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  • manshigupta 24w

    Short Tale

    Flipping pages, skipping chapters, re-reading old stuff, imagining a better ending and yet my life is a mess. Down the memory lane fought and taught, drowning in the same water over ages and still not shocked, I felt my depletion, I've known my pain. A little here, a little there I'll live or call it survive. I'm doing it today, I might do it tomorrow as well. Just know I won't be doing it further once I've heartaches. I choose me over you and yes...if you ever ask me "do you still love me?" I know it's never again.

  • manshigupta 27w

    To My Love

    My beautiful myth that came to life. The perfection you are I pray lord always be your side. The way you smile the wonders you's your beauty don't know how do people neglect.
    You're breathtaking, you're powerful, you're precious, you're one of a kind and you are worth every time.

  • manshigupta 30w


    I see rainbow in your eyes
    The way you hide behind
    Those tears, hazing away
    I see you smile
    Things have been cruel
    I know what's on your mind.
    It did matter to you
    What you left behind
    I'm searching for the paths
    That can bring you joy
    No regrets, no more cries
    I've missed you
    To create those memories that's gonna be yours and mine
    I'm stuck in a phase I can't deprive
    Have trust in me
    Cause you're my sunshine.

  • manshigupta 33w


    Yes ofcourse
    I'll remember you forever
    Even if things ain't the same
    Even when the stars might break
    I'll call upon them
    and ask them to keep you safe
    Happy and bright
    Beautiful that God created by his might
    And eyes that sparkle
    The dark that soothes you
    away into your pine

  • manshigupta 39w

    You promised me the stars you could never fetch.

  • manshigupta 42w


    Be like the moon
    Incomplete but serene
    The sun being complete
    Yet has abhorrence.

    Be like the trees
    Upright yet humble
    Those attractive flowers
    Die being fragile.

    Be just like the roots
    Holding strong to it's lover.

  • manshigupta 48w


    एक और दिन खत्म
    एक और हसीन शाम बाकि है
    लबों पे तेरा इश्क लिए और एक जाम बाकि है
    तेरी आँखों से जो तुने कहाँ वो काम बाकि है
    तेरा इश्क अपने दिल में लिए अभी एक जाम और बाकि है
    यूँही तुझे देखतीं रहूँ मुझमें तेरा नाम बाकि है
    तेरी मुस्कुराहट देख लूँ ,अभी वो इनाम बाकि है
    तु जो देख ले मुडकर एक बार,
    उसके तलब की एक जाम बाकि है
    तेरे आवाज़ की सरगम सुन, मुझमें जान अब भी बाकि है
    तेरे इंतज़ार की घड़ियाँ खत्म तो नहीं ?
    अभी ये शाम और एक जाम बाकि है।

  • manshigupta 49w


    I dare not speak a word
    Of my feelings I preserve,
    Throughout my life I've been cursed
    To be loved is all I thirst,
    Stayed and cared for all
    But each time I needed someone
    I found myself alone.
    To be in someone's heart I know not what it feels,
    I want to be your shadow with my free spirit I believe.
    Time passes I'm yet to myself,
    Through snow, through thunder, through toughest times... I'll perceive.

  • manshigupta 53w


    People talk about true love, breakups
    But have you ever fallen in love with a story character?
    Have you ever cried over your favorite characters death?
    I have always fallen in love with others
    But with a story character I can say I am in love without falling.

  • manshigupta 57w


    Our life is just like the seasons
    It changes as we grow
    From Summers in our childhood
    To Spring while we bloom
    Into teenage we groom
    We then have the Autumn of our old age
    And lastly just like the Winters
    Our body is cold.