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  • manshigupta 4w

    We don't need to fit into clothes,
    Clothes can fit us .
    We don't need to fit into society,
    Society can make space for us.

  • manshigupta 4w


    The happiness that came with him,
    became a part of me.
    And now that he's gone,
    He took me away from me.

    He says we are on different chapters of life
    What could he mean?
    Was it so easy to move on?
    Cause I'm still stuck on the chapter of my life that includes him.

    "We are not meant to be together"he said
    Then what were we?
    He is no more mine
    And I? I can't find me.

    I tried to move on,
    Worked hard to concentrate on me.
    I need him,
    He said there was a time when he needed me.

    What now then?
    Did he find someone?
    Will she love him like I did?
    Is our story really over?
    Then ask him to return my love to me.

  • manshigupta 5w

    Micro tale

    Why do you love him?
    Because he's my escape and I find peace in him.

  • manshigupta 6w


    अगर मैं कहूँ तुम काफी हो
    क्या मुझे इश्क करने की इजाज़त दोगे?
    अगर मैं कहूँ अधुरी हूँ
    क्या मुझे अपने नाम से पुरा करोगे?
    कह दूँ की रातें लम्बी है ,डर है किसी के होने का
    क्या बाहों में भर कर सुला लोगे मुझे?
    या कह दूँ कभी मुझे नफ़रत है खुद से
    तुम्हें पाने की चाहत में मन मुक्त हूँ
    क्या सम्भाल लोगे मुझे?
    कह दूँ कभी मुझे इजाज़त नहीं, तुम्हें प्यार कर सकूं,
    कद्र है तुम्हारे इश्क की मगर डर है की मुकम्मल ना कर सकूं,
    क्या मेरा हाथ अपने हाथों में लेकर,
    इश्क की इजाज़त तब भी दोगे?
    कब तक रुकी रहूँ तुम्हारे इंतजार में?
    कुछ तो कहों
    डर है कहीं खो ना दूँ खुदको,
    तुम्हें पाने की चाहत में।

  • manshigupta 6w

    A Part Of Me

    No, I can't let go of my past they were a part of me too.
    Those times, yes, they were depressing, it did give me permanent bruises. It did take away a lot from me but the end of the day they were a part of me. A portion of me that's a chapter to my life.
    You might think why not let it go... cause they caught me what none could, the books I read had a happily ever after but the cruel conspiracy was always hidden.
    I wouldn't be here, still trying to deal with life,
    Solving my problems, crying over unrealistic expectations that I can't deal with.
    A part of me was there in the past. I couldn't and would never wanna forget.
    I might not talk about it anymore yet they were and will be a part of me forever cause they were something I dealt with.

  • manshigupta 7w


    I was thinking of a parallel universe where there were only girls. Where night outs were common for us. Our dresses would not be coded, where we were not judged. But the realistic world scares me and men I fear were our curse.


  • manshigupta 14w

    Would you still choose me
    If I started behaving like you?

  • manshigupta 17w


    Our love story might not be the most beautiful, fairytale one.
    I'll be more than happy to share a "Pride and Prejudice" love story with you.
    The love stories that start with war and end in love, leaving me expecting now might be the time and turns out the intimacy and heat of the moment was enough for those butterflies. At times even the look in someone's eyes for you is enough for you to love them head over heels. Look at me as if I'm your entire world and you have my heart.
    The fairytales ain't real but the reality is ofcourse beautiful and supreme.

  • manshigupta 17w

    Short Tale

    Flipping pages, skipping chapters, re-reading old stuff, imagining a better ending and yet my life is a mess. Down the memory lane fought and taught, drowning in the same water over ages and still not shocked, I felt my depletion, I've known my pain. A little here, a little there I'll live or call it survive. I'm doing it today, I might do it tomorrow as well. Just know I won't be doing it further once I've heartaches. I choose me over you and yes...if you ever ask me "do you still love me?" I know it's never again.

  • manshigupta 19w

    To My Love

    My beautiful myth that came to life. The perfection you are I pray lord always be your side. The way you smile the wonders you's your beauty don't know how do people neglect.
    You're breathtaking, you're powerful, you're precious, you're one of a kind and you are worth every time.