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  • mayank_02 3d

    When there is a knot, don't expect for a better durability.
    That's going to be a pain throughout the life.

  • mayank_02 5d

    My experience through the journey of life tells one thing which i am not going to forget ever in my life. It's not a lesson to others as it is my own living experience.

    " If you think that your struggle, hard work, passion, honesty will give your desired goal WITHOUT CAJOLING or CRINGING OTHER then you & your thought is super idiotic"

    "One who begs is the only one who deserve to get something. So instead being a donkey be a begger & trust me you will get for what you are here"

  • mayank_02 5d

    It's almost impossible to guess the nature of people in this era.
    Mind & Heart will never ever settle at the same place.
    One who call "Think twice before believing others", I suggest to think thrice to one who is advising the same..!

  • mayank_02 28w

    Lifting the burden of "How others will think" won't let you give any solution for your problem rather insecurity & Jealousy will disturb you on which others are not going to pay a penny !
    The more you think with other's perspection, the more you give importance to them.
    So why overthink to degrade your morality !

  • mayank_02 29w

    It's a dare truth that Atheists shows the real devotion towards their fraternity.
    Atleast they acts with unbeaten confidence while on the question being asked on their "Atheism", even at the time of downfall.

    On the other side, Believers not always has the guts to stay determined at the time of adversity on their life.
    Moral being, saying as a Believer or disbeliever depends on the attitude at the time of calamity & not on the tag only !

  • mayank_02 29w

    People pray for a peaceful life throughout their journey. Yet complaints never stops from them.
    Reality being the big twist which lies within the definition of "Peace" itself.

    "If it isn't controlled by your desire, you are already in a state of ultimate peace of mind.."

  • mayank_02 29w

    Attachment with the material world is like killing your own wisdom with a knife invisibily handed by the murderers of spirituality who never stop while competing with the world.

  • mayank_02 33w

    Give a chance to the road for finding me instead asking my destination,
    As i live nowhere for which people started asking the road, and road becomes corrupted !

  • mayank_02 34w

    ❤️|| कान्हा संग निकली सैर ||❤️

    आ गया रे कान्हा कहां छुपे बिन कोई बैर,
    चलना है मेरे तुझको एक नन्हीं सी सैर,
    हाथ थाम लो गोविंदा मैं तुझसे भी नटखट,
    माया की नगरी मुझे बुलाए और मैं कहूं- चल हट.

    आ गया रे गैया कहां छुपे बिन कोई बैर,
    कान्हा भी मेरे संग है चल चलते एक सैर,
    पूंछ पकड़कर हम दोनों ना तुम्हें सताएंगे,
    बंसी बजाकर कान्हा संग तुम्हें नचायेंगे.

    चल पड़े हम, कान्हा और गैया के संग सैर,
    आ गए सब मंडली और चढ़ पड़े एक पेड़,
    देखते कान्हा हंसते और कहते -बस एक बार,
    छाछ की मटकी फोड़ कर हो गए दो दूनी चार.

    शाम हुई हो कान्हा चल जल्दी घर की ओर,
    हम सब को बुलाने गांव से निकली शोर,
    भागे भागे पहुंचे और गैया की बांधी डोर,
    बदले में खोजें दूध कान्हा इसलिए है यह माखन चोर |

  • mayank_02 34w

    When you start wishing consistency, it won't happen so easily as reality depends on whether you wished with open or closed eye.
    Closed eye gives the best output because of feeling the pain in the darkness while with an opened eye, attractions with the shadow of distraction will give the best so called motivation by saying "Will surely try from tommorow".
    Irony being, "the best tommorow is the today's present moment".