Just like water flows from between the gap of rocks, the words within me flows from between the reality and imagination.

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  • me_as_nuisance 6w

    *Ab aaye ho toh jaoge*

    Ab aaye ho toh jaoge
    Kismat ke khilaf na koi gaya hai na tum jaa paoge,
    Khud ko akela paoge,
    Maut ko bhi gale lagaoge,
    Khushi se bitalo zindagi
    Nahi toh gam mein doob jaoge.
    Ab aaye ho toh jaoge.

    ©Heena Pradeep Pirankar

  • me_as_nuisance 13w

    Magical Rose

    Deep into the sea is the sacred red,
    The petals velvety lives turning corpse.
    It stimulates the rise of waves and speed of breeze,
    And life of every being that breathes.
    White stones surrounds the glass that guards it,
    But once you get through the glass
    The power to your hands is not too far.
    You see the thorns are not to worry,
    It harms only those in weary.
    Light it’s weight, heavy to lift,
    Not all ruby holders can hold this gift.
    Better to keep it in the deep,
    Wild if gone the person's death you’ll see.
    It’s not fate you chose,
    It’s the reality of the magical rose.

    ©Heena Pradeep Pirankar

  • me_as_nuisance 14w

    It's most of the days I dress up just to look into the mirror and say words like these.
    #selflove #charms

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    I looked and exclaimed woww!
    What an amazing creation!
    Eyes those hazel brown,
    That attracts more than one.

    Oh those sweetened lips,
    Tastes honey, colour rose.
    Scattered hair in the air,
    Perfect are those.

    I'd love to be fooled by that charm,
    Not like the one that a movie character shows.
    You're something of a perfectionist,
    That makes my heart overflow.

    Magical is your smile, that has got me to be your slave with no way to redemption.
    Every time I see into the mirror
    I say to myself 'oh what an obsession!'.
    -Heena Pradeep Pirankar

  • me_as_nuisance 15w

    Do you sometimes see red flags around people and still be like "oh yeah carnival!" and later cry in a corner?

  • me_as_nuisance 23w

    For Her I Owe

    Walking under the city lights,
    All alone in the darkest night.
    I see myself walking safe back home,
    No goons, no rapist seen to roam.
    That is freedom to me,
    That is my independence.

    I speak words,
    And write with my sword.
    No one to question my thoughts,
    This is what I ought.
    That is my Independence.

    Celebrations and festivals are more of
    brotherhood and secularism,
    Being united by ethnicity,
    language, politics and heroism.
    That is my Independence.

    I live in a country that holds
    strength and courage,
    Peace and truth are her promises.
    She gives me growth, fertility and
    auspiciousness of the land,
    There's a lot for her I owe.

    ~Heena Pradeep Pirankar

  • me_as_nuisance 32w

    Stop criticising others for the old mistakes and if you can see their betterment now, know they have truly changed.

  • me_as_nuisance 34w

    Sad is Not Bad

    Twenty seven states of emotions known,
    And you're stuck on sad.
    Your brain is under slight depression,
    And your feelings gone dead.

    While seeking validation,
    You sink into darkness,
    Suffering the loss of
    joy and happiness.

    You're on the edge of a cliff,
    Do not jump into the sea of sorrows,
    For would that be a choice to live you think?
    Wouldn't you be glad to see yourself live as your ears hear and eyes blink?

    So, open the doors to your room or your heart,
    Joy just needs a space to heal your wounds and give you a better start.
    Your memories of contentment are stemmed in sadness.
    Therefore, before you curse sad,
    Remember sad is not bad.

    ©Heena Pradeep Pirankar

  • me_as_nuisance 36w

    Love such a beautiful feeling, and it is the strongest bond along with friendship but it's the weakest too. Imagine your mother's love for you when she was holding you into her arm for the first time or your father smiling looking at your mother's face holding you. If not that, imagine how you saw your first crush kinda love at first sight so innocent. I don't know much examples so don't mind if I haven't added any of your ideas. You can share your thoughts though.

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    Love is patient, love is kind,
    It perennial for those you left behind.
    It's a guard, a spiritual ranger,
    With a helping hand, when you are in danger.

    Shown care is love, some
    Beauty swaying around you,
    The sky seem pink, the air purple.
    Sham love does this to your eyes.
    Expectations never on halt,
    Everything you get appears less!
    Although you have that unconditional love,
    You leave serenity, you run into disruption!
    Soft weather and perfect lighting
    Ain't the love you deserve!

    ©Heena Pradeep Pirankar
    Improvised by Adnan Ashiq

  • me_as_nuisance 37w

    Writing down all that I feel gives me actual relief than talking to people about it.

  • me_as_nuisance 38w

    Apart from You

    Looking into the mirror,
    I see myself so joyous and
    From the time we've met,
    There's something growing golden in every

    You make me feel so beautiful,
    I haven't ever known myself so close.
    You unsee my scars,
    Like we ignore the thorns on a rose.

    You looking into my eyes,
    Gives me butterflies in my stomach.
    Oh, what work of art are you
    Created to be my lover!

    Long gone the era of expressing love in written,
    Yet you never failed to send those love letters.
    Your presence is a fragrance,
    The aroma in my heart all over.

    As the time passes,
    I have realized that our love is so true.
    Besides I could be at a great distance,
    But never apart from you.

    ©Heena Pradeep Pirankar