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  • meemansha_gaur 2w

    Sometimes you just have to move on without giving them a closure

  • meemansha_gaur 2w


    Feelings never expire. Feelings can get suppressed with time. But it's always there. Memories are always beautiful no matter what the current scenario is. When you feel for someone, you don't force things. Things just happen.

  • meemansha_gaur 2w


    Whenever a notification pops up, I get excited just to see if it's yours
    Whenever I am very happy, I just wait to share that happiness with you
    Whenever I am sad, I try not to tell but end up sharing every bit with you
    Whenever I imagine my future, I can't imagine it without you
    Whenever I am witnessing a sunset, I start missing you

  • meemansha_gaur 23w

    No one can be available for you 24*7. Everyone has their own thoughts and struggle to fight with. Neither you can be available for someone all the time. So stop feeling alone. Get up and work on yourself

  • meemansha_gaur 24w

    The reality of life is that everyone is alone from inside. Neither your social media following nor your real life friends are there with you when you fight with your own thoughts at 3 am, when you really need someone to talk to but there is no one, when you are so void from inside that you need someone to push you but in reality you have to get up and fight alone. Hardly anyone cares if you are alive or dead except your parents. Learn to live a happy life alone. It's the biggest strength.

  • meemansha_gaur 27w

    I check my phone after every 10 minutes like I am important to someone

  • meemansha_gaur 27w


  • meemansha_gaur 31w

    Jab farak padna band ho jata hai farak tabhi aata hai

  • meemansha_gaur 35w

    A very very happy independence day to all those reading this. Religion can never ever divide us. We stand in unity for unity of India.

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    Happy Independence day

    Mai uss desh se hu
    Jisko azaadi bhi mili nahi muft
    Bahuton se veeron ne
    Azaadi ki hai jung ladi
    Lo aaj mai keh deti hu
    Haan hu mai Hindustani

  • meemansha_gaur 36w