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  • maestral 3w


    So often did you go passing in the distance,
    In my heart, your feet echoing in the distance.

    With each footfall darkness glimmered with lightning in the sky
    Night kept coming, night kept leaving in the distance.

    While my lonely heart hummed countless melodies,
    Many lutes called to life, playing in the distance.

    As the firmament melted, drop by drop,
    In a vale a brook was singing in the distance.

    Now lost in your warm arms, asleep on your soft lap,
    How long sleep dodged me, eluding in the distance.


  • maestral 3w

    Misty Mornings (Lanturne Suite)

    mornings' rise,
    thrush come questing

    of light
    lies gentle,
    drenching woodbine

    silent wind,
    waking sleeping

    crickets song,
    loam of darkness;

    dewdrops cling,
    dorms the new day’s

    smiling eyes,
    renewing hearts;


  • maestral 3w

    Life between ticks and tocks

    (We are so often caught up in the next step
    we forget where we are)

    Remember Remember
    Take a moment —
    turn back the clock,
    between breaths
    where stillness hides.

    The geese have landed,
    roiled waters now mirror
    oranges, tattered whites, and the house on the point.

    A sigh of wind shatters the reflection.

    Twilight holds the sudden percussion of a woodpecker.
    Then, a neighbor’s dog barks —
    as if the night could be driven away.
    The trail created by a quick breeze
    parts the wheat.

    Darkness is sudden.

    Stars flicker,
    the moon almost a fire rising on the horizon.
    standing still
    becoming as rooted as a tree
    serenity grows within.

    In the rush, we often forget
    how to stop, take a breath

    become one with the Universe


  • maestral 3w

    This is an incomplete poem. It was lying like this in my phone for nearly four months. When I fished it out, I was about to delete it, then it struck me that it was okay as it was. So I am posting it with no changes and without making any attempt to complete it.

    Incidentally, that explains the title ��

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    Half a Philosophy

    Into that sea we all must fall
    following the North Star south
    give me another ocean then
    where the rent of a boat is low
    I don't know why I'm sailing
    this water black and deep
    pole to pole there is nothing else
    for the likes of me

    In premises that all were wrong
    I found half a philosophy
    had I found a burger instead
    there may have been a meal in me


  • maestral 3w

    Untitled # 2

    You dance across my back.
    Fingers sing, birds fly.
    You cock a brow.
    As my lips move,
    you trace the words.
    Silent, they fall;
    inscribed on your heart.

    Your eyes seal
    your blessings in
    my blood’s wax.

    I am still.
    You take the silence,
    entwine, create
    us with breath
    found on the crest of the sea.


  • maestral 3w

    #miraquill #ceesreposts

    I missed you all MQ family.
    I am sincerely touched that you noticed my absence. I just realised how much it means to be missed.
    Thank you.
    And thank you all for your awesome wishes for New year. I too wish the same.

    (Although I shall definitely take my time to wish you personally)

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    Internal Flight

    The stars slipped from the glove of night,
    stirred the horizon, paid the price of blood
    freed the moon and let it gnaw its way 
    until it held the night at bay with its full life. 

    Time is only a measure 

    We have been measured
    entwined and dipped in the divine.
    Then, cast into a chaos to find meaning.
    The meaning we discovered lies 
    in each others arms and reverberates 
    in each fiber of this flesh we have taken on.

    I know you and you know me no matter the time
    the life span and it all cries out our name as one. 

    All those that have tasted the waters of love,
    allowed themselves to bathe in its depths.
    The ones who listened to its whispers 
    in the moon lights hallowed awakening.
    All of this is but a reflection 
    upon a black night's silent pond
    where we are the stars 
    the wonder 
    the madness
    the spark

    starting a fire that shall burn away time.
    This phoenix we create each time we meet.
    Awaken from your deep dreams 
    reach up to me 
    we shall never part
    our fingers whisper all we know
    with each touch 
    each caress
    the rain of wonder 
    we awaken when clasped as one
    the world dragon flames 
    we are seared.
    The embodiment
    all will die for 
    a forever 
    a word



  • maestral 6w

    Maestral Madness is over


    Dear Miraquill users,
    It has been a tremendously wonderful experience meeting you all. My stay here albeit brief has been very amusing.
    It is a vibrant community of brilliant writers and supportive readers.

    Thank you very much everyone. Your lofty praises and encouragements have always made me feel good about my poems and have inflated my head and heart. I shall always cherish and treasure your words and your majestic poems.

    All good things must come to an end and this is the end of my Miraquill journey.

    My account will stay here if you ever feel like reading my works :)

    Warmest Regards and Best Wishes ��


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    Come and Go

    On the edge of the tilted horizon
    where today embraces tomorrow
    wonder fills the heart and shakes away sorrows.
    Beginnings and endings, a symphony of colours,
    trumpets of Reds, deep strings of ebony and stroked greys.
    Aswirl, I am kept on course
    by the clear tones of your heart; found
    on fog draped seas by the clear bell
    your laughter sings to my heart.


  • maestral 6w

    #nightsky ? #miraquill

    I just have different associations

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    River of Light

    Nearly one half the azure sky is anchored to the universe,
    while the other half is affixed to the mountains of the moon.
    here and there are whirling galaxies in your wandering eyes,
    can you count the stars that have fallen into those ponds of darkness?
    do you make signs of the cross over their scattered embers
    and sacred hearts?
    is this not like love, whose argyle tower is a deep maroon mountain peak
    forged in the argent metals of ancient heraldry!
    I have had my blue nights of struggle when sleep departs,
    because I am filled with the distance between us when you are absent.
    O girl, with the ocean eyes, I am caught up
    in your raptures—your ecstasy to that place where
    my spirit is exalted to a knowledge of divine things.
    I am entranced by your flashing eyes beneath these anchored skies,
    swept up in the tempest fury of a beating heart—almost divine.
    without exception my hand is stayed and you step across
    as the wind defines your path, and by definition is dispersed into shards.
    and in you there is love—ill-defined as illuminated smoke,
    how can I see beyond those night-saturated hills burned by sun fire,
    when I am dispersed in your sleepy frisson and your rosy scents!
    I am made mute, I can say nothing, with anxiousness I may declare:
    I love the essence of who you are, love your propensity to meander.
    this means I am bound to follow another one of your smiling paths
    where I become lodged among the tempests and turbulent storms of
    your myriad heart whose chambers hold my unchecked emotions.
    this is the heart of the matter—a path that moves away from everything
    and this love, an open wound my eyes openly aware
    a penance of unimaginable paradise,
    my love, this heart, this love is.


  • maestral 6w

    Starry Night

    The stars came out on a midsummer night
    Fairground lights that filled the sky
    As they danced and sparkled in every eye
    Spinning their magic with such ease.

    They covered the firmament in such glory
    Across that purple, velvet sky
    And spun their tale in every story
    As they went spinning by.

    We took such delight in all their play
    As we watched them in that night sky
    Weaving magic as they passed on by
    Holding them briefly as they slipped away
    Only to await their next starry foray


  • maestral 6w

    Bend the Night

    Bend the night just a little
    And see the stars fall off
    Heaven's been a long time waiting
    And sleep eludes the song

    The hours are still passing
    The minutes hanging by
    Clinging on to my loneliness
    And pausing to hear her cry

    I wish that the night were still
    That is all that I have left
    The mornings belong to tomorrows
    I may wake up to see who is left