a girl with thousands of thoughts in head try to capture those thoughts in her poetry✨✨��

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  • magical_words24 11w

    Life lessons :✨

    तुम जो आज हो
    वो कल नहीं रहोगे ;

    तुम जो आज हो
    वो कल नहीं रहोगे ;

    और जो कल थे
    वो आज नहीं रहोगे ।।

    So, yes everything is temporary it is not like that if you are not doing good today or you don't have a good today(day) then never u will have .
    Just like coins have 2 faces our life also has 2 phases good one and bad one and everyone have to face it , now it just upto u which side u have to hold on and which not.

    The only thing that u can do is hardwork and believe in your self after that nothing or no one can stop u to get the success (aim).

  • magical_words24 11w

    Naadan hu abhi ;
    Bohat Kuch sikhna hai,
    Aaj bheed mai
    gayab hu ;
    Kal sabsa alag
    dikhna hai
    Kal sabsa alag dikhna
    hai . . . . . . . . . . .

  • magical_words24 11w

    Foreverness ♾️✨

    When things gone wrong
    you just hold my hand &
    smile n smile .... :-)
    say nothing to me
    just looking in my eyes️
    and makes me understood
    that I am not alone.
    You give me a
    a hope , yes a hope
    which somewhere I just lost.

    You are the sunshine of my day,️
    the wind of my windy day️
    which makes me realise that
    I am not alone....

    You are the shining star☄️
    of my sky night,
    which twinkles bright n bright
    and remove the darkness from my life.
    And makes me realise that
    I am not alone...

    You are here , you are there,
    You are every every where....
    which makes me realise
    I am not alone ....

    If i am rain which always be stormy ️⛈️
    then you are my colourful rainbow
    which covers the sky with colours
    and bring happiness on faces
    & realise me that –
    "I am not alone" & never will be....♾️

  • magical_words24 18w

    "Thoughts fluttering in dark windy night"✨✨

    Today , under a dark sky
    not gazing the stars,
    just in deep thoughts
    with the voice of wind
    that just blowing and blowing
    and makes me feel like
    i want to write something
    but don't know what..?

    Whenever, i hear
    these winds it seems
    like these wind forces me
    to write the thoughts, the things,
    that are just flashing
    in my head in nanoseconds.

    It's seems that
    these winds wants to—
    free up my thoughts
    and blow them
    just like wind
    out of my head.

    So, this night is different
    a lil , different because
    it's neither stimulates me to lost in someone's memory nor makes me sad by thinking about it
    but this night wants—
    to free up my thoughts
    ,with these winds
    and blow like it ,
    as it wants to —
    devour my thoughts and
    blow them out of my mind.