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  • macabre 1w


    Time begs us to decay with it
    till we become abstruse
    and then finally a stranger to our existence
    It induces us to run away in a loop
    and we, loreless, we run
    till the loop becomes void
    and then finally into languid
    we fall like cascades then
    Turning everything vague
    till we contaminates what is yet to come.

    // She whispered eonian in my caligo, But it was ephemeral, and that now brings me back to the void loop, as I mingled her psithurism with the flying time. //

  • macabre 5w

    How long will you keep the heart caged in the hands of the soul?
    How long will you let the night stole your body ?


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    vo nafs ke haaton kab tak dil ko bandishon se qaid rakhoge
    kab tak raaton ko badan le jaane doge

    وو نفس کے ہاتوں کب تک دل کو بندشوں سے قید رکھوگے
    کب تک راتوں کو بدن لے جانے دوگے

  • macabre 5w


    I hope that one day moon will shower some scintilla upon me in return of all the blood I shed to knit poetries about him again and again.

  • macabre 5w


    Chasing silhouettes of yesterday
    You are running after
    bittersweet afflicts
    Leaving behind your preceding
    You are possessed by your faults
    Carrying too much for yourself
    You are a self inhibitor
    Obsessed with your agonish
    You yearn for happiness
    You can't become catalysts
    of blurry memories
    You've been failing me
    all this time
    Leaving me with those
    sweetest lies
    "khauf is baat ka ha ki
    Vo Har taraf se vaakif ha,
    phir bhi nahi jaante ki
    Vo chahti kya ha"
    You've been failing me
    all this time
    Giving me those
    blemished smiles
    "Vo hasne lage to dar ne
    Lag ta ha kahi vo isi
    Muskurahat se ghabra na jaye"
    You've been failing me
    all this time
    You are carrying yourself
    too far now
    You're still beside me
    But I guess you are dragging
    me away from yourself
    "Ufsos is baat ka ha
    Ki vo Har bar jaane se
    Rokti ha, jaane kitne
    Dukon se dabivi ha
    Phir bhi unhe kehne
    Se thukraati ha"