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  • me_the_unpredictable 22h

    Death takes away it all.

  • me_the_unpredictable 1w

    Your music
    It wrapped around my body
    Like a cold cloak going warm
    It held me
    Caressed me
    Cried with me

    You wrote my story
    In your tunes
    In your song
    It traverses on my soul
    From my bones to the very core

    It is so magnificent
    Yet so Piognant
    How it dies out
    With my last breath
    With your last note.


  • me_the_unpredictable 1w


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    Ohh.. How badly
    I want this ceiling..
    To be replaced by the vast sky..
    The night sky..
    Sparkling with star diamonds..
    So unreachable
    So far.
    So unreachable..
    It's just the sky..
    That gives me the strength
    To wait for the day
    When I'll fly through it all

    I'll be there someday
    Up and away
    Soaring.. Away
    With my wings spread wide..
    And I'll be so light.

  • me_the_unpredictable 3w

    Since everybody is into gratitude Nowadays.
    I wanna add something too.

    Dear best friend..
    I am grateful that I got to see you today����. Well I know you're gonna crack up after the first line but hey... Now that I go to bed all tired , that video call was the best part of my day. I missed your laughter. (Yes this could be cheesy don't creep out.) ����

    I missed how natural I am when I am with you.
    No pretense. How I missed listening to you rant about your life. And then rant out to you. And then bitch about some people. And then recommend books and songs and movies and animes. Share the silliest of things. Share everyday memories.

    I have missed that. I have missed my best freind. And I'm glad I got to talk to you today.
    (Don't go on cloud 9 out of this. I know you're creeping out but I love you����)

    Sisters forever!

    - yours!

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    I missed how natural I am when I am with you.
    No pretense. How I missed listening to you rant about your life. And then rant out to you. And then bitch about some people. And then recommend books and songs and movies and animes. Share the silliest of things. Share everyday memories.


  • me_the_unpredictable 5w

    Staring at nothing means so much sometimes.
    Anger. Disappointment. Failure.
    Ohh heart.
    You are stupid.
    You are stupid to believe in company.
    Foolish to desire on this lone road.

    Ohh heart.
    This is your road.
    You will meet many.
    Cry. Laugh. Break. Build.
    But you will be by yourself.
    When you need someone.

    Ohh heart.
    This road is the road of love.
    This road is a river of darkness.
    At the end, there's light
    Your face.
    When you reach the end.
    And you are one with your heart and soul

    When you are built strong to hold yourself
    Weather through the blackest storms
    The loneliest storms.
    The hardest storms.

    Ohh heart.
    This road.. Leads nowhere
    Except to yourself.

    Take the boat and row along.
    You won't reach the end,
    If you wait for a hand, heart.

    You are not weak.
    Just row along.


    Song rec : Mohbhang

    Picture belongs to the righful owner

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  • me_the_unpredictable 7w

    Ever felt, that feelin'
    Where you're at the center.. And everything is spinning but you're still numb and stuck.
    You're stuck there forced to view each spinning wall.

    Ever felt, that feelin'
    Where you're cycling.. Too hard and
    Your cycle is stuck at the same place?
    But you feel like this is it?
    Where you give your all?

    Ever felt, that feelin'
    Where you keep driving.. And
    The highway is indefinite just like the issues stacked in your head and it stretches on.
    You drive towards the dead end.
    Hoping the dead end never comes.
    But you keep driving anyway.

    Ever felt, that feelin'
    Where you sit motionless.. Too still
    And it is so windy on the outside.
    And it's so windy in the Inside.
    Chaotic. Messed up. Strong and weak at the same time.
    But you still don't bulge.

    Maybe because you're really stuck.
    Maybe because you're waiting for something
    To move you out.
    To push you .
    Which might finally start the machine again.
    You might start running again.

    Or maybe it's just that.
    You're feeling it all.
    Your presence seeping out like the branches of a tree
    Into every situation
    And feeling
    That your head quilts and weaves.
    And you're spinning into those tales
    Closely knit with voices and thoughts and fears and failures.

    You're feeling doomed.
    Because you don't want to feel anything else.
    Too afraid to feel anything else.

    Don't be too afraid.


  • me_the_unpredictable 10w

    Silent Night.
    You tell me it is dark and sometimes it scares you.
    But I clasp my helmet on and push you to drive through.
    The blaring of the engine and the motor kick starts my blood.
    I can never drive this thing I tell you.

    Well then. We strike a deal. In the dead of the night. The stars didn't meet me that day. I guess they were too tired to be visible , to accompany the night and the moon. They were at home. Healing.

    I asked you to dance. And I will learn to ride your bike. Well it was cool isn't it driving a bike, full on leather jacket stuff and that engine.

    But honestly, I never rode a bicycle without the supports. But I knew my moves well. Fluid and lucid. And I loved how the beats got to me. How I could close my eyes and dance around letting my body free. Freedom is expensive.

    And you clearly sucked at dancing. What. It was a funny sight. And cute.
    When you couldn't figure out just why, just why it had to be 8 counts or why that sly expression or the slow walk or the quick turn and it was fun seeing you dance. Ahem.

    And I sucked at the - well everything that had to do with a bike and balancing.
    And it would Rip my heart out and I was like oh shit this is where I'm gonna fall with this bike on my leg. Final prayers on my tongue.

    But I can't forget. Those nights. When we used to drive back from the centre. You would let me drive. And I was slowly getting the hang of it and you were slowly setting your body free.

    I clasped your hand and you held my waist and we sped and spiralled. And it was not perfect but it was peace and a feeling beyond good and bad. It was memories with hints of smiles and efforts and freedom.

    And now. I could see the stars. When I came back to the high way. With my bike. I sat their long enough to imagine me cruising around with you. The stars kept me company.

    I wonder do you still dance?


  • me_the_unpredictable 13w

    This is just a specimen
    Of sedimentation of hurt
    Over the cracks of the terrain
    Of my heart

    Seldom it rains
    Downpour from the clouds of my eyes
    To seep down
    Deep to heal
    Years of pain
    To the core.

  • me_the_unpredictable 14w

    I did it again.
    Another arrow through my heart.
    And I couldn't scream in pain.
    I couldn't even..

    I just stood there..
    Falling , hurting, falling..
    Why? I ask myself why?

    Why is love so painful ?
    I asked.

    -the basket of arrows through my heart.


    The credit for the image goes to the rightful owner.

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  • me_the_unpredictable 14w

    It's the evening.
    At the shore sometimes it is so busy, people, lights, waves, laughter , cars everything that it is so chaotic.

    It is so chaotic that it makes me feel okay.
    And I refuse to move.
    I sit there.
    And I watch life around me.
    Why? Lack of company. Loneliness. You name it.

    It has always been so hard for me to make friends.
    To understand people.
    Yet I have always found myself alone.
    Maybe it is coming true then , that after all it's a lonely road, just you and you.

    I don't like it. I never liked that philosophy to be honest. It unsettled me. To be with myself alone. Because I have always had this need of company, of reassurance.
    Reassurance that I'm fine when I have somebody by my side.

    Be it anyone.
    Someone to laugh with or to fight with or to just walk around the beach , dance , cry just anything.

    Yet I find myself alone.
    Why? I sit here... And wait. Long hours.
    Till the chaat sellers wrap up their stalls and the traffic subsides.
    Moms take their toddlers home.

    And I sit there.
    To witness all these movements.
    Because some nights I am so numb .
    But so desperate to feel.
    To cry.
    To write.
    And to laugh.

    And I send my letters to the moon.
    I tell him. About myself. There is no one else.
    And I don't get any replies.

    I still come to the shore every night.
    I like when the water touches my feet.
    I feel it.

    And I walk.
    The sunset.
    The night.
    The moon.

    Waiting for a reply .
    Silly me I say, as it rains on my cold cheeks.
    I will learn to love myself someday.


    The credit for the image goes to the rightful owner.

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