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  • maz_999 39w


    Sounds felt like emotions and that was how your love was
    Your love felt too different, more like it was bewitched and cursed
    I felt more addicted to your love than you, it was a scary path
    Years after our split, your presence still lingers even though you're the past

    You made an excuse for everything, it showed how you were petty
    You were the virus in the relationship and it wasn't healthy
    Happiness was a longshot and heartbreak became a confetti
    To think you came into my life for the better, just to leave it messy

    We were too toxic for each other, we had our ups and downs
    Let's be real we didn't love one another, just two vexed up clowns
    Thinking love was colorful and bright, instead was tiring and blind
    Forever wasn't meant for us and I'm glad it ended in dued time

  • maz_999 40w


    I'm trying, i promise you I'm really trying
    Every night gets tougher, if i said otherwise then I'm definitely lying
    Thoughts in my head torments me into killing myself
    Because as the day passes, i care less about my mental health

    Maybe God is putting me through a complicated test
    I can't seem to understand why.......
    Everyday gets difficult, Every breath feels like a slow death
    so i live till i feel alive and wait on my chariot when I die

    Life's like a sinking ship and I'm going down with the ship
    For i lack the will to push on, i slowly drown and surrender
    Maybe in the past i tried to prove that i still had a grip
    I was wrong... Now I realize that death is only a pain felt once and forever

  • maz_999 42w


    We are legion, we are many and not the same
    You are free to enter, in there you'll know all our names
    You want to feel like a member, all u need is to be less afraid
    We can be your helper, sell your soul and gain all the fame

    We live by no maker, so we can't be tamed
    We are strong and do not waver, we've conquered rulers that came
    We can't be destroyed.. Never, don't think this is a game
    So if u want to act clever, just know you'd end up insane

    The path that we follow is filled with danger, we leave clues on the road trail
    Don't be afraid.. You're not a stranger, we are the head and you can be the tail
    You seek us so you'll have power, and we seek you to tell the tale
    If you want the story to be darker, we will kill the flame

  • maz_999 42w


    Don't get it twisted, I'm here to fulfill a purpose
    Didn't back down, i resisted even when hope became defocus
    I'm strong-willed and answer to a greater calling passed down by my ancestors
    So when i depart earth, i won't be in the conversation of procrastinators


  • maz_999 43w


    I'm scared........ every situation might lead to my doom
    The devil comes unwelcomed to my sanctuary every full moon
    Everyday is a toss of a coin, can't promise I'll be back soon
    Moving forward with no clarity alongside death till i can find my actual fortune

    You can see the sadness in my eyes
    I'm terrified of judgement day for I've only lived a life of lies
    So i sit in a fragile situation contemplating on how my eternity will present itself
    My life has always been a dusty book hiding deep inside a dark shelf

    My soul troubles with pain and i know my spirit is long gone
    Everyday i see death with my eyes closed, don't know what went wrong
    In my dream state i can hear the angels of death in hell singing a song
    "You chose your path and shook hands with the devil and moved on"

  • maz_999 43w


    some say love is a hunch
    others say love is a unique feeling
    Personally, I've never felt such
    So I'd never know its actual meaning

    love is when your whole being accepts another person
    Coming together to build something that'll last a lifetime
    How do you just decide to love?, that's actually my question
    Because when i try, it feels like I'm about to commit a crime

    Everyday, love is this and love is that
    "love is the only thing that brings us together"
    For a while i mixed love with addiction, anything else was just chitchat
    You can say i never really understood love, now i'm at the brink of my tether

  • maz_999 45w


    If you're reading this then I'm probably dead
    Life has fed me pain, sadness and hate to a point that im finally over-fed
    Growing up, looking back to the past i wish life was more that what it meant
    But as time passes, you realize all the fantasies and joy are just made up in your head

    I was taught to love but all i ever got was negativity and bad luck
    I tried to come out it but the more i tried, the more i got stuck
    The voices in my head grows louder and louder everyday
    Telling me repeatedly "end this life halfway"

    Happiness is a grab away but i still feel farther away from it
    I carry a disease so deep and dark that life feels like an endless pit
    Life has always felt like a cup of water and sadness has taken every sip
    Maybe if I end my life now, I'll finally find peace

  • maz_999 46w


    I walk this lonely path alone and unafraid
    I have to write down a poem just so i can see another day
    Most times i was happy and loved, other times it was sorrow and pain
    I tried to fix myself, uplift myself but all went to no gain

    I'm a human being filled with ambitions, addictions and contradictions
    Who has lost his way and forgot his own mission
    Now i stay stagnant, blaming everybody else for my problems
    Because during the bad times you begin to think its impossible to solve them

    Now i stay awake and alone in the dark room confused and weeping
    When i close my eyes, i see myself in agonizing pain; screaming
    As i say to myself "why should i love when i can't love myself"
    Life is an impending disaster, love is make believe and i realized that when i was twelve

  • maz_999 47w


    Life filled with emptiness and sadness
    Oh i hope when i reach eternity, all that will be past tense
    Always lived life in the fast lane, so much sorrow and gladness
    Now I'm here, unsettled like a bad menace

    What will you be remembered for and what mark will you leave behind?
    Being different from the rest was my Forte, and that made me an extraordinary mankind
    So let's celebrate this life as we move forward to eternity
    Because we strive to be conscious on earth so as not to prevent immortality

  • maz_999 52w


    Never in a million years will I have thought of fallen for someone
    I was addicted to your presence, being with you was all I wished for
    Some say it was witchcraft, spell or voodoo
    I didn't care.. Not even for bit, neither did you

    I'd follow you to the ends of the earth
    Life chose us and I knew since birth
    No day goes by that I don't try to get you off my head
    It's impossible, so I'm all in.... so yeah you better be prepared

    Broke my heart not once or twice but I taped it
    I'm a blind man in love and it's driving me crazy
    I know you are slowly detaching but your aura won't let me quit
    So I'd make sure the shoes fit perfectly coz you're my "Cinderella" baby