love do this amazing and the beauty come out are hard not right

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  • magics 19h

    My heart

    When I just dream only you between gods put is together forever we lost of heart I give my soul never be part of us best friend becomes us

  • magics 3d

    Get us together

    Move your body next me buddy Musso bunny my soul yout blue eyes all the Poetry in them magical heart will sing about the sweet patsy

  • magics 6w

    Pushing love back to me

    Whenever dream becomes us be so beautiful
    Night like my heart of golden each voice is Whisper Of The Night my salf voice each night you you're fellen part of me with out me
    Very time you said to yourself why and why class town you call me that night your heart getting so cold with out my love I told you I love you this love always be your imagine it more beautiful could be in one soul you feel my heartbeat in hend you ask me what wrong. I say just. Miss you that all and you wished put magic in full moon we always saw away other another path if dream no one cast up between two mirrors we were living together at 2027 ¹ I no who fight this love around my life poor. Innocent deaths

  • magics 7w

    Let go of love

    No one could feel the heart with disease of love when lose my spirit the whole time to understand my kind love I want him have money flash car and make me let's go let the racked up laughing

  • magics 8w

    Truth love

    When I show you my speaking said beautiful became new love and new soul will
    She will shine again no matter what I always love you body you whip off my dress eat drop soul most my love

  • magics 8w

    Veteransy day 14

    Be more sweetie every year be together lost things just never let go she or he make be soul mate very she could the love lift some part of you crystal heart will Chinese she put hand on you she who she belongs with always in love together lifestyle beautiful women and candy amazing flowers ❤

  • magics 8w

    Powerful love

    It time to awakening this soul recognizance
    Me to love again could see what part love am looking for friendship to hook on Paradise more stronger love

  • magics 9w


    I just fighting with my self with any romance love I am waiting down all kind love no could understand other person said she. Fallen in love with someone special in heart she can hold on too him she whipped off her a heartto show him this she is cutting her heart her body up al much she ask Tommy he saw all the blood coming her body he asked why she doing you are hurt your soul Tommy is hold her body up and he kisses her pearls diamond lips he just cry and cry he my love not live me anywhere well see each other you are perfect women very Time am be looking. Your beautiful eyes I only see magical I be with you a I soul is mach we see come other day like us playful moments always keep you special in my heart know you give me heartless love couldn't feel the pain my is so blocked up he call her ann please open your eyes just tell you love me he
    her caving to bad just looking at her at soul getaway from her body I always love her life to death part my girlfriend is no one could be other women out there could love the dreamer keep this heart close good bye my love

  • magics 10w

    Like if your heart

    Sweet warm place keep you all my love remember me you see again you work with my soul I. Can't not to be in love with anyone to taste myself life more beautiful like left run in on water all different flowers is growing so fast get apple just bite it beautiful trees growing more better every lifestyle

  • magics 10w

    My heart so week

    Feeling like I not got no soul with out you only you put a smile on this face and my heart feels joyful every time I thinking about you day or nigh before I go too sleep I could touch you again I couldn't feel special heart always put my hand on it but just funsticy I pick you up my blue deep and just holding on to you and look your both us could do anything amazing you always on my main I wish I could call you my babe I am just speed around confusion with out your love