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  • m_bello 12w

    Whispers of your name aloud
    Although heartbeats echoes of you
    In your thoughts, i'm wrapped
    Still about you when i think outside the box.

  • m_bello 12w

    I dive in the ocean of affection
    Your love consumes me
    like gasoline on wildfire
    Yet it saves me.

  • m_bello 21w

    Life is short and temporal, but with you it's eternal.

  • m_bello 33w

    The pressure to belong has ruined many.

  • m_bello 33w

    The only competition you should acknowledge is the one in the mirror.

  • m_bello 35w

    It's not enough to know what the right or wrong thing is, crucial to this awareness is the ability to practicalize and do the needful when you find yourself in a situation that requires you to do either.

  • m_bello 49w

    Often, i see captions as limitations to the aesthetics of photography. Photographs are not to be confined to words trying to explain what is in the frame, but captions could be written to give ideas behind the scene or how the photo came to be.
    As art is relative so does our perception and understanding of each photo differs.Let what you see not only portray, but also invoke thoughts of what is and what could have been.

  • m_bello 56w

    Oftentimes we think our problems will be solved by acquiring certain material things or help from other people, as time unfolds and experience piles up I've come to realize our problems can only be solved not by more money but by being content.

  • m_bello 59w

    Buying things you like if you can afford them or talking to someone you cherish most times only makes you feel better temporarily. What happens when you lose interest in the things you buy which i pray you have enough money to keep buying. What happens after you finish talking to the person that makes you feel better, for your sake i hope you are married to them if not it only gets worst.
    I believe we most times glue ourselves to temporary solutions because they are easy to come by and we've already painted a false picture of what our way out should look like and that itself is a fallacy.
    We don't intentionally create our solutions just like we don't choose to be melancholic, rather our ultimate way out is knowing the causative of why we feel the way we do.
    In as much as this gives an insight about my state of mind and also to an extent a maybe possible solution, the latter part is easier to think of than to practicalize

  • m_bello 69w

    We all have our shoes to walk in
    Sizes might differ; bigger or smaller
    On our path to walk
    Length might differ; shorter or longer
    So does our pace differs.