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  • madhusa 4w

    Before I met you I always had dreams of meeting you.But now I wish if it was a dream only.

  • madhusa 17w


    I wish I too had update option like apps,where the 'what's new' has INDIFFERENT in it to fix the crushed feelings.

  • madhusa 21w

    You will get one who takes you as a blessing not as lesson.

  • madhusa 22w

    If you don't believe see yours.
    The sudden twists and shocks in your life.
    You may have travelled  unexpected paths many times.
    But at the end everything will have a reason.
    There will be definitely some or the other outcome and learning from it.
    Believe it everything has a reason.

  • madhusa 22w

    My tears are habituated to my hands. no other hands can stop that. it will listen to my hands only. So no one need to worry.

  • madhusa 22w

    Life will always play with the Weak.

  • madhusa 22w


    The wound is still raw no matter how many days, months ,years lapse. it's matter of feeling not time cease.