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  • mariaaspiros 60w

    My Eternal Battle

    Another day passed turns into night
    Bottling up the emotions inside
    Waiting for the morning light
    Feeling dead but still alive outside

    Countless battles won can't be denied
    I maybe broke but I still have my pride
    With a burning happiness am satisfied
    Leaving the sunshine behind

    Tired and terrified to decide
    Whether to run or hide
    The emptiness that is disguise
    That took my breath but I survived


  • mariaaspiros 65w


    One peculiar looked caught me in-between
    Dazzled by your beaming eyes I ever seen
    You gazed at me and begin to smile
    No sigh of distress after a while

    No more upset mornings
    You were my evenings
    I know that you make your effort
    Well maybe not forever

    In the end you gotta wonder if it is even worth
    Cause she's been thru hell here on earth
    Where the sun do not shine
    And now you are her sunshine


  • mariaaspiros 71w

    Her named is Pilar

    She got a long black hair
    A skin that matches fair
    Have the prettiest smile
    That last for a little, little while
    Her eyes were tantalizing
    That is so appetizing

    A voice that is soft and gentle
    That takes her to another level
    A charming face that can't defy
    I could never deny
    Dressed with a class
    And no one will dare to give a sass

    She have a heart of gold
    That is brave and bold
    Hands that are squishy
    But not fishy
    She thinks like a man
    That not everyone can


  • mariaaspiros 71w


    I am Aspi they so called "THE CLASSIC"
    I wonder what would it be like if I were not
    I hear people grumbling at me
    I see myself beyond what they see
    I want to be special
    I am Aspi the only one

    I pretend I am a great pretender
    I feel am surrounded by angels
    I touched the starry nights
    I worry about my loved ones
    I cry over friends
    I am Aspi "THE PRIMA"

    I understand no one understand me
    I say what I mean and mean what I say
    I dream to be someone else
    I try to control my wrath
    I hope for the best in everything
    I am Aspi "THE GANGSTER"


  • mariaaspiros 72w

    Confessions Of A Whacko

    So many voices in my brain
    Here, there and everywhere
    Oh girl, this is insane
    I would assume am in despair
    And nobody really care

    Thoughts are screaming
    Lips are silent, heart's leaden
    While rain is weeping
    Anticipating the anguish is lessen
    I have experience in this agonized depression

    All I ever wanted is a compassion
    Go for miles away with me
    Without single hesitation
    Please don't let me fall free
    But if I be, just let it be


  • mariaaspiros 72w

    Bleeding Scars

    One fine Monday afternoon
    Rushing to bathroom
    Never leave a moment to soon
    Scars open and starts to bleed
    A new heart is what I need

    Took some blood and tears
    From a curst of cold war
    Fighting for years
    I do not have to go far
    To know where you are

    It will be marked as tattooed
    Like a visible ink on a paper
    You think I will chase you dude
    Even after twenty years later
    That gave me airs


  • mariaaspiros 72w

    A Idiosyncratic Bond

    It isn't the red ribbon that binds us together
    Nor not the mighty bond super glue either
    The connection we had unifies us one
    That none can describe us we are done
    This bond knows no genetic it just began

    Entangled souls that destined to meet
    Only then that was based on self-conceit
    Concealed thoughts caused me bosom tear
    The only friend I hold dear
    You know I will not deny

    A nourishing friendship is like a weed
    No matter the season and time of the day
    But one day it will be freed
    When the bond is no longer in need
    Such are the feelings of a friendship


  • mariaaspiros 72w

    Bittersweet Goodbye

    Knocked once, you pressed me twice
    A cold-hearted person with a dice
    Sweet girl that is in love with a price
    Cut me through with just one slice
    Since you were so nice

    Listened to their advice
    Sacrificed won't suffice
    Acting as cold as ice
    Am over the edge of paradise
    Fooling myself with all the lies

    All she believes are her eyes
    That only sees the darkest skies
    Didn't notice the angel in disguise
    The great door open flies
    Just like the love defies

    When the memory dies
    Still the writer cries
    And softly sighs
    In distance will arise.
    Just barely staying alive


  • mariaaspiros 72w


    Night and day I feel trouble
    In a sigh came in double
    I ran into my bed
    Racing thoughts in my head
    Trying to keep calm instead

    You did asked me how I feel
    And if my love is real
    So hence you appeal
    That the broken me
    Is made of stainless steel

    People say that life is just a wheel
    And take things slow and let it heal
    A part of me wants to believed
    That everything can be deceived
    Because am young and so naive


  • mariaaspiros 72w

    Monster In Your Eyes

    As she grows up faster
    Did not wish to be stronger
    She fear inside the monster
    That brings terrible disaster
    Hoping someone stops her

    Needing the help of a doctor
    Who played like an actor
    Mastered the game soccer
    Expected to act proper
    Just like a behave daughter

    Followed by a stalker
    Trying to hide in a locker
    Hang on you are a goner
    That is all that matter
    Nothing to be seen but water