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  • mads_2731 5w

    (I've been dreaming of dancing fairies lately???)
    #Dance #Bliss

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    Small fairy
    How you dance
    With the luminescent bugs
    Allowing your body to take control
    And your mind to rest
    I wish I knew the song
    You dance to
    So I could accompany you
    And we could share
    An endless moment of bliss

  • mads_2731 6w


    It was stolen from me
    My innocents
    Snatched by someone I trusted
    How was I suppose to say no
    When I couldn't even talk yet
    I wanted that innocent title
    Nobody can know it slipped out of my hands
    I went silent
    Holding tight to that imaginary label
    My arms were getting tired
    From carrying it around everywhere
    I had done it for years
    Until I tripped
    And it spilled everywhere
    Everyone knew
    I didn't care at that point though
    I was too numb to care
    I still haven't gotten feeling back
    I don't want to
    I'm just happy I can give my arms a rest

  • mads_2731 6w

    My Own Blood

    I'm getting shot from each direction
    The bullets pierce through my skin
    Making me collapse to my knees
    I've been taught with each wound
    That only a weak person bleeds
    I must be weak, because my blood pours
    I walk through this house
    My blood on each and every floor
    I search for the holder, but I can't see
    I'm blinded from the red lies
    All these years,
    I wish I could've read between the lines
    Maybe then I wouldn't of been shot
    So many times
    And maybe then I would've seen
    It was my own blood
    Pointing that gun at me

  • mads_2731 19w

    Promise Land

    I Know we are Struggling Sweety

    But oh do I Have a Place for you!

    So Take My Hand

    And Follow Me Hunny

    Ill Take To A Place

    Nice And Sunny

    There Are No Worries 

    There is No Stress

    Everyone Always Preaches

    How Its the Best

    So Close Your Eyes

    Count To Ten

    When You Hit One

    The Pain Will End

    Please Hunny,

    Let's Meet the Man

    Follow Me to the Promised Land

    There was a husband and wife that worked in a little shop near us and they were struggling with it and ended up doing illegal stuff to jeep it open. They got caught and while the police were trying to get into the store the husband got his gun and they agreed that the husband was to shoot her and then himself. I've never forgotten them and wrote this the night they died along with other poems about them. Rest in Peace to the both of them❤

  • mads_2731 19w

    Inhale Exhale

    I Watch 

    As you Inhale and Exhale

    The Smoke

    As if it were oxygen



    You lay back

    And stare at the wall

    I go completely unnoticed

    As always



    I watch you draw 

    Further away from me

    With each breath you take



    The smoke use to blind you from reality

    Now, you’re blind 

    Even without it



    Your eyes roll back

    As you close them

    All I see is a corpse

    Laying on the couch in front of me

    Of what use to be

    The one I loved




  • mads_2731 19w

    Im drunk rigut now lol

    They say my body is a temple
    Yet it feels more like a capsule
    Filled with doubt
    Filled with worry
    Filled with no direction
    As time fades
    The capsule's space fills
    I realize
    Soon, there will be no space left
    And I will fade
    Just as time did
    Filled with everything
    I wasted my time to avoid