Expressing through words.

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  • manisha_bhatia 5h

    You don't have to prove yourself correct all the time.
    Sometime its okay to not react.

  • manisha_bhatia 10h


    You are very sweet from your heart, not that from outside. You don't hurt people. You care for your people. Though you are annoying. You are smart. You are dominant and even bossy. You are a way too sensitive. You are the one who doesn't end up things so easily. You are hardworking. You keep things inside you. You and your lines. You are like a coconut. You care about me. You love your sleep. You don't express much. You are great singer. You love planning your day. You have an ego. You have a good humour. You make people enjoy your company. You are man with values. You are kind. You are kid too sometimes. You are a gentleman.

  • manisha_bhatia 2w

    Coffee is a hug to my brain.
    Can we talk after coffee?


  • manisha_bhatia 21w

    Kitni barkat hai tumhare ishq mei!
    Jab se hua hai
    sirf badhta hi ja rha hai.

  • manisha_bhatia 23w

    Life would have been better
    if i choose myself
    before choosing you.

  • manisha_bhatia 23w

    I don't regret you
    but i wish
    i had walked away at the start
    and left things at hey.

  • manisha_bhatia 25w

    Sometimes even we fall short of words
    to express our emotions,
    And believe me,
    they say a lot more than
    what actual words could have ever said.

  • manisha_bhatia 25w

    Do you all agree?

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    Life is all about dealing
    with beautiful problems
    with beautiful solutions.

  • manisha_bhatia 26w

    You are my new favourite feeling❤️

  • manisha_bhatia 27w

    When someone shares something with you,
    don't let that spread
    cause that person believes you,
    not everyone out there.
    Be happy that he chose you over everyone.
    So don't let them regret over their decision of preferring you over everyone.
    Just listen and keep it safe with you.