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  • maryamkhalil 28w


    Sisters of the light
    Sisters of the life
    Sisters of shining bright through the dark
    Sisters of screaming late at night
    Sisters of not making a sound
    Sisters of hurting
    Sisters of falling
    Sisters of fearing the night and a calling
    Sisters of fighting
    Sisters of erasing
    Sisters of sending the written words blazing
    Sisters of yelling loud and clear
    Sisters of killing what they fear
    Sisters of making everyone hear
    Sisters of standing tall and proud
    Sisters of raising their heads to the clouds
    Sisters of making their names heard around


  • maryamkhalil 28w

    A Faraway Star

    Am I reaching for a star I can't reach,
    A dream beyond reason, beyond belief,
    Should I stay on the ground?
    Where people live and life is found,
    Do I stay?
    Here, where I am bound,
    To a life I know nothing about,
    But what to come of my star?
    Will it float away so far?
    Further and Further,
    Away from my reach,
    Further and Further,
    I don't dare to leave,
    Further and Further,
    So far away I wouldn't breathe.


  • maryamkhalil 28w

    Write & Write

    I felt so tall all of a sudden...
    And everyone around me so small,
    I felt a kiss on my cheek,
    It didn't matter,
    When my tears began to fall,

    I felt a tug on my sleeve, as I heaved and heaved,
    But not a sound came out,
    I heard my heart in my ear,
    As it broke piece after piece,
    I felt God was near,
    As I prayed and prayed through my fear,

    Was it all real,
    Was it all in my head,
    Was that what I feel,
    Or was it a dream instead,

    I write and write till my fingers bleed,
    I write and write till God hears my pleas,
    I write what I feel, I write what I've felt,
    I write how to deal, I write what I've been dealt,
    I write and write in hopes to appease,
    I write and write to cure my disease.