Shamanic healer/poet/blogger/author Woman with a mission,"Triumphing over Trauma"

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  • mariateresa 8h

    Words have such power. Mindfulness+compassion =more love flooding our world. Please share ❤

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    Say it with love

    Words fall out our mouths constantly
    Please share love more consistently
    For love is the best and most important of words there is

  • mariateresa 1d

    After a lifetime of trauma, today I had another major breakthrough along this healing journey. I've been physically returned to my body, grounded and released from blockages, stagnant energy that my body was holding in my bones. Trauma will stay stored in the body until the inner work allows it to be released. Today, while working with an intuitive therapist, my body finally let go. This is a much needed step forward that I've been waiting for for ten years. The peace I feel inside is incredible. Full circle moment of understanding why I put myself in certain situations in the past and feeling proud of myself for all the hard work it took to get here. Healing from our human condition stretches out over our entire lifetime. Happy to be arriving upon a deeper peace inside, so much love and abundance of joy! Here's to continuing to keep my head high while "Triumphing over Trauma".

    #healingjourney #soulhealing #energywork #soulwriter #innerwork #self-acceptance #self-love #traumahealing #intuitive #intuitivehealer #cptsd #triumphingovertrauma #healing #feelingishealing #writerslife #writingcommunity #writersnetwork

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    Upon Arrival

    Opening my eyes as if for the first time
    Arriving here from a place far beyond into a brand new town
    A vast city of wonder with a beating heart that's true
    I'm here and finally detached from you
    Love was something that I chased
    Discovering that nothing but my own could ever fill the space
    Love within me grows like wildflowers
    Collected from meadows, blooming scented Divine essence and power
    Grounded in with gratefulness and grace
    No longer is love something that I desire to chase
    Opening the door, no longer in fear
    Attracting what's meant for me to be planted gathers near
    Balance of giving processed by allowing myself to receive
    Worthiness of spirit is the truth I finally believe


  • mariateresa 4d

    Believe in the mystery of life as it unfolds, miracles happen everyday. Attunement to Peace, love and joy show me the way.

    #soulhealing #hope #faith #peace #love #joy #writerslife #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #feelingishealing #believeinmiracles #lightworker #energyhealer #loveasone #weareone

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    Peace , love and joy

    Intentional life dictated by three feelings I hold most dear
    Peace to hear the voice within
    Listening to its hypnotic hymn
    Gives me joy in seeing the world so bright
    All of creation sings to its Light
    Opening my heart and leaning in
    To feel the deepness of love that vibrations bring
    Cyclical nature of life continously echos a resounding rhythm
    Reverence of soul teaches me how to begin
    Shadow illusions of loniless haunt me in stillness
    Yet all I can feel is the resounding brilliance
    Peace, love and joy can never die
    Awakening again and again to the truth inside
    Endings only lead to more fruitful beginnings
    Heart embraces a perspective that allows for emotional living
    Shining of strength and intuitively guided
    Learning lessons laced by peace, love and joy
    Seeing miracles unfold and the power of their magic as it unfolds

  • mariateresa 1w

    Fear as been used to weaponize us against one another. Love is the only truth. I ask you my friends to see through the illusion of separation and understand that to really be free, we must 1st claim our own individual power. We do that by healing ourselves. Basking in the present moment that is our gift. Connection is the key.

    #healingjourney #feelingishealing #soulhealing #soulwriter #souljourney #connectioniskey #loveistheanswer #allweneedislove #loveyourself #peace #higherconciousness #divinelight #shineloveandlight #loveandlight #truth #bethelight #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #writerslife #mirakee

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    Light be the key

    The star of my heart filters the art
    Mapping messages of emotional responses.....
    Hum temporarily as they rattle, push together and start
    Feelings of others pain and sadness
    Knowing inside that we will all go through periods of madness
    Harbor of hope grows wide enough offering love as a buoy
    Heaven on Earth is available for all not merely a few
    No rules, no control, no debts to pay
    Beacon of light lines the path and shows us the way
    We all carry this light in one way or another
    No masks required for casting aside judgements is the order
    Allow the rhythmic heartbeat of love to guide you over their imaginary border
    Separation is an illusion created by the ones who claim power
    When all along the directive is set from soul's contract for each to master
    Rise brothers and sisters, answer the call, that's begun to knock and keeps growing ever louder
    We each hold a piece, the key to peace and harmony
    Listen closely, as it bubbles up to the surface from within
    Turn away from distractions and see through with clear eyes
    Love is the only truth we need to follow and abide

  • mariateresa 1w

    We teach others how to treat us by how we treat ourselves. Be your own hero, best friend and love the crap out of yourself my friends!!

    #loveyourself #respectyourself #healingjourney #expressyourself #writingcommunity #writerslife #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Power from within

    Revealing glimpses and sultry stares
    Soul self's alluring presence demands flare
    Commanding attention from years left sheltered
    Unleashing the pressure of her will breeds tantalizing and alluring dominance
    Unwrapping this present with tender care and discernment
    No longer left deserted, now firmly planted and set to grow
    Perched upon high she marries to the sky from her window
    Limitless flight of fancy as dreams float by
    Rainbow bursts cue iridescent clouds to roll in
    Curtain rises, as the defining and splendid moment is set to begin
    Bowing in gratitude for all she has endured on her ride
    Mounted and ready, for the adventures that await on the horizon
    Complete in her understanding and committed to be
    All she's ever wanted has been awaiting intuition to seed
    Inside holds all the power she'll ever need
    Darkness blinks as Light illuminates her eyes
    Coming forwards, she takes one calculated and measured step
    Her wink dares anyone to just try her this time


  • mariateresa 1w

    You must walk this path alone for now. In my heart, you will always be. The greatest of love's bond we share. Remember your way back home dear one. I'll be waiting. Forever.

    #soulmates #love #lovepoems #mysoul #bestfriendlovers #soul
    #truelove #relationships #heartandsoul #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Following through,listen to your heart

    Saying good bye to you feels like a death
    Changes that need to occur wouldn't until I release this last breath
    Holding onto hope, I tried to force you to grow
    Not willing to see that you decided long ago
    Gave up your will to someone unseen and with it, the ability to dream
    That's what you admired most in me, through me you still had steam
    With no wind left in your sails, you must decide for good
    Are you willing to merely exist where life is gray or
    Do you want to change your circumstances and try for all that you could
    Become the man I know you are
    Underneath it all, digging into all your scars
    A heart of pure gold beats there
    Just waiting to tell the greatest story yet to be told
    Unleash your demons and dare to take a chance
    Follow your heart, my love, and join me in this dance
    Together we can finally live, free and be
    Embodying life's most captivating of mysteries
    How two lovers have all along remained the best of friends


  • mariateresa 1w

    Be the flame

    Shining brightly through the shadows
    Walking with a purpose in a forward motion holding intentions close
    Embodying soul essence and heartfelt gifts
    Smoldering desire to create a life we are all deserving to live
    Dancing around pieces of myself that once hid in fear laying dormant
    Life force awakens,wiping amnesia claimed eyes, remembering the fire that burns with love deep inside

    Be the flame, blaze your trail
    Allow whatever stirs your heart, refusal to fail
    Get up and keep going, we all stumble at times
    Learn from each misstep and bump, bruises heal and are a part of your climb
    See the beauty that you are and share it with others
    Be the flame, lighting up every space and shining from the inside out!

  • mariateresa 2w

    Be who you are, accepting all that you hold inside. We all have "the good, the bad and the ugly" pieces. Show them off, dancing within a each aspect is truly living. Don't follow or copy, mindlessly believing what the masses say. Find your own purpose and be free. That's all I have to say. Imagine. Just for today. Challenge the "norm" and think outside the box.

    #different #beanoriginal #beyou #creativeexpression #soulexpression #shineyourlight #integration #liveoutloud #writerslife #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Accepting the shadows while embracing the Light

    For someone like me who's intensity runs in one mode
    Balancing life requires a more mindfulness ode
    Instead of operating in one polarity or the other
    Multidimensional feeling expressed through soul breaks the veil of delusional cover
    I am more than a human doing, not living merely to work
    Quirky and eccentric, I dance around judgements of others not yet awakened by heart's beat fancy footwork
    Following one's path requires a strength and courage not many are willing to master
    Being all of me, accepting the shadows while embracing the Light
    Willing to fail and keep trying
    Sometimes created life changes some would call disasters
    Shifting perspective is how I choose to see
    Understanding it all serves to teach
    Continuously daring to be me
    Proving to myself that my soul reaches a higher alignment after triumphing each rift
    This life is a gift
    Live it by heart
    Internalized rhythm plays intuitively within each of us Becoming who we are is our own special art

  • mariateresa 2w

    Hush of silence

    Stillness and quiet used to stir unsettled feelings inside
    Forcing me to run for cover and hide
    Within chaos, drama and the need to fix others
    Now I welcome the calmness and soothing vibes as they buffer
    Held in faith, I trust the peace, no desire to change or fuss
    Like a flower blooms, it's petals unfurling towards the Sun
    Reaching a depth within my soul, beautiful silence, embracing the oneness
    Grateful for the moments I spend grounded in this place
    No longer afraid, turning fear into love's forever giving grace
    Perspective shifted, a knowing smile replaces frustration
    Returning refreshed, reborn and ready to take on the world

  • mariateresa 3w

    Life teaches me lessons through the people I meet and have relationships with. Trusting in my instincts and intuition is an ongoing message I'm so grateful to align with and heal from.

    #intuition #relationships #lifelessons #soulhealing #intuition #divineguidance #spiritualjourney #selfawareness #selflove #trust #faith #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee #writerslife

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    Just be

    Caught up in the hustle, attempting to adhere to their rules
    Following the leader was never in my nature
    I broke free from those blues
    Silently I dream about their happily ever after
    God knows I've tried yet it's another existence I yearn to master
    The one where I believe in magic and stories
    Telling me I'm whole on my own, not in need of another for glory
    Breaking away from the desire to have anyone else but me fill my cup
    Understanding the disruption was in order to see this truth for myself