"Those who get to know our hearts the most, they always seem to be the ones we'll never hold."

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  • magikarp 1w

    Diamond Tears

    The armour I wore was too heavy. I couldn't see clearly, my movement was strained, but I was protected. Then a man came to me and said he had a solution, that he saw my potential, but that I'd have to relinquish my armour to realize it. He also promised by the time I did, I'd have skin stronger than diamond. It took me seven months, but I finally came around and removed that armour. Three years later I'd finally glimpsed my potential and found my skin had indeed become impenetrable; well, from the outside. Unfortunately, my demons attacked from the inside. They taught me how easily razorblades can tear diamond.


  • magikarp 1w

    Good Goodbye

    So I guess I'm leaving soon, but I will never leave you. Here's a picture, my favourite ring, a new one for you, that's a sapphire 'cause, you know, something old, new, borrowed, blue. I'm only sorry I won't be there to see you in that dress and greet you at the end of the aisle. I know we'd waited for this, planned for a very long while. And I'm sorry that I broke my promise. I'm the reason tears are drowning that smile. I hope you'll forgive me, someday, and I wish I had more to say. Unfortunately, the machine says I'm just about done and I have to finish this one. I love you, don't you ever forget. Remember the feel of my heart beating happily alongside yours and I'll never be far away. I'll see you when your time comes, babe. Hold on, stay strong, and never forget . . .


  • magikarp 2w

    If you can't read it clearly, turn up the brightness on your device, sunlight is also likely to interfere, depending on your device. The colouring is a metaphor for the tone of the piece.


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    Castles, Cigarettes, Canaries, and Cosmos

    I sold my soul to touch the rain. To hear it whisper the forgotten sound of your name. It's been so long, still can't believe you're gone. I sold my soul to touch the rain.

    Behind these bars I fade away. The sky is bright and blue, but everything is dark and grey. I try and fail to see the things you saw in me. Behind these bars I fade away.

    Within these thoughts I'm crumbling. The blade caressing my wrist's too comforting. They replaced the path of your fingertips those times I'd grab your hips, pull you close and kiss your lips. Within these thoughts I'm. . .

    Just a sandcastle like the ashes of your cigarettes, crumbling under waves of regrets. A canary in a hurricane, ripped from my mate, lost and maimed. A man on the moon, low on oxygen, a broken rocket ship, no Ground Control, but I'm leaving soon.
    This will be my final, futile, transmission.
    Space Cadet Krystian, call sign: Magikarp,
    Signing off.


  • magikarp 2w

    Counting The Ways

    Behind these eyes my soul is screaming. My chest it moves but this heart's not beating. And you can't hear me when I scream your name. Without you with me it's just not the same. You said "forever" and now you're just gone. You made a promise that you could not keep. Now what's the use in even holding on when you're the only reason that I didn't let go.

    Like crashing cars you wrapped around me. And in your arms I found where I belong.

    I held your cold hand as your lungs stopped breathing. Was always in control but now red's all I'm seeing. Why are you like this God please bring her back. We both know that you owe me a favour. This train I'm on just jumped right off the track. Take me instead or we're both gone anyway.

    Like crashing cars she wrapped around me. And in her arms I found where I belong.

    Locked up my demons and you were the key. Finally free now they're consuming me. Kept holding on long after you let go. Fought for so long but I cannot take it. I'm getting weaker and this time I know there's nothing left to make me better.

    Like crashing cars you wrapped around me. And in your arms I found where I belong. I crashed my car wrapped it around that old tree. I'm coming home baby it won't be long.


  • magikarp 2w

    Words Empty As Mine Own Self

    Every single minute I spend in this life makes me beg for the end all the more. This is a life I no longer have a shred of interest in. There were thoughts of, hopes for, a future, but those have gone down the drain. All I want is to be free of this pain. I used to hold on to the hope of morning, the day I could wake up and finally be in God's rest, free from all this despair ripping into me and razing countless hells throughout my chest, tearing what little good exists free. Lately, I don't much care whether I see God or not. I just want to be far away; anywhere but here. Even if it means I have to rot in a paradise long forgot. So I'll not have to cry another tear, nor face another miserable year in this place so void of anything worth bearing the despair.


  • magikarp 4w

    Subliminal Ethereal Nocturnal Analemma

    Why should we have to rewrite the stars when we have everything we need to make our own right here. I mean, just feel the way fire courses through our veins whenever we're near, watch as the sparks fly from every kiss. Babe, tell me, how often do you find yourself wondering how it could possibly get hotter than this? And our eyes may be dark as night, but I'll be damned if I've ever known anything near as bright as yours when they're gazing so lovingly into mine. This thing that we found could not possibly be anything less than divine design. Anyway, I knew I would never love or trust again, and I really just wanted to thank you for proving me wrong.
    I love you.


  • magikarp 4w

    Start of Something Good

    Everything inside is burning with more intensity than the sun, there's a pressure weighing on me greater than the cores of one thousand neutron stars. What am I to do, where am I to go, how am I to live, who I'm supposed to be, I just do not know. Anymore, I cannot take, on the floor, lying, about to break. I'm fine, just out of time. Words are mixed, fissures can't be fixed. God, what a bitter twist of lime in this sweet toxicity overflowing from my soul, filling all the space between what I am and could be if I could someday learn to see with my eyes instead of my tainted heart, painted black like some piece of egregious,, macabre art. This is all that remains. Don't expect or reach for something more, lest you end up, as I, with little more than nothing more.


  • magikarp 5w

    Spent three days writing a poem that got deleted. I imagine it must have been some error on my part. Either way, I'm done. That poem, it was going to be the best thing I've ever written. Now it's gone, and so am I with it. I'll be off Mira for a while. That took too much out of me to write, and more to lose. Guess my stupid ass should have backed it up. Ah, well. Story of my life. Here's a butterfly that used me as its death bed.

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  • magikarp 6w

    Heart Scattered Like Glitter In The Air

    Losing myself in your eyes, smiling at me from this screen. Those perfectly imperfect, copper-speckled, hazel eyes. The stars that circled the void. You.

    All you did was save my life
    And you kept it
    Because we were playing for keeps
    And I lost




    You didn't want this heart
    Neither did I
    So now it rests in pieces
    Not unlike
    Glitter in the air


  • magikarp 7w


    You would be thirty-three today. Four months and three days older than me, and you never let me forget it; well, technically.
    You were there from the very first day of my training. You walked right beside me as we entered those gates and began our descent into hell. You walked with me the whole way, fought beside me, bled beside me, damn near died beside me. We were so sure they had all been slain, there was not one more demon far as the eye could see. God, Elijah, if only we'd thought to look inside. . .
    Those bastards rode us like their own personal taxi cabs as we walked out of hell, bones broken, blood boiling, soot-soiled spirits drowning in the shaeds clinging to us for dear life; and they waited so patiently.
    Nine years.
    Nine years later, 29 July, they got you. They loaded your gun, raised your arm, put it to your head, gave you time for one last call, and blew your brains right out of me through that phone. That's when I realized we hadn't got out clean. If they were in you, they were in me, too.