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  • mansha_gupta17 231w

    Love is possessive
    Love is permissive
    Love is anger
    Love is patience
    Love is growing old together
    Love is being childish together
    Love is supporting each other
    Love is correcting each other
    Love is agreeing
    Love is arguing
    Love is staying
    Love is waiting
    Love is kind
    Love is cruel
    Love is complex
    Love is simple
    Love is emotion
    Love is devotion
    Love is peace
    Love is agitation
    Love is pride
    Love is life
    Love is everything
    And yet Love is nothing

  • mansha_gupta17 236w

    I cry at nights
    But I smile in lights.
    I live life to the most
    But I die from inside
    a little more.

  • mansha_gupta17 237w

    Baby I'm going to love you
    For so long that
    You'll want to run away
    But you won't find any ways.

    You'll want to hide
    But you will find me every time.

    You'll want to escape
    But you won't find any doors.

    Cause baby, I promised to
    Never let you go.

  • mansha_gupta17 239w


    I am grateful for I have loved and have been loved.
    I am grateful for all the fun times.
    I am grateful for all the wonderful people around.
    I am grateful for the sad times for they make me realise the importance of it all.

    Be grateful. Because regretting the sad won't take you anywhere.

  • mansha_gupta17 242w

    Seems like the whole of universe wants me.
    But all I have ever wanted is you.

  • mansha_gupta17 245w

    I tried to hide
    And I tried to run away.
    I tried to live in the light
    And I tried to keep the darkness away.
    But little did I know
    Darkness isn't where I reside
    Darkness is what's inside.

  • mansha_gupta17 246w

    A Fairytale

    Not always will you find a fairytale.
    But you can always make one.

  • mansha_gupta17 246w

    Sometimes you don’t see it but it’s there. 
    Sometimes you feel it but it’s not there.
    Sometimes you need it but you don’t have it.
    Sometimes you have it but you don’t want it.

    Sometimes it makes you happy.
    Sometimes it makes you cry.
    Sometimes you live only for it.
    And sometimes you die.

    Love.. A feeling like nothing else. 

  • mansha_gupta17 246w


    “Why can’t we just shut our mouths
    And keep our thoughts to our selves?
    Why is it so easy to judge others
    And so hard to keep track of our own selves?”

    “Why is it so hard to ignore others
    And focus on our path?
    Let’s not listen to any body else
    But only our heart.”

  • mansha_gupta17 247w

    Sometimes you are not looking
    In any direction.
    But someone crosses your path
    And you suddenly feel a connection.
    You stop yourself from building
    A bond too strong.
    Because you know, good things
    Never stay for long.
    Things fall in place
    And everything seems fine.
    You believe in more things
    And always carry a smile.
    How long do you think
    This would stay?
    Months or years
    Or eternity, you say?
    Somethings never change 
    But somethings do.
    So, your little forever
    Comes to an end too.