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  • madhujoshi 155w

    People: why you left him? Did he not understand you?

    He understands me like nobody else can. But it is me being not able to understand that if he's so understanding , then why he gave me such pain?
    - Madhu Joshi

  • madhujoshi 156w


    He ( to someone) : She can't leave me!
    Iike seriously???

    Are you so confident about me? For my love? or you have taken my love for granted?

    * I know , it's everytime me who call/text you first ,
    Its because you are the only one
    whom I TRUST!

    *I know, I tell you first each and every
    second, every part of my day ,
    Its because I can't hold from you,
    I can SAY!

    *I know , everytime I ask you to meet,
    Its because my love is pen & your heart is my SHEET!

    *I know , everytime I need to say sorry ,
    Its because I don't want to end
    our STORY!

    But life is not always sweet,
    It can be sour!
    Today I prepared myself to
    Say you MORE!

    You said -
    I can't leave,
    But its that I always
    used to forgive.
    Going to say ,
    Just keep this in mind ever,

    - Madhu Joshi

  • madhujoshi 156w

    Lack of concentration?

    Lack of concentration?

    Do you feel like something is distracting you from your goals, your carrier, your studies, your job etc. like from everything or anything which you need to do ?

    And do you ever questioned it to yourself , your innerself that why it is so?

    If you haven't then you should ! Because the answer lies within you.
    You always say "am not able to concentrate , something is distracting me" . You aren't able to study for long hours like others , you aren't able to sit for your job & bla bla bla. But distraction is what ? Why it is there? That should be your concern.

    An answer to the above question is that the distraction is the 'REPULSION' you are facing.
    You are not attracted to something that's why you get distracted . So basically if you want to concentrate you need to get ATTRACTED!

    Opposite of concentration?

    - Distraction... !

    No . Surely not!
    Because distraction is just the way ,
    it's something else: you need to weigh,
    Why you can't study all the day?
    Why you stop your work a halfway?
    What is that which makes your mind and heart to blow away?
    Answer is the "REPULSION" which I can say!
    It is the replusion which you get into tray!
    So ,
    just move with full affection;
    Whenever you feel something, something like distraction ,
    Just flip the way , your methods,
    Your mindset and first make it a

    - Madhu Joshi

  • madhujoshi 156w


    Are you cheating on her?
    - No...
    - Nah...
    - Obviously not!
    But it's a lie!

    Waking up in the morning and texting her to start the day is a love ,
    but ignoring her texts all the day is a

    Being possesive , ask her to avoid others , outzoning her friends , caring about her is a love ,
    but being patriachal and talking to other girls whom she wants to avoid , not including her in your peer group is a CHEATING!

    Commenting, giving compliments to other girls in front of her, making her jealous is a love,
    But avoiding her jealousy is a CHEATING!

    Did something , felt guilty, realising that it will hurt her is a love,
    But never told her about that is a CHEATING!

    Making her promises , making secrets with her, discussing carriers, future altogether is a love ,
    But keeping secrets from her , privacy from her is a CHEATING!

    So CHEATING is not when you talked to other girls, met other girls, or slept with someone else ,
    But CHEATING is when you did all these things even being in love with her!

    Love is the overlapping of two souls and moulding it into one ,
    But CHEATING is moving of two souls in their own spaces.

    So just move together for a better future , make your plans and decide your way like ;
    No secret , nothing to regret,
    nothing to lock, no privacy,
    No key!
    Just love here , for what she is to be❤
    - Madhu Joshi