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  • marlven 4d

    Bring Spring of your life just by changing your thinking....��������

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    Don't listen anyone about things which add value to yourself and which you think is reason for your growth....

    If anything is bad but making journey for your growth then it is good...

    Ask yourself about it...

    Addiction of bad things sometimes may open up ways towards good things and sometimes Addiction of good things may put you in situation where you get nothing...

    All depends upon ownself and thinking....

  • marlven 5d

    Continuous unwanted thoughts spoil mood....
    It's like tsunami attack of thoughts over mind, which destroys everything in mind as well as change feelings because of thoughts...
    Can't feel good when this happens...
    At this time your favorite music and Voice of your favorite singer can heal...

  • marlven 1w


    Parents,Peace, love, family...

  • marlven 2w

    Your uninterested face, bored tip of your toes, please look at me now...
    Put down your phone, don't even think of turning your head, let me know your type..
    You can pick and choose me,
    Cover your eyes with my hand, get closer to secret,
    I will take you to whole new world..
    Open your closed eyes now...
    Mix the colors in pallate, pick your filter, which me do you want,
    I am your filter that will change your world, overlay me on your heart...

    - Filter by Jimin

    A beautiful lyrics for dedicating it to loved ones who are passing through colorless life...It is about making another's life colorful by being filter of their life according to their choice....saying them to choose color which we will be for their life and making their life colorful ❤ A brand new filter for their whole new colorful life...��

    Happy Jimin Day all Armies....����
    Happy Birthday Park Jimin...❤❤
    Wishing him a very beautiful life....
    Actually he is filter for all armies whole over world....����
    He make all armies life colorful and thrilled...
    He is luckiest having love from all over world, and we are lucky having love from him...
    He is our Cutie, Sexy and lovely Chim Chim...Mochi...Jiminaa...����


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  • marlven 2w

    Some relations literally become breathe...
    You can breath peacefully till everything is fine there, otherwise you start suffocating if there is something misunderstanding or anything else...

    Level of connection has its own level...

  • marlven 3w


    Not reaching where want to
    Anger playing its role
    Loosing temper
    Unwanted happenings
    Leads to frustration
    And main thing is you can't find place to spit it out...

  • marlven 3w

    Random, weird and negative dreams whole night spoil a whole day!!

  • marlven 3w

    Posy in pot as bauble,
    Spreading ambrosial fragrance,
    Guest for 24 hours,
    Sprinkled at morn with water,
    Giggling thinking of spending coming up time,
    Midday becoming dusty,
    Still not leaving nature and spreading sweet smell,
    A way towards withering at twilight,
    Gossip going on,
    A thought of tomorrow,
    Turning everything grey,
    Hours of darkness bringing permanent darkness,
    Thrown out next day in garbage,
    Soul Left body,
    Merged with dust,
    Thrown out at unknown place,
    With dejected feelings...

  • marlven 4w

    When you are tired from whole day and you call at your home and bless your ears with your parents voice is like ❤❤❤❤

  • marlven 4w

    Self talk at midnight with happy feelings is peaceful