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  • maanya_ 20w


    Life is like an urbane motioning ship in the spacious sea,
    Where constant water current's brace is the chief key.
    Life is like the crystallised and celestial ice cubes,
    Where the ice defrost each second and subsequently it totally dilutes.
    Life is like a music with pleasant and dynamic volts,
    Where it has several sharp,flat and natural notes.
    Life is like the wagering fortune spin wheels,
    Where the accurate prognoses and assumptions barely reveals.


  • maanya_ 22w

    “Make your weakness as the set of challenges.
    Make your strength as the ladder of motivation.
    Then destination could be seen even from the farthest end of the road."


  • maanya_ 24w


    It was an eerie atmosphere with peculiar sound,
    Negative energies sprawling all around.
    A girl isolated in the room engrossed in her studies,
    And was not averse to hangout with her buddies.

    Impetuously the lights went off as she leisured herself,
    She endured that someone was behind the shelf.
    She banged the door of her colleague who was lodging near,
    The colleague solaced her and endeavoured to cease her fear.

    Her colleague departed away and the girl was terrified again,
    There was thudding thunderstorm and continous sound of rain.
    She saw her buddies and that consoling colleague from the corridor end,
    And the question emerges,who was that consoling friend?


  • maanya_ 26w


    On the way to the coldy white and opaque hills,
    Where all around tranquillity and harmony exists,
    Where the birds fly high with their wide parted wings,
    Where the airy breeze throw the experience of chills.

    On the way to the coldy white and opaque hills,
    Where the antipathy fades and fresh journey begins,
    Where the positiveness and fire of enthusiasm refills,
    And this expedition like a heaven it feels.


  • maanya_ 28w


    Not a solitary dimness that she missed out to gaze the bright star,
    Might be that was her commitment to get away far.
    Recollecting the frames of fond memories all above,
    And she was in search of her lost love.

    Black isolated aura and her mind filled with fear,
    Hankering the warmth of his hands and her heart filled with tears.
    A consensus of uncoupling was indeed untimely and rough,
    She realized there was nothing left to search for her lost love.


  • maanya_ 47w

    "True love is like an ocean filled with water,
    Fake love is like a desert with scarcity of water."


  • maanya_ 47w


    Unpleasant memories disappeared by end of the year,
    Origination of a new day without any fear,
    It's time to wipe off each throbbing tear,
    Let's gear up for new challenges to bear.

    An expectation of positivity and negative vibes not to be there,
    Several fond memories to be recollected here,
    A pledge to ourself for initiating the cleanliness of polluted air,
    Let's buckle up our shoes to experience the upcoming adventurous dare.


  • maanya_ 57w


    The infant's scream introduces him to the immense world,
    stack of new tasks while he's grewing old.
    Reviving the past time and his childhood memories,
    burden of responsibilities demolishes his cheerful previous stories.

    Declining the planned friend's trip made him to weep,
    those never ending assignments wont let him to sleep.
    Just an isolation from the busy schedule what's he need,
    but the life has to go on in deed.

  • maanya_ 58w

    "A clock motions in a clockwise direction and never reverts back in an anti-clockwise route.Similarly one has to proceed ahead in life by neglecting the rearwed movement in order to reach his destination."


  • maanya_ 58w


    A genial resonate exists all around,
    looks like the perceive of healing from deep wound.
    Enduring in a sensational and vibrational tone,
    Music can not for a moment keep an individual alone.

    The melodious strike of a quivering instrument,
    and that elaboration in a continual arrangement.
    The plinking reverberate of rain drops in a pond,
    and the emergence of ripples drive it to a musical's forever bond.