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  • madhumita_bhowmick 1w


    Nights are lonely,
    When there's no peace.
    Engulfed in all that was wrong,
    I felt my heart would freeze.

    Why are people important?
    A question I ask myself.
    Yet I try to engulf in stories,
    Of human, fairy or elf.

    Nights are tiring.
    When you're unable to sleep.
    Regrets keep you awake,
    You keep on diving deep.

    The hurt wasn't there,
    Neither did it heal.
    Just a hollow sensation,
    Only numbness I could feel.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 2w


    I do not appreciate the mere thought,
    The harsh concept of "cage".
    Loneliness and solitude would flood around,
    And slowly enunciate my rage.

    Freedom is all I desire.
    Not chained to the bars of pain.
    Deaf to the dissonance of life,
    A happy soul but considered insane.

    I live with my peace in mind.
    Not tangled around with worries.
    Although some days I get anxious
    But that gets carried away in flurries.

    I know, the aftermath of being caged,
    My heart will be showered with strain,
    Isolation with walls of agony around,
    A living corpse in me would remain.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 4w


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    When arranged one after the other
    We can find a meaning,
    When portrayed together.

    Consumed in the beauty,
    When words showcase magic.
    In syllables and in rhymes.
    Sometimes happy, at times tragic.

    It is the silent scream,
    Of many forsaken hearts.
    It is a lullaby of sugar,
    Of those who hope for a new start.

    Words have power,
    To fix and even shatter
    Poetry is that collection of words
    Which works like the mirage of water.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 6w


    Dear women,
    Be there for each other,
    No matter what relationship you share,
    Family, friend or even a stranger.
    Dear women,
    Stand beside one another.
    Uplift your mindset,
    Motivate each other.
    Stop normalising boundaries,
    Set by the regressive men
    The boundary should break,
    Either by sword or pen.
    Life is an endless horizon
    With opportunities to thrive.
    Your potential is not limited,
    To be a daughter, sister or wife.
    Women, support each other
    When you know what is right.
    Don't silence your voice,
    Help each other fight.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 7w


    Some days, no matter how badly you want to, your abondoned heart will never accept the shelter.
    It has been left alone but at least it was away from the mirage of lies and now the shattered courage shivers at every sweet words and reminds itself everyday to not to seek for home anymore.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 10w


    Let that sink in,
    The silence of dark
    Slowly the dusk
    Shall take away the spark.
    Let us understand,
    The dark brings us peace.
    The beauty of the quiet,
    Is difficult for us to cease.
    Some evenings should be away,
    From our regular routines,
    We should spend it alone,
    And anticipate what life means.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 13w


    "Human beings are fallible", said the English teacher, "which means they are prone to make mistakes". I vividly remember this statement from 10th standard. Most of the time I've been forgiving people justifying the same. No matter how wrong it might feel but understanding the situation has always been my forte. Yet, I've seen people holding me accountable for things I haven't done or mistakes gone unforgiven no matter how petty the incident was. Strange! But the feeling that I have within doesn't change. It will be same, maybe.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 18w

    Right not wrong

    What if I am wrong?
    Overthinking while I lay.
    No matter how wrong it looks.
    I still want it to stay.

    'It' here can't be justified,
    The person or the emotion.
    But permanence is all I desire.
    Call it corrupt for a notion.

    I never could feel,
    Love or whatever they call.
    Yet the touch crushed my heart,
    Like the leaves from the fall.

    Maybe I am wrong,
    Maybe I felt too deep.
    But on days when I don't talk,
    It gets difficult for me to sleep.

    I know it isn't right.
    And eccentric it might feel.
    His presence is important,
    His words helped me heal.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 19w


    Your heart isn't a home
    For a treacherous dream.
    Your ears can't hear
    The lies they scream.

    They told everyday
    "You aren't good",
    A statement so mean,
    Was your mind's food.

    It will take time,
    Maybe eternity as a whole.
    Your life will bloom,
    With a well-fed soul.

    Filter their words,
    Don't believe all they say.
    Don't engulf their hatred,
    Don't let their darkness stay.

    Their words hold no weight.
    If they can't be your oasis.
    Don't let everything ruin you,
    Don't invite your nemesis.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 21w

    Worst festival of lights

    There's so much light
    On this moonlesss night
    Reckless my heart's hope
    Can the dreams ever stop.

    Music and dance everywhere,
    They bring different sweets to share.
    Yet restless that boy sleeps,
    For the departed father he weeps.

    Love and light the world gives,
    But condolences are all he receives.
    Losing his asset on a pious day.
    It's gloom that decides to stay.

    Am I responsible for any sin?
    He lost a battle he wanted to win.
    His father's soul had to quit his fights,
    That was his worst festival of lights.