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  • meenakshisabu 1w

    Moving on is difficult
    Staying stuck is difficult
    When the fork divided into two
    And you chose the narrower path
    Moving away from where you've started
    Without looking back wasn't easy
    "Nothing comes easy" they say
    But who knew strangers turn more into families
    Where every speck of an emotion is important
    Where time has no expiry
    Where your choices didn't go wrong
    What can be more grateful
    To have hands to pick you up
    Everytime you fall?

  • meenakshisabu 2w

    Dreaded Demise

    Nature cursed them in silence
    Wind secretly desired their inexistence
    Earth guilty of the commited sacrilege

    Universe just witnessed a demise
    A murder of their own pulse
    They were demons in disguise
    Wolves in sheep's skin

    They will never be left unharmed
    For the nature alarmed
    She wasn't a piece of flesh
    Nor a lifeless soul left

    Will this ever flee?
    Cold reality horrifying fears inside
    Cause the zookeeper have set them all free

    In this scene of blue moon justice
    Will there be a time thus
    When we step on ground
    Without hiding our crown?

  • meenakshisabu 5w

    Those moonless nights..

    When you step into the pitch darkness
    So dark, finding a meagre hope for light is hard
    Listfully lost in constantly cluttering thoughts
    That you merely pray for inward silence
    Untangling your thoughts slowly,
    You realize not all nights are moonless
    When the moon reappears,
    A silvery path is retraced in front of you
    This time it is different
    You doubt , when this path will be vanished again.

  • meenakshisabu 5w

    When you know the wind rushing past you
    Causing a soft impact wherever it goes
    The moment you realised you aren't alone
    Leaves rustling and placidness pouring into your soul
    That everything hapens for a reason
    When you don't fear the next step
    Or the next stone rolling towards you
    Be grateful to know how dark can a night be
    And so how bright the stars can eventually be
    When you start to enjoy even the adrenaline rush in your veins through every loop of the roller coaster
    Life can never be more beautiful.

  • meenakshisabu 7w

    Change, a scary beast
    Trying to swallow you whole
    Compelling you to leave your jewels outside
    Rare as diamonds and emeralds they are
    But holding on to them
    Was always to be in deep waters
    A new place, not actually new
    The place I was born
    But had not known
    I had known its terrible inside
    But knowingly slipping into that dark tunnel
    Knowing that I would remain an alien outside my home
    Even knowing there isn't an exit for the tunnel
    Even though I can occasionally peep out of it
    But the clock was slow
    That I came to know
    That the dark tunnel had lights too
    Lights of vigilance and brilliance
    And aliens would eventually be the people of that place
    I'm just a sea turtle with a different tale
    But you can't deny the jewels I had
    Shined brighter than those I have now.

  • meenakshisabu 10w

    We are in the ocean of love
    Falling for each other
    Like how the liquid land stretch
    Our eyes struggling to find its sketch
    Like how each drop of ocean
    Diffuses itself to be the part of the whole
    Deeper it gets,everytime you come closer
    Everytime my heart beats a bit faster
    Tranquil shivers,music of the ocean waves
    When we lost in each other's caves
    Tucking our shared secrets beneath our seabeds
    The moment you said, "I find a solace in you"
    Letting all your dangerous creatures escape
    So that you can say, "You're safe with me"
    We wash ourselves out
    To be in the ocean of love
    Ready to be lost into our forever promises.

  • meenakshisabu 10w

    Desert Paradise

    Tears welled up to the brim
    Ready for an overflow
    But it never seemed to appear though
    As always,it turned to thin snow
    She was a desert paradise
    Magestic in her own rise
    Capable of blinding one's own eyes
    But none knew how cloudy it was inside
    When she came to know
    That she could hold no more
    Anticipating darkness to fall
    So no shadows could peep her tall
    She let them down
    Her clouds slowly melting
    Where each tear weighed a different story
    Stories of impeccable glory
    Forced secret,she had to keep within
    Looking at the dark sky
    Unperturbed moon and stars
    Examining each of her flaws and scars
    It wasn't the last time
    She wished to be one among them
    Owing to her existence, her efforts weren't less
    To turn back her light sands to heavy greens
    Or a little less drier