~but you have always been good enough, you've just been giving your best parts of you to the wrong people♥️

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  • mathilde 1w

    Hello... Recently i am writing stories on Wattpad... If u have pls check it out :-

    It's called Fem♡Tom

  • mathilde 3w

    Let the lines flood in the brain,
    'Tis flowy cruor
    Carves out the rest ~~

  • mathilde 4w

    Waiting in the abyss

    I can never rewrite what happened,
    Nor can ever grow the shrub of happiness,
    In the dark abyss i lie,
    Watching others bid goodbye...

    It's colourless,
    Timeless, invisible to the naked eye,
    It is called the feelings
    That sometimes are numbed in my mind...

    The seamless moon glowing in the night sky,
    Hidden back in the twilight zone,
    Should I be happy or sad ?
    because i was the chosen one ?

    Happiness and bliss were now dead children,
    Sleeping forever felt like a dream.
    Now i lay in the bed of thorn,
    Waiting for my life to be taken away by the gream...

  • mathilde 8w

    Them :~

    She stared at his Polaroid,
    Blind to the nerves,
    Could never meet him,
    But the love preserves...

    Her heart is fleeing every night,
    Every morning, evening and noon,
    It reaches to the place where he stays,
    But he still never knew...

    Unspoken words,
    With unspoken feelings,
    All are tied around inside her head,
    With numbness in feelings...

    The day she saw him,
    Her heart got smitten,
    She is waiting for him,
    And let their story be rewritten...

  • mathilde 8w

    #mundane #wod #life #nature #deadofnight @miraquill @writersnetwork

    AYYY WAT'S HAPPENING ... I am back ... With a little thingy ��

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    The scenarios up my head,
    Sometimes black; sometimes pink,
    Sometimes red with specks of golden dust...

    Walking past this wholesome breeze,
    Moon reflecting it's grey white countenance,
    On the sparkling flowing cold loch...

    The wrinkled up dead pressed tree,
    Depicts the entire lifetime of that one person,
    With unforgotten, forged and mundane lacone soul...

    The day ends with the horribly beautiful dead of night,
    The sudden dreams starts to reappear,
    This day's existence ... Is just mundane ...

  • mathilde 11w

    I am nothing; but a mere pen

    I am like a pin,
    Stitch poems from within;
    Sometimes called mightier than a sword,
    'cause i have a beast within me...

    I am poised,
    Like the lady by the lake;
    I craft my own creation,
    And leave marks behind every recreation...

    Writing little proses,
    Spreading the ink over the folds of the crumbled page;
    Move to and fro on the dead pressed tree,
    'Tis is thy rage...

    Evolving from a feather,
    I saw history ; I made history,
    The writers who died kept on writing their mystery...

    The thoughts might not last,
    So I carve them on the page,
    In the momentary secrets i drown,
    Writing the poem from the ink of my cage...

  • mathilde 12w

    The knot

    Remember the times ,
    When we shared the string telephone,
    To just listen to the random voices
    Of each other ?

    It was a great distance,
    Between us and our houses,
    So we grabbed the three foot string,
    And started talking to each other.

    Time passed,
    Our hearts connected,
    But you left one day,
    And we never communicated.

    The string through which we spoke folklore,
    My heart going all galore,
    In the flow i forgot,
    How that string telephone ;
    Tied our knot.

  • mathilde 13w

    ... why ?

  • mathilde 13w

    My mother's birthday is today... So I wrote a poem for her UwU

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    She is the goddess,
    She is the queen,
    She is the protector,
    She is my dream.

    Safely tied in her womb,
    She fixes my broken wings,
    She did quite a lot,
    But I couldn't thank her enough.

    All i can say that she is the warrior,
    To have no fear not any terror,
    All i can say that a thank u is not enough,
    The she in this poem is no one other than you mom ...

  • mathilde 13w

    What should I write on February ... ? I am a single Pringle chips.. Nothing romantic happened to me that I can write on the month of Love