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  • maryorivas05 3w


    it is a beautiful
    and resplendent time ...

    Wherever you go on December 25,
    You will always see Christmas trees
    And colored lights everywhere ...

    Christmas is sweet and very warm ...

    In this time we enjoy,
    Of the delicious punch,
    And a tender hug
    from our loved ones ...

    Christmas specializes,
    In uniting families
    And in sharing their affection,
    through gifts ...

    In Christmas
    There is a being that always appears,
    He is going to your house while you sleep;
    He is in charge of putting many gifts
    Under your decorated tree
    which you will open on Christmas morning;
    but you will only get these gifts if you behave well ...

    It's cold because of the snow
    But it gets warm
    Because of the love that everyone has ...

    In Christmas
    The best gift you can get
    It is not the physical,
    But just love
    Of your loved ones ...

    I have to conclude that Christmas
    It is the most beautiful thing
    has been able to exist.

  • maryorivas05 4w

    memory hike

    I walk aimlessly and without destination
    way and way and no matter how much I follow,
    I still don't know if I want to go north or south ...

    I've been walking senseless for hours,
    of so much time that invested,
    my head spins so much, just like the compass that I carry in my hands ...

    I still have not defined what is what
    I want to do or where I want to go, the only thing I know,is that when
    I walk I feel free and happy;
    people may seem weird, but to me It is something so normal, since whenever I walk aimlessly and without destination ...

    Doing this every year has helped me value time and life, since I invest my time in things that I love, in addition to my life,
    I try to be with people
    who make me feel happy and special ...

    I remember everything beautiful that
    happens to me,only when I am alone, and I am wandering around without direction or destination; for this reason I usually walk,
    as it reminds me of the good
    that God has been with me.

  • maryorivas05 4w


    'Have you noticed that when
    You delete an app or game
    At the time you start to have
    the feeling of missing him?

    That same situation happens
    when two people
    That they love each other,
    from one day to the next
    They decide to let themselves, but with time
    They realize they can't
    be separated from each other
    What comic no? '

  • maryorivas05 4w


    Time to accept
    That writing
    It is not only an art,
    But it is a way of expressing
    a way of feeling;
    It is also a way to delight
    From someone else's writings
    Where they show you through
    From words the feelings or thoughts,
    What did they ever feel ...

    I have to conclude that writing
    It is not only an art,
    It is a way in which people transmit you
    His feeling through verses.

  • maryorivas05 4w

    My ideology

    'My ideology is that everything good
    It comes out spontaneously,
    because if you plan everything,
    in time you will get bored and
    want something else;

    So let what has to happen happen
    That life is one, how bad it would be
    If you spend it sad and boring
    Better spice up every day of your life. '


  • maryorivas05 4w


    The mind is a deep sea, to which no human being could be fully immersed; But what he does is drown in his own waves, making his body and soul weaken, since the abundant saltwater enters all his being, causing the person to die minutes later; It is dies in vain since it was without knowing the great depth that his mind possesses.

  • maryorivas05 4w

    Distance love

    What do I think of love at a distance?

    Here's my answer ...

    Long distance love sometimes works
    and in the others not ...

    Long distance love is so hard to handle
    Since the person you love is not close to you
    And which is very tedious ...

    Really when you love someone at a distance
    It is very difficult to trust, since who guarantees you what the other person is doing, I mean, what if he already has someone else and he he plays with you at the same time?
    The most important basis for having love at a distance
    It is that people trust each other,
    Since without trust the relationship would not work;
    In addition to trust you must have courage,
    Since having someone you love
    away from your arms or lips
    it is something is something really admirable,
    Since you must hold out for a period of time,
    To have it with you again.


  • maryorivas05 4w

    love at first sight

    Do you believe in love at first sight?

    This is my answer...

    Love at first sight happens
    since the person attracts you physically,
    but, you really only know the appearance of him,
    and it's not his intentions so you don't really fall in love for who he is, but just for how he actually looks.

  • maryorivas05 4w


    'They say it's bad to be alone
    but for me it is something wonderful,
    because that's where I can
    be happy without being judged. '

  • maryorivas05 4w

    I'm sorry to inform you

    So sorry telling you
    That for a long time
    In my mind they are no longer found
    Your kisses, or memories,
    But now my mind
    It only focuses on me;
    I am not reproaching you,
    I am only informing you,
    That from now on you are
    no longer important
    To me, you may have been
    In the past, but after analyzing it,
    I have decided that my mind
    It doesn't deserve to remember
    the damage you did to me
    That my heart does not deserve
    to love you again,
    And finally I decided that my soul
    should not forgive you
    So you know my thoughts
    And wishes, now I ask you kindly
    That you get away from my life totally.