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  • mastermindpiece 48w

    A story.

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    Follow me patiently
    Through season shades
    Let the tears of heaven beat us
    And the cold mountain winds brush us
    Let dusk try to follow us like it always those
    For I can't imagine another life with another

  • mastermindpiece 65w

    An Everlasting

    When I say a word
    Only an immortal can challenge
    For it travels through the spectrum
    Of this realm time till it hit eternity
    For I know I am a god.
    And I know my words gives life


  • mastermindpiece 103w

    You are not patterned towards failure
    Stop pitying yourself and move on
    You are old enough to think
    Its as difficult as you see it
    #readwriteunite #mirake

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    Yes we are flawed
    Find your way
    You have a mind
    Of your own


  • mastermindpiece 104w

    We all are angels
    We see the clouds
    But never appreciate it anyway
    True beauty is our present existence
    In this chaotic world


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    Angel Eyes

    Through the body & mind
    Through emptiness cloud
    When I see the heavens above
    And the burning sun shine
    Once again I believe the bible
    I am beautifully made


  • mastermindpiece 105w


    No tears at dawn
    No regrets in the night
    Its your life, to live
    The sun arises everyday
    Learn to look ahead


  • mastermindpiece 150w

    Yet, not all is real
    The stranger comes
    And later leaves
    The trouble stays
    Even as its havoc
    The steam breaths
    And anger release
    Practice to breath
    Maybe one day you will be free

    @mirake @readwriteunite @abhey1289 @soulwriter #writersnetwork @life

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    Present and Free

    The words are real
    It pounds to and fro
    The eyes can see
    Yet, not all is real

  • mastermindpiece 152w

    Thin Skin

    Heaven made them, the tall, the beautiful
    Heaven carved them, fat and smiley
    But never as perfect as thin skin
    Their thighs are smooth
    And eyes bold and deep
    Their moans are melodious
    That plays unending
    When they smile
    The chills of ripples float
    through the empty of mind
    Their lips are glorious
    And powerful to magnet
    Around their whole body flows electric
    That every pinch is felt to the full
    And inside thin happen miracles
    Heaven designed to braise man with
    My heart and mind is full in lust
    As thin skin still calls me

  • mastermindpiece 155w

    If I don't hide under your love
    I know I will be with less mirth
    Without joy, consumed with want
    Always filled with tears that can fill a bucket

    I am helplessly Lost
    Insane and overridden
    Come with your kind of love
    And fill me

    @mirake @readwriteunite @abhey1289 @soulwriter

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    If I don't hide under your love
    I know I will be with less mirth


  • mastermindpiece 156w

    It happens to anyone who has been alone for a long time.
    You feel the whole world is out to get you
    So you hide in insecurities.

    You've survived that long
    So come out
    Come out
    And breath the air of love
    No one is out there to uproot you

    #mirakeewriters @readwriteunite @writersnetwork #mirakee @soulwriter

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    You live a life of distrust for so long
    You feel you are the only one true
    That even when someone true comes
    You still feel it's a mirage that when
    You come too close they will disappear
    So you remain alone and lonely
    Addicted to the solace therein

  • mastermindpiece 156w

    Not everything you go through is there to give you pain unending.
    Some are just life test you need to take time to experience before you can pass through

    #mirakeewriters #writersclub #wordswithqueens #spilledink #mirakee

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    The circumstances of now
    Embrace me with pride
    So tomorrow I know the
    Stories I tell will be true