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  • mansii27 12w

    Do what makes you feel better
    The world doesn't know how to do that

  • mansii27 37w

    Be her peace ,
    she is already struggling from allot .

  • mansii27 38w

    Mai duniya se saath ki ummeed nahi karti ...

    piche mud kar dekhu kabhi raah bhatak jaane par to tu dikh jaega bas itni bharosa h...

  • mansii27 39w

    he said that he can die for me ,
    ( he doesn't even cry for me)

  • mansii27 39w

    By unknown writer

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    They'll try to break you ,
    build yourself stronger .

  • mansii27 40w

    Lust wants many
    Love needs just one .

  • mansii27 40w

    << At some point you wander so far from the path that its easier to make a new one than try to find your way back >>

  • mansii27 41w

    Everyone told me not to trust you , but i did .
    And that's the worst decision i took in my life

  • mansii27 42w

    One day you will wake up and realize that you deserve to be happy again , No matter whatever happened .