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  • maestral 13h

    Shadows of my Evenings

    Until the sea recedes in tide
    from the sand upon the shore
    upon which slowly dissolve
    evening shadows
    and some footprints

    Until the glistening amber rocks
    turn green and then grey
    and melt into the diminishing twilight
    and flow silently 
    into another darkness

    Until the fragrance of salt
    and the Chanel of your hair
    coalesce into the soft serene sandal scent
    of your breast 

    and my eternity be measured
    by your heartbeats
    and my cheeks caressed by
    the warmth of your breath

    my head upon your breasts
    covered by the night of your tresses
    and your lips and eyelashes
    touch my skin in whispers

    Until then, Beloved,
    I shall wait upon the edge
    of ocean, sand and Time
    their mists obscuring
    the vision of your absence
    and my waiting grows longer
    than those shadows of my evenings

    Until then I shall listen
    to the last gulls of this evening
    circling around my consciousness

    or to the call of the lapwing
    inevitably beckoning to me

    Until then, my Beloved
    Until then


  • maestral 1d


    I lost my mind among all the telephone wires
    before I had a chance to redeem and resolve myself to your decline
    an empire of words once spoken
    laying like discarded voicemails
    that had no power over us anymore
    now just detritus among the coffee stains
    and cigarettes we use to smoke together.

    But that was long ago now in the folly of our youth
    that departed like the last bus to my hometown
    taking what pride and self worth I had away
    though I still had those morse code moments
    sending you my regrets
    for all the picked over bones
    and unfulfilled promises we made
    where I lost my momentum

    but then I guess you already knew that
    didn't you?


  • maestral 1d


    It may have been better
    To have been stillborn
    The only acceptable situation
    Where Death precedes a Life
    And there are no in betweens


  • maestral 1d


    sharp note of a cuckoo's call
    or roads stained orange by the leaves of fall
    mid-winter retreat to your mind's happy space


  • maestral 2d

    Learning to Swim

    I have always stood at the beach front.
    Felt the ocean’s froth pull
    my feet, try to topple me
    into the sea. I do not walk
    on water ~ no illusions.
    When I enter, it runs
    through me.

    Arrows in your hands,
    storm clouds formed by brows.
    One tall tree reaches out
    your heart roots you.
    You dance upon the tops
    arboreal oceans with birds,
    cavort with monkeys. Laugh
    you ride vines, race rills.
    You tell me my dirty brown feet
    will be clean for your rugs. Wink.

    Night shudders out of the shadows,
    you tell me my eyes are
    indecisive. Pick one brown
    or black. Tell me.

    Proud, I was overconfident.
    You humbled me,
    taught me how to soar in silence.
    Now, I will dare,
    except breaking a heart

    I charge the waves, ride
    the crest, tumble
    across your sandy porch
    hoping you will take me in.


  • maestral 3d


    I foundered in the celestine depths of your fiery eyes
    and swept up in your solar winds.
    it was your darkness that enthralled, then consumed me,
    wrapped in secret between our shadows and lost souls.

    I found myself staring at the vase of flowers in your parlour,
    their blooms reminding me of haloes and the rings of Saturn;
    the vase was ceramic, if I recall, the fragrance of the petals static,
    resurrected Christ-like from the earth, dark emanations in corpus.

    and yet I struggled getting purchase reaching for you,
    trying my inert best to overcome these overblown shortcomings;
    you were a triumvirate: the trinity of time, space and duality.

    and nothing existed before or after you,
    you spun like the flowers with their rings of Saturn blooms
    so that as I closed my eyes, you flew off into the sun.


  • maestral 3d

    #end #miraquill

    Did I even understand the prompt properly? Idk what I've written ��

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    A tomorrow beyond all yesterdays

    Let us tear up the old letters
    And write some new ones
    How long shall we await the return of the lost melody
    How long shall we wait to remember
    On which trees we had put chalk marks by which to return

    Many a shower has since passed by
    Many a wind carried many a tune away
    What is washed bears no traces
    And somewhere a new world has opened up for us

    In that forest stream let us bathe
    The clear blue water rinsing our tarnished skin
    the water washes away the soot in our hair
    The chill makes us so young again

    In that naked acceptance there is no shame
    In that embrace there is a purity of innocence
    In that sparkle in the eye there is a promise
    Of a tomorrow beyond all yesterdays


  • maestral 4d

    Happy Birthday Sanam. Stay Blessed. ��

    A trivial dedication to you @fromwitchpen

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    Her Pen

    I can hear her scribbling Pen
    spill over the last galaxy's edge

    The corners of the Universe
    stretch and morph around
    the trillion quanta of light
    that her magick
    scatters along the milky way

    Time bends and collides
    with here a star
    and there a constellation
    in the firmament of less traversed dreams

    A star of Osiris' belt
    falls over the traces of night
    and another star collapses
    into itself
    pulling my ruminations
    into her inkpot
    holding infinity

    Such were the times
    under the canopy of stars
    in a Topaz sky
    torn by the jagged edges
    of a crescent moon
    that I spent in idle contemplation
    of the distances
    measured only
    by her pen
    verse by verse

    Either way,
    what is poetry
    but the ephemeral symphony
    of her scribbling pen
    in the celestial universe?


  • maestral 4d

    Paint me black

    I sit and write
    write on those silent sheets
    with each engraved line
    I am drowned in despair

    letter by letter the sheet fills up
    tearing me all within
    it rewrites all my story

    of you being held in those
    silk sheets
    those streaks of kohl flowing down
    your brown eyes
    painting me black with your
    tearing my skin devouring me
    within your heart
    between the softness of your breasts burying my face
    your fists hold my hair
    and in your breath I am inhaled

    Untold to you is read
    all again aloud
    from those shattered sheets
    which are folded and enclosed within forever
    confined like light in a sea of darkness
    Until we meet


  • maestral 5d

    Something from my other account.

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    Poem on a Precipice

    Don't read my poetry standing on the ledge
    In fact don't read it at all
    It is unlikely that your head will reel on the ledge
    In a failed attempt at suicide
    But anywhere else you may succumb
    Much against your intention

    Come to me instead
    And if you sit with me
    Legs hanging from the edge of a precipice
    A cliff seven thousand feet down
    I shall whisper the secret in your ear
    And you shall be redeemed
    Unless the wind carries my words away

    What if it does?

    The touch of my lips on your ear and the soft warm breath
    Will be all that my philosophy was all about
    It was about you
    And nothing else
    But then was that not a subject
    I could have lived off

    You may now choose
    Which way you want to get off the precipice
    Either way

    The story is the same