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  • marisolsanchez86 151w


    Their people that there meant to me be in your heart but not in your life...

  • marisolsanchez86 200w

    Stay true no fakes!!?

    I love true people that all I pray for but if your fake na can’t deal with you!?its like waiting my time.The truth is that true is the best thing ever in your life na. Si aser posetivo y Buena persona?. Ser sincero!!??

  • marisolsanchez86 201w

    Behind a soul

    Their always a say of quietness when you have feeling for someone when you see that person sometimes it’s hard to express your self so you rather not say how you feel about them.

  • marisolsanchez86 202w


    We wonder of our lifes and think about how are things gonna get better,how am i gonna be happy with,how am i gonna be better,what does the future hold we all think those things you even wonder well i be ok tomorrow well i ever trust good people thier is but hard to find now the question is ?? God just help me every day. I bean broken but i get up easly what motivates me is my god my family and me that all i know for now ill just wounder more what the future hold for me. Cant wait to see my mysterious future will be.❤❤

  • marisolsanchez86 202w

    You said you loved me

    You promise me the words i wanted to hear now your gone here i am thinking what happen i still wait for you.

  • marisolsanchez86 202w

    Where ever you are

    Ill be here waiting for you so we can be back to gethier that is our destination is to be back to together.