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  • maruellaganelle 3w


    On the day of spring;
    Time where the flowers bloom;
    Warm wind caress our skin;
    New beginning will be born.
    And when the ocean is high;
    Hope would be the same,
    Another chance might arise;
    Then, we'll meet again.
    Time needs not to be perfect,
    If we take that chance,
    And say the words,
    These words that choked us.
    An old love might flourish again.

  • maruellaganelle 4w


    Swallowed by what if's;
    Sealed tight lips,
    Shut with stitches,
    Scarlet dripping from needles,
    Scream stuck in the throat,
    Swollen pleading eyes,
    Scared to say the words.

  • maruellaganelle 4w


    I want to live, to be alive;
    See things on a different way.
    I want to love this life,
    I want to love and be love.
    Also, I want to escape this mind.
    But, until then;
    Guess, I'll just try to survive.

  • maruellaganelle 5w

    In between

    Need not to be said just to be heard;
    The heart will do the talk.
    In every beat, it'll be for you;
    The most comforting sound you'll ever hear.

    The eyes can tell as well.
    It won't be looking at you;
    But it will look through you, deep in you;
    'Till it reaches your soul.

    Need not to be touched just to be felt;
    Warmth will always be there;
    Distance won't matter,
    As there will always be a bridge.

    In every step, you'll know it's safe.
    In every turn, you'll know it's there.
    And like the wind it will embrace you,
    Keeping you sane in this mad world.

  • maruellaganelle 5w

    Basics of Love

    Might lose a tooth or two;
    Will still smile brightly to you.
    If tails all that's left;
    Know it will wag for you.

    Eyes that is full of hope;
    Gazes with love that feels like home.
    Mesmerized by the wonders;
    With happiness it glimmers.

    Arms that's so welcoming;
    Far it will stretch, reaching for you;
    To embrace you so tight;
    It will put you together again.

    Hands that is so gentle and warm,
    In every touch you'll know it's safe.
    For every caress you'll know there's no harm.
    Like a puzzle, it fills in the gap.


  • maruellaganelle 5w


    Silent it may be;
    But you'll feel it deep in your bones.
    Intangible it may be;
    But it'll bring warmth to your soul.

    Might be hurt;
    A little, might weep;
    Silently, will wipe its tears.
    Then, will face you and smile once more.

    Hands may tremble,
    Shoulders might get heavy,
    Feet may be sore,
    But know it won't falter.

    Will cross the oceans,
    Even the mountains can be climbed,
    Will stay and be there always,
    Just to bring comfort to you.

  • maruellaganelle 6w


    A cold night for a cold soul.
    Alone, not; but, still lonely.
    Chills that travels through the bones;
    Freezes the brain.
    A little, might crack the heart.
    Moths rumbling inside.
    Where does this lead?
    Mouth's dried from being sealed.
    Choking words; A bit drowning.
    When will you come out?
    When will you be true?

  • maruellaganelle 9w


    And at night, things gets worse;
    Touches faded.
    And in the morning, it got even worse;
    Pity comes in.
    And then I weep;
    As I weep, tears were unseen.
    Then the love faded.
    Cuts and bruises came out;
    Clouds felt like bricks;
    Mouth were stitched;
    Words drowned me.
    The sea turned red and sky were gold.
    I swam and stepped on my heart;
    Reached for the sky;
    And I'm still blue.


  • maruellaganelle 75w


    I am broken. Not the heartbroken kind;

    I think I am fucked up. Not my life, but something inside me.

    No, it's not depression, but it's inside my head.

    I am too scared to share it, too scared to be judged.

    It started when I was young. Too young to know this kind of stuff.

    Those words that I'll never forget;

    The way it was whispered in my ear, the way it entered my mind and my heart;

    How it made me feel. Oh god, what should I feel about it?

    Time passes and I still don't know the answer, but right now it feel so good.

    The guilt is there. Actually, I am not even sure if it's guilt or if I am just afraid that I am going to be caught red handed.

    I think the color is Gray.

    Are these just excuses?

    Look at those little chicks being cooked. Should I eat them?

    Oh, boy. They sure do taste good.

    Are you catching up?

    Oh, it's raining. I better get going.

    I still can't breathe.

  • maruellaganelle 80w

    My feelings

    We're all sorry for other people's heartbreaks even though we didn't caused it, but no one's ever sorry for our own heartbreaks that was caused by them.