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  • maz_999 5w

    A stranger that is noble and loyal with a pure heart
    A light that shines towards me when I'm stuck in the dark
    An outcast that'll always stand beside me through thick and thin
    A partner that'll forever encourage me to always win

    A treasure that'll always offer itself in any time of need
    When life seemed difficult, you were always there and would never leave
    A strength that was necessary when I felt down and weak
    A touch of comfort when all hopes was lost in me

    A friend might look ordinary but you made it meaningful
    You were the change i needed and i think that change is beautiful
    My past was black and white but you came and made it colorful
    To others you are my friend but you have assumed my confidant mantle

  • maz_999 19w


    A voice echoes and longs for action.
    It stretches out, not for long but only for a period of time.
    You decided to lose everything just for the sake of passion.
    Now you have lost everything and your light refuses to shine.

    Destiny only waits for a short period at the bustop
    That doesn't mean everyone will get to carry it
    It's not the fate of everybody to be at the very top
    For some souls will remain in the same seat

    My presence is a message and my departure will ignite the prophecy
    My words are like water to your soul which has become so empty
    My voice fades every second, so i have limited time here
    You decide the outcome.... Let that sink in into your ear

  • maz_999 19w


    I fear the unknown but crave the sight of prosperity
    Life is achieved through hard-working, death is a once in a lifetime cup of tea
    I became a stranger to myself and that made me forget my inner peace
    Most times i forget what it feels like to be happy... In due time i forgot these little things

    When the sun rises, the moon goes down
    I got lost in this world like a foreigner in a strange town
    Help was needed but i chose the other way around
    The road became Treacherous and i was nowhere near solid ground

    The future was mine to take, but i borrowed.... (Now I'm petrified)
    Look close and deep into the eye of sorrow.... (And let's reprise)
    Because no one knows tomorrow; not me.... (For i know my demise)
    For a day doesn't begin if the cock doesn't crow....(words to emphasize)

  • maz_999 25w


    Close your eyes and imagine touching the sky
    For a second, let go of negativity and have a sound mind
    When you've reached your peak, there you can soar and fly
    Greatness shines with your destiny in the stars, coz you're a beautiful design

    Don't let others determine your faith; thus, stopping your drive
    Your aim should be immortality, so you have to work hard and strive
    Yes, the journey will be a narrow and bumpy ride
    So buckle up, hold tight, don't loose hope and always smile

    What awaits you will be better than what you left behind
    Oh i dream of this day every waking night
    Destiny has become a beautiful city I've chosen to claim
    In that place, we'll share our stories of the battles we overcame

  • maz_999 25w


    If i died now,
    Would you take a moment to mourn me?
    I hope you always remember all of our memories
    All of my mistakes i left as a note at the floor, close to the death pills
    For in life i was already dead, living through dark centuries

    If i died now,
    Would you burn my body and bones to ashes
    Then toss them in the cold deserted mountain?
    I know in my final moments, we had quarrels and backlashes
    But you loved me regardless even when I forgot the meaning

    If i died now,
    I would want you to move on and love again
    I've lived a short life but with you it felt like forever
    Maybe i have, in so many ways cased you alot of pain
    So i ask for your forgiveness this moment that we're still together

  • maz_999 25w


    Let's build happiness in this ground of sadness
    We'd ignite our love in the midst of this darkness
    So why not give the world a show? you are a captivating actress
    You reek of royalty and much more my enchanted princess

    I only put you first, forget about your distress
    Let's talk about forever in our soothing mattress
    Love felt distant until i met you i have to confess
    So promise you'd rule with me as my noble mistress

    Be my peace when all hell breaks loose
    Your heart was like a rhyme that definitely left me amused
    Let's grow old together while we enjoy our youth
    No going back for me, this is forever (me and you) ❤️

  • maz_999 26w


    Dear death,
    You didn't want me alive but you wanted me to stay
    You held me close at night and left me by day
    You promised me peace but I'm still not okay
    Thy trails were Treacherous yet i couldn't still find another way

    Dear death
    You promised me hope and gave me sadness
    The world was against me even when I was filled with madness
    You opened your heart and in it i thought i would find gladness
    But the truth overshadowed my life into your darkness

    Dear death,
    The deed has been made and I'll forever be a memory
    I pray my soul resists torment and lavish in purgatory
    Sometimes i wish for you but also I'm not ready for the grave
    My mission isn't done and some yellow brick roads needs to be paved

  • maz_999 27w


    Oh.. How i long for peace even if its just for a little bit
    Letting go and allowing myself flourish through the troublant wind
    I have seen worse, experienced sorrows and its not worth getting in
    Because every journey isn't easy as it seems

    Oh.. How i long for peace even if its just for a little bit
    But my body shivers in the cold of my haunted spirit
    Don't hold your breath... For thy problems are complicated and without meaning
    Nevertheless, I'll find a way out of this misery

    Oh.. How i long for peace even if its just for a little bit
    I've conquered depression and sadness in the house of sin
    For in death i shall remain unscathed... even the dust will reject
    I might not be the devil but i'm somewhere near picture perfect

  • maz_999 30w


    Drive, desire, influence and power
    You became weak and powerless so you shout out in your darkest hour
    The devil is catching up, can't you hear him steadily slink?
    Your deal is in motion as quickly as you think

    Your scream was silent and your thoughts were loud
    The angels were terrified for you as they hid in the cloud
    Your steps are Treacherous and your path is a welcomed torment
    The devil just wants to talk, will you spare him a moment?

    Now you have everything, so you reflect on your journey so far
    You revealed your pretence and hid your pain like that of a mimosa pudica
    The devil wants his end of the bargain which is my soul
    A deal that was made for a life well spent ends in the old paths of the crossroad

  • maz_999 31w


    The depth of my heart is pale, broken and dark
    In it unveils broken words of a nostalgic iffy soul
    Today... i begin my journey without you, the journey of us apart
    Words so hard to utter and write.... but impossible to control

    I wanted to be free, bold, found and centered
    So i had to flee: home felt cold, down and tempered
    Finally i lifted this unquiet edict from my pumice stone
    In there lies a soul that was happy, adventurous and filled with hope

    Guess I've written down more to you than I've ever told
    Your beauty didn't attract my heart and your character didn't attract my soul
    There's a saying "don't wear it if the shoe doesn't fit"
    So I moved on and left my deepest sorrow as a note on the fridge