winds rush by but the memory of you was stuck in my stupid little brain

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  • marshmallow_c 27w

    The high has been lifted, far beyond my reach
    Armageddon rushes back in, at the sight of the slight opportunity
    And with goes along the high the person I was 5 minutes ago then back to the one I was 5 years ago
    A broken child in a grown body
    With whom shall I lay to try and salvage what is left of my youth
    Expectations to go completely insane but never show it
    To never let it peek outside
    To allow it to despoil my subconscious at the devil's hour

  • marshmallow_c 31w

    Frankly a soul connection can practically excite the figurative and literal socks off your feet even if the conversation is about differences in ideologies

  • marshmallow_c 36w

    I fell in love with a memory of a dream I never had
    I fell in love with the way you looked at me, emotions swirling deeper than my own eyes could see
    I fell in love with the warmth of your lips and the trails they left burned with a life time of passion
    I fell in love with the goosebumps your touches left, skin on skin
    I fell in love with the idea of you and your undivided love affection, your beautiful soul
    I fell in love with a man who to me migh never be

  • marshmallow_c 48w

    It takes moments to get drawn to the call of a scenery , beautiful orange clouds lined with upper grey tops and slight blue middles dusted with gold
    all coming together because something is about to end
    something so beautiful is the last for someone while it's the first for another
    It could be the ending of the most fulfilling day for one man while another is encapsulating it with glossy tears to store it as one of his worse hours of wakefulness
    While you, you sit or stand or cartwheel, just caught in the trance of the magnificence of the beauty in front of you hoping to see it again tomorrow
    Then it all ends

  • marshmallow_c 60w

    winds rush by but the memory of you was stuck in my stupid little head

  • marshmallow_c 60w

    Breath, that's it just breath it will all be fine learn to appreciate the small things in life
    Learn to accept the person you are inside
    Good or bad just breath

  • marshmallow_c 70w

    It wasn't you, it was me, the different shades of green and everything in-between
    I found your eyes in the clear blue sky
    I felt your warmth through the sun rays as they cuddle this fragile frame
    I put those fluttering bugs in my stomach
    I was the one who gave myself chills everytime you uttered words from those perfectly kissable lips
    It was me who gave myself tingles when your skin touched mine and more over I broke my own heart
    These are all just the side effects of being me

  • marshmallow_c 71w

    A million bright clouds in the sky yet the few gloomy ones stood out like a singlet in the midst of pairs
    It wasn't bad but it was different but not many can perceive it as such
    Change is bad, being different is bad, speaking out is bad, self awareness is bad, being confident in your God given skin is bad,
    At least that's what society has breastfed us to believe. it's rooted so far in us that we ourselves haven't noticed it exists
    And that's a scary realisation

  • marshmallow_c 84w

    Mother I have a black dog again but that's besides the point
    I just wanted to ask where's my happy enging?

  • marshmallow_c 85w

    I want you

    I don't need you darling
    I have the sun to brighten my days
    I have the moon to illuminate my glowing skin
    I have the stars to keep me me dreaming
    And I have myself, oh my dear I have me, myself and I and as long as I have this soul in this body I'll keep pushing myself without you in the picture
    I don't NEED you