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  • manasvibajpai 159w

    I am crying inside out
    The eyes are teary
    Vocal yearns to scream out loud
    may be to drift off all the agony at once
    Snapped heart is bleeding
    The body feels void as if it wants to give up
    I have loved vampires
    Friendzoned stabbers
    For i have seen devils in priest
    Noone to reach
    Noone to teach
    I am all fucked up and done
    As well !

  • manasvibajpai 168w

    Tell them u still hold same feelings within
    Tell them every night it's just u with past
    Tell them u embrace everything about
    wht it used to be
    And above all
    Tell them love has never changed nor it will
    If this time
    They have their better version
    They jst won't pretend to care
    They have acknowledged their blunder
    If u think they Don't
    Then don't
    I beg !

  • manasvibajpai 168w

    Yes i am an introvert with an extrovert nature .
    Wherever i go i take constant smirk , wierd laughs and the tag of i am ok with me but precisely i ain't . Every day i have welter of emotions running over my head. These overwroughts are killing me inside out. I find solace in solitude . Indeed we are good friends . Their i remove my armour(of happiness) and sit with my scars , agony and overwroughts and in this overwhelming chaos of mine hope is the only thing that keeps me alive . I promise to my own damn self that i m gonna take every single lesson this phase is tryna give me and heck ! Yes i will be happy .

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    Dive deep into me , u will find me helpless

  • manasvibajpai 178w

    Oh jesus
    Why i am suffering
    I am tired of pursuing
    And I tried
    I literally did
    But i am Failing
    Beyond healing
    I am losing all hope
    Oh , this torment
    I can't cope
    Please forgive this child
    Restore your faith in mine
    And i promise
    Your child will shine

  • manasvibajpai 184w

    Second chance

    I know you are broken
    I know u have gone through intense pain
    I know u were left all alone
    I know u became an lover with loneliness
    But baby don't run that way
    Don't be so rasping over own self
    Give ur self a chance
    A second chance
    To make urself better
    How life is meant to live
    Live that way
    Don't be so unrelenting
    Know ur worth
    And at last someone will be so effin blessed to have u