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  • manasaa 15w

    16 August 2021.
    (The day a cute human landed on this planet��)

    Hey ya Medha,

    Finally your birthday yayyy❤

    I was honestly thinking what to write for you because we share many tiny cute memories and my mind is incapable of capturing them into words. I decided to go on with the flow :)

    I woke at 5 am today. The sunrise was so beautiful. Sky wore a purple and pink hue as if celebrating your colorful presence.

    I remember, a year back, you were new to mirakee. You started reading me on our mutual friend's recommendation. A very fine day I decided to read you back and woah. Your vocabulary always baffles me. You write so unique. I still remember your version of hare and tortoise fairytale, it was a long post and I loved your completely different perspectives. When I commented the same, it all began, as a headstart to our friendship.

    Those days were funny when we spammed each other. We were happy when one of us posted. I just turned 15 that time but you called me Di. It went for few days as I thought you defintely must be younger because you were(and are) so innocent. But I came to know you were 16 and we had a good laugh��

    It worried me when you suddenly deleted your account without any warning. I missed you. I'm super happy you came back. Never leave this place okay?��

    I totally love your humor sense. Trust me your *lame jokes* as you call it, always make me chucke hehe. You are adorable, cute, funny, innocent to the core. Manu loves you so much, Thank you for everything Medha, thank you for all good things you said to me, thank you for making me feel loved and adored always❤❤

    Happy seventeen, Medha ( YOU ARE SEVENTEEN!!!!)
    Stop annoying Bhavya *winks*

    PS: This was supposed to be a birthday wish, turned out to be something else. Also I was outside due to regional holiday here. Couldn't wish you earlier. I'm sorryyy :(

    @life_versified ��

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    M agic manifests in her sparkling smile
    E legant lexicons embellish her verses
    D affodils dance to her heart's rhythm
    H ue of elixir is blue of her flowing ink
    A dorable is synonym of her persona

  • manasaa 16w

    Happy birthday to mirakee's guardian angel��‍♀️

    Let us cheer for our Carolyn!
    The bold & benevolent leo queen!

    She is so kind and calm
    A lovely and caring mom

    She is the fairy of your fantasy
    Her presence spreads ecstasy

    Her lovenotes and lovely ink
    can make sky blush so pink

    Her words bestow tranquility
    for they manifest peace & equality

    She is mirakee's adorable admin
    who can bring a smile on your chin

    Be a nuisance, she is rightly strict
    Be a friend, she is sweet and wit

    AUGUST 10, 2021

    9: 30 am IST (And 12 am out there! so officially it's your birthday throughout the world������)

    I attempted to write a nursery rhyme which is as sweet as you but failed to do so. But you know very well that I always admire you. I look at you and wonder that how can someone be so talented yet down to the earth, How much patience is required for handling personal struggles as well as dealing with problems in mirakee in such a graceful way. You inspire all of us. You are truly the person who makes mirakee a better and peaceful place. You are a gem.

    We all love you mom. Sending your way loads of love and prayers. I hope this year offers you best of things����❤❤

    Happy birthday again��
    *offers lots of candies and Indian deserts*


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    ♡Mirakee's angel♡

  • manasaa 16w

    AUGUST 09, 2021

    I have been reading you for a year. I must say how much I adore your skills, consistency, efforts and aesthetics of your writings. I can't even believe you ain't a literature student!
    Your words leave a mark just like your favourite red lipstick��

    Happy birthday Bidya di. I hope you have lots of good things happen to you this year. Keep writing and Keep slaying always♡

    Your little munchkin adores you a lot :)❤ Feeling proud to be the first wish for consecutive two birthdays of yours��

    @love_whispererr ��

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    ♡BIDYA DI♡

    She is a magician;
    and metaphors dance
    to her waving wand.

    She is a nightingale;
    chirping mellow muses
    on melancholic nights.

    She is a poetess;
    whose red painted lips
    utter colors of life.

    She is a master artist;
    penning master arts
    with her master artistry.

  • manasaa 16w

    6 AUGUST 2021.

    Let me tell you about a DEVI(ka) born this day ��

    ~She is the yellow hue of rainbow ~
    She is the yellow of fireflies amid darkness of night. She is the yellow sunrise, rising to solace the lonely blue sky. She is the yellow flame of ferocious fire. She is the bold yellow in the face of majestic leo.

    ~Reading her feels like a monsoon sky~
    She rains feelings that tickle your skin and wash away the numbness buried under it. Her words are lightining that strikes hard and illumines your heart. Her thoughts echo like thunderclap in your mind, leaving a lasting impact.

    ~She has sanguine soul and surefire heart~
    She fights storms with swords of hope. She untangles regrets from her hair and braids them with wisdom. She buries her struggles in graveyard and smiles sunflowers.

    ~She is THE sangfroid soul~
    And darling, neither syllables nor sentences nor stanzas can describe sangfroid soul.


    Happy birthdayyyyy Devika di ��

    I admire you very much as a writer and a person. If I talk about you as writer, I can keep talking. Your proses hold creativity, alliterations, acrostics, syllables, sonnets, honesty, fantasies, feelings and they HOLD SANGFROID VIBES. No matter whether the account is sangfroid soul or thunderclap or poeticdiplomacies, your words radiate the same sangfroid aura (and Riya's tangible tunes account also��). YOU are THE SANGFROID SOUL. One and only.

    Thank you for cheering me up when I was low . Guess what, from the day you recommended that mood-lifting video, I became Danny Casale subscriber. Sunsets heal so do you. And I love you acrostic queeeen. Enjoy the day :)

    @thunderclap I wanted sangfroid soul to be here this day but thunderclap is sangfroid soul as well. But imagine a birthday account receiving tons of birthday wishes this day. Cute isn't it :)

    PS : Tbh for past two days I have been trying to write a double acrostic with Devika and yellow or Devika and Belong or Devika and sunset. I just couldn't pull it off. I realise (not newly obviously) the efforts you put in your writings and how highly talented writer you are. One day, someday I will write my first double acrostic and the inspiration is you♡ Adding my old acrostic in BG because a birthday wish for you without acrostic felt incomplete for me��

    Happy 18, Happy adulting ❤

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    Dearest Devika Di,
    D onning wisdom as tiara, you
    E ntwine syllables into sonnets.
    V alour tales, your scars narrate to
    I gnite the gallant flames of souls.
    K indness your heart holds, but no
    A crostic can ever praise you enough.

  • manasaa 16w

    Happy birthday all August borns��❤

    @jerry_21 Happy happy birthday �� @granite_daisy Special invitations for both of you��

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    yet again


    this August too

    Get ready to fill yourself with

    virtual greeting cards
    virtual cakes

    Don't forget to be there.
    Grab your popcorns ( or better birthday gifts )

  • manasaa 21w


    Chaos conquers my mind
    Cacophony rips my cochlea
    Care is what I crave for, but
    Cowardice, they call my depression.

  • manasaa 23w

    Different people watch the same sky, but perceive different sunsets. And these perspectives vary according to circumstances they are in. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong♡

    @say_me_krish I'm sorry, couldn't participate in your challenge but this piece is inspired by your challenge prompt for me. Dedicating to you��

    Thank you everyone who asked me to write. You guys helped me to come out of writersblock��


    @writersnetwork Thank you, your honor❤

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    Feelings and sunsets

    To that heart which pumps love,
    the sun seems to sink in infinity
    of love; as sun kisses horizon
    its cheeks turn blushing red sky.

    To a teen dejected by love, playing
    heartbreak songs in loop, it seems
    the vagabond sun never meets the
    horizon, it gets lost into emptiness.

    The sun treads towards destination
    of unknown distance, still radiates
    bright yellow. A passionate man
    holding hope, smiles at the similarity.

    A person with hollow heart, where
    feelings don't belong, stares at sky.
    sun crossing the horizon is just
    another monotonous phenomena.

    A lonely lad envies at how the
    isolated sun sheds its insecurity
    in the horizon, to be in friendly
    company of constellations at night.

    Sun falls into abyss, loses its shine.
    Takes a pause, only to rise anew
    with fiery rays. A person hit by failure
    admires the motivational sunset.

    A moribund man sighs at the sun.
    Wrapped by blues just like his body,
    Sun too seeks relief. And its escape
    from blue sky, leads to, the end.

    As the sun meets horizon,
    myriad of human hearts become
    spectactors of their own feelings
    showcased in the sky shades.

  • manasaa 27w

    Forgot how to write so posting old deleted post for writersbay's #unfoldc

    Speciality of this post: Orginally penned for writerstolli's challenge on 02.02.2020 which is a palindrome date. The second stanza is exact palindrome of first stanza ( i.e first word of stanza 1 is last word of stanza 2) yet both stanzas should make sense if read separately.

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    Indeed, music is panacea
    Mind reaches utopia
    verses rhyming like
    rhythmically beating heart
    Chords vibrating; fantasies unfolding
    Melody flowing; mayhem ceasing
    Earphone and eardrum
    connected together is bliss.

    Bliss is together connected
    eardrum and earphone
    ceasing mayhem; flowing melody
    unfolding fantasies; vibrating chords
    Heart beating rhythmically
    like rhyming verses
    Utopia reaches mind
    panacea is music, indeed.

  • manasaa 30w


    How ironical we humans are!
    Our eyes can't take in the
    transparent white light of sun.
    We squint our eyes on facing
    the fiery intensity of truth.
    But if the sunlight is dispersed
    by the m(o)ist of atmosphere,
    We gaze wide at the brilliance of
    seven-colored illusion called rainbow.

    How naive we humans are!
    We look up at beautiful illusion &
    look away from powerful truth.
    We admire what is shown to us &
    ignore what actually exists behind.


  • manasaa 31w

    Life is a train, people. The mistake we do is we crave to pull the chain of life when darkness engulfs us. But even at the darkest of times, we need to rely on the firefly called hope��

    Edit: The best decision one can ever make is to choose facing difficulties of life rather than ending it. #decisionmaking
    #wod #lessons #ragec @writersnetwork

    Thank you for EC. First time��

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    I've boarded this train called life.
    Co-passengers travel along.
    Some smile at me, some scorn at me
    and others just look away.
    My train halts at few stations.
    People depart; some permanently & others
    leave behind their luggages of memories.
    People boards; some knew their destiny
    while others don't.

    Hither I sit, waiting for my destination.
    The window is my mind.
    At times,
    I see rays of sun enter & my eyes glint;
    I see lilacs bloom with vibrant tint;
    I see feuillemort fields resemble my fears;
    Roaring rage of hurricane echo in my ears;
    Downpour from clouds & lashes co-exist;
    Blow of icy cold zephyr numb my chest.

    Now my train passes through a suffocating tunnel.
    Fumes of fearsome darkness fill the sight.
    Everywhere around, not a ray of light.
    I can no longer endure this pain.
    I wanted to pull the chain & stop the train.
    But then I espy a firefly of hope fluttering in dark.
    I watch the firefly & let the darkness embrace me.
    Everything which has an entry, has an exit.
    And this tunnel too.
    I will soon feel sunshine, chirping birds
    and scent of primroses.
    Afterall, I boarded this train to reach
    my destination.
    To relish what's awaiting me over there!