Waiting to be claimed by my clan of indigo children.

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  • mask_of_alisar 134w


    Comfort shouldn't be decided based on the person in front, but for the person you are within.

  • mask_of_alisar 139w

    East wind.

    Arrived like a soothing breeze, left as quietly as a dying breath. You are too far to reach, too close to forget. I'm laughing at my fate, a loop of lives is all it is.

  • mask_of_alisar 153w

    Seven Miles Of Midnight stroll.

    Have you ever been so famished that you find your mind lost?

    Have you ever been so distant from home that you beg to return no matter the cost?

    Have you ever aided someone to a point that you almost envied them to have you?

    Have you ever been so scared that you didn't mind being mugged as long as you get spared?

    Have you felt so alive that you forget how it pains when no one cares?


  • mask_of_alisar 156w

    High on life.

    Diverse realities, but her reach wasn't finite;
    I felt it before I realised,
    the sweet chaos caused by the butterfly effect,
    of her steps into my life.
    Is she a wish granting being or an angel set free?
    Guess we will know when she hears from me.
    I feel trapped in her humming,
    But I also find solace in her music so I let it be.

  • mask_of_alisar 156w


    This is a song of my time;
    When I searched nothing, led a gypsy life.
    I was so done being fun, being nice.
    I experienced it before I realised,
    the wanderlust she aroused in me and
    that she wanted me when I wanted none;
    Brought back into me a passion,
    intense enough to pursue her into the very sun.

  • mask_of_alisar 158w


    We are garbed in grey robes of empathy and we feel for everyone, we feel a lot.
    We belong to everyone but ourselves.
    Our quest for finding our Alchemist ends as getting transformed into philosopher's stone,
    And we turn others into gold by accepting their leaden worries.
    Our attention is bought by a simple nods of approval & small gestures of gratitude.
    Our love stories begin with concern and end up in burden of guilt and misery.
    We can find solace with none other than but fellow sorceror's stones.

  • mask_of_alisar 158w


    Few spells of ecstasy, few mysteries of love unfolding in her melody.
    I thought I'll be alright staring into her distant ocean eyes.
    Her existence lasted for few moments, like a mirage of a beautiful sight.
    But pristine enough to be coveted for eternity.
    Her songs brought me back to reality, made realise about my coveted memories.
    I've learnt to not lament loss of any song, some songs stay for life.
    While some are addictive, too good to be on repeat.

  • mask_of_alisar 160w


    Memories are attention seeking bitches. They fade away leaving an aftertaste after a while. Experiences are like tattoos. Good ones are appreciated, bad ones become scars. And I've gotta admit, I'm covered with most intriguing and beautiful tattoos this year. This is a silent gratitude to the artist of the year, (Pun intended) 2018. Hoping everyone realises every battle wound is a scar nevertheless and have an amazing year ahead.

  • mask_of_alisar 162w


    Are you my dreamcatcher?
    Why do I forget you every time I wake up?
    The number of moments I remember are few.
    Why do I feel electricity of intimacy when I think of you?
    We lived a lifetime together and yet you faded away as I opened my eyes.
    I know this has happened before, I know you lulled to sleep, I don't understand why. Are you a real person I know or one I created?
    I get urge to sigh thinking how perfect you were next to me but who are you?
    Please don't just be my dreamcatcher, become mine.
    And I am going to make you, when I see you next time.

  • mask_of_alisar 162w

    Forbidden love.

    It's unwise to say you fell in love with a wrong person for that person is right for someone else and probably isn't for you.