My idyll didn't last forever,
    When my fragile mirror snapped with a bang,
    Making my heart quiver,
    Scattered shards of my mirror,
    Still showed my superimposed figure,

    However hard, I try to fix it,
    My fingers bleed with pain,
    Some broken things can never be fixed,
    My mirror has left me with a message,

    What matters most in life?
    to handle everything with care,
    I live my life only once so...
    I will ne'er break the heart of my beloved ones
    I will ne'er break the promise,
    I will ne'er break the trust that friends have on me,

    I will never break the bonding my family share with me,
    I will never break the present happiness with past bitter memories,
    It doesn't matter what others think of me,
    I will never break my hope,
    All I fear is breaking and fixing,

  • meenalochani 5w

    #miraquillwrapped #wod @raghavendran @miraquill @writersnetwork I know it is late but please read for pleasure.

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    At times life takes such a twist,
    Where in everything stand still,
    When a storm struck my heart,
    I quietly accepted my own destiny,
    But, Every wound will heal with time,
    I decided only antidote for life is to use time wisely,

    I started reading books,
    Once writing poems was my hobby,
    Now, it is my passion,
    My heartfelt words became a meaningless poems ,
    After writing few poems, I felt melancholy,

    I wanted someone to read and appreciate,
    Oh! Miracle did happen, one good Samaritan suggested,
    Miraquill as a best place to showcase my literary talents,

    I stepped into this miraquill garden of Parnassus,
    Here soil was enriched with archaic words,
    Vivid flowers were knotted together as posy poesie,

    I buried myself on soft bed of soil,
    And waited for months together to sprout,
    I was like personified seed,
    Wrapped and caressed by beautiful poems around me,
    Helping me grow slowly,

    Finally, I am also a small vibrant flowering plant in this garden,
    Sixty pretty poesy flowers bloomed as poems and withered,
    One hundred and thirty variety of butterflies flutter around me,
    One hundred and twenty one poets are admiring my poems,
    Feeling idyllic to stay here and write forever.

  • meenalochani 5w

    GRAUPEL (snowflake)

    I'm a dainty snowflake,
    As special as, I can be,
    I fall right from the sky,
    On the land that is so dry.

    White shining, crystal clear with surreal shapes,
    I look like precious diamond stones,
    Yet, none can get rich by collecting me,
    As, I disappear in a wink,
    Faking human with daze,

    My nature of life is frozen, fragile, delicate and fleeting,
    I am a messenger from sky,
    to clype the arrival of winter,
    I also convey a strong message to mankind,

    Dear, mankind never worry about your life span,
    Until you live enjoy life to fullest,
    Be unique, special and different from others,
    Drift through life's dark clouds and rainy days,
    Don't hesitate, remember experience shape you into crafted crystals.

    Finally, It is time for me to depart,
    I am sure, whenever I fall,
    Mood of some poet change from dismay to joy,
    Now, with melancholy heart,
    I bid good bye to the poet,
    Who portrayed me so beautifully.

  • meenalochani 5w


    In my poem,
    Caterpillar wriggle silently on leaves,
    Butterfly flutter publicity.

    Zephyr wind blows,
    Autumn leaf falls, medley hue,
    Blankets cold landscape.

    My thoughts wander,
    My soul is reborn alive,
    Poem gives life.