the murk of night

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  • malikaaqib 13w


    My dreams are like the tamarack trees,
    Glowing amber with needles of gold.

    Under a hunters moon I wonder with the dryads & they tell me their secrets.

    The mountain slops are vigilant & so I became,
    Anticipating the frost & the diminishing light.

    I roam the land of fairies & spirits,
    Disguised in a splendor of silver wings.

    They flit and dive among the wild forests,
    And make love in the grass.

    Watch how the boughs nod heavy with fruit, the sweet tang melts into my daydreams.

    A quiet place, nestled among the mountain slops,
    Where the birds sing & wilderness thrives.

  • malikaaqib 14w

    Every night i look up to the stars with hope in my eyes that one day our nomadic species will cross these vast cosmic distences & master the inter-stellar & inter-planetary travel & I really wish to be a chapter or even a page in that book of Voyagers. Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known & surely the future generations of our nomadic species will venture through the cosmos & will discover the treasures of knowledge & wisdom.Those future generations who will set the trajectory of human life on the cosmic voyage will be the best of our species, with less of our weaknesses & much of our strengths in them. It is really astonishing how far our nomadic species came & I really wonder how far in this vastness are we destined to venture. Exploration is in our nature. We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still. We have lingered long enough on the shores of the cosmic ocean & Now We are ready at last to set sail for the stars.

  • malikaaqib 81w

    In this vast sea of cosmos we occupy the tiny bit on shore yet Waves from this deep sea of existence come caressing my soul. I have managed to see in the soul shattering darkness of nights, which conceal the deepest secrets of existence..The silence of nights encompassing the whispers of cosmos which if you manage to hear the cosmic truths begin to descend upon you allowing you to probe the mysteries unfamiliar to minds, unknown to mortals.

  • malikaaqib 81w

    True knowledge is never found by seeking yet only seekers find it.

  • malikaaqib 81w

    The more powerful and original a mind, the more it will incline towards the religion of solitude. Solitude gives birth to the original in us, to beauty unfamiliar and perilous - to poetry. 

  • malikaaqib 82w

    Miss you Dadu

    Heaven has received another angel and sky another star.
    I know you can see me from a place that is far.

    I still enter your room thinking you are there,
    Then my tears begin to fall, wetness covering my ear.

    The barrier between us I sometimes want to cross,
    Even if that means everything else will be lost.

    My heart is heavy, I miss you a lot,
    The pain of your absence is ripping me apat.

    This pain I know transcends this wall created by death,
    You must be feeling it too, Even in heaven's breath.

    I write this for you, Dadu, as the tears roll down my face,
    A part of me has died, a part I can't replace.

    They called me to your bedside; it was time for you to fly.
    How could I fit a lifetime into a five minute goodbye?

    I sat and watched you drift away into an eternal sleep,
    The memories they cannot take; they're mine for me to keep.

    I can still recall your every word, many times they've been replayed,
    Your memories so warm, they'll never fade.

    I want you to know it is not yet a goodbye
    We shell meet again the day I will die


  • malikaaqib 83w

    Your soul becomes dyed with the colour of your thoughts. When you start to ponder on this existence thereby feel the bafflement, bewilderment and astonishing truths underlying this amazing dance of existence, the cosmic truths begin to descend upon you...And you begin to see things that no one else does. Human life is about so much more than you know or think...Everything about us is so unique and amazing yet we don't even give a second thought to our existence, we take everything for granted thus chasing things that are really insignificant, given what we really are capable of.

  • malikaaqib 84w

    In this vast sea of existence we only perceive few things...The most of it lies outside the realm of our intellect. As species we think in a box made of Space,Time / Matter and energy, our feeble brains can't comprehend anything outside this box. Outside and deep inside this physical realm that we happen to comprehend lies a reality that governs and shapes the existence as whole. In all of this bewilderment What really amazes me is this sense of being alive in this world, this sense of consciousness, being able to ponder on this existence and appreciate and embrace this bewilderness. We take so many things for granted which are otherwise astonishing and baffling if thought of.

  • malikaaqib 84w

    Life is a gift to every soul, don't make it mesary for people, Let everyone live this blessing as they know it, free from social chains, let everyone embrace this vast astonishing dance of existence in their own ways and you will witness joy and wonders in every soul as life free from social chains always aspires for something grater than the society intended for it.

  • malikaaqib 85w

    Hidden Realms

    In my existence trapped I feel,
    The strange thoughts, I fear to reveal.
    In search of truth I often wonder,
    Going to places where my intellect surrender.
    Lost in mysteries there I feel,
    Often thinking how much is has to reveal.

    Far from known the realms of knowledge,
    Waiting to be explored with little of courage.
    Chasing these realms hidden from sight,
    Keeps me engrossed and engaged all night.

    In the land of solitude when all I see is fog,
    That is when the hidden realms begin to knock.
    Lost in wonder that is how I feel,
    When hidden mysteries of life begin to reveal.
    In the ocean of knowledge one day I shell raise,
    Exploring these mysteries hidden from eyes.
    Then my soul shell breath breath of relief,
    My heart shell cherish and the joy I shell feel.