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  • m3l0dic 50w

    Sweetest Love I've Known

    Could only imagine how it's like indulging on herl love in all kinds of ways.
    Not just sex,
    Simply inside of her embrace.
    How sweet it was,
    Still making my heart race till this day.
    It's a race I don't mind losing...

    If it's meant to be?
    It's meant to be.
    I've purged so many tears in her name,
    Breathing is much less difficult since I no longer drown within them.
    A peace,
    So dear to a mangled soul I've tried so hard to put back together...

    Her memory still brings back the same smile from our time,
    Once intertwined.
    How can I hate someone who taught me how to love,
    During all of those lonely nights I spent hoping God would end my life?

    Even if my absence is what she'd prefer,
    I appreciate her from a distance.
    My only relationship,
    Never am I sad or ashamed to admit it.
    Knowing how angelic of a heart she carried,
    I'm honored to say she's been the only one to have had the gift of,
    Her sweet love...


  • m3l0dic 54w

    Sorry For Hurting You, Too

    So blessed to have recognized my weaknesses.
    All the disdain I've breathed in,
    Manifested into drinks,
    Smoke and hazing as I laid defeated in,
    A state of mind where I criticized others for no good reason,
    During pivotal moments I should've stared into my mirror,
    Glaring at my demons...

    At times,
    I may feel a slight disdain for others over the evils witnessed daily.
    Whether it be walking past New York City concrete stained with blood while working in Washington Heights,
    Audubon Avenue.
    A Boy,
    Trapped within a man's body,
    Striking the wrinkled cheeks of an elderly woman in order to steal her purse.
    My heart becomes devoured by an endless Flame of Enmity hoping to burn the weeds of Humanity...
    A wish to put an end to every ounce of heinous thought within everyone's hearts...

    I put out my Flame any time I begin isolation,
    Understanding how I've pierced through another's sanity because of my own misdeeds.
    Asking myself,
    How would I have known what's righteous?
    If I didn't fumble my own peace,
    Trip and land on someone's happiness?
    All I really know is,
    Never did I realize my wrong doings until they put tears in the eyes of another just,
    Looking for the same kind of answers I am...


  • m3l0dic 54w

    The Prelude

    This time,
    His stomach growled like a Lion salivating in front of his wounded prey.
    His response?
    Someone would be kind enough to grant me a plate,
    Later on today..."

    Didn't have many ways to eat,
    Nor have a chance to reach REM sleep in such a long time.
    Hopping from a bench,
    To the next,
    Just asking for a penny,
    Nickel or a dime.
    Residing in the Lower East Side?
    He only had one thing in mind...

    Going back Home to step in front of a mic.
    Showing packed shows how He writes up a line,
    While feeling and reeling them in!
    Dealing a rhythm in His,
    Sealing a rigid Abyss I!
    Knew He would escape,

    An escape found through His love of Poetry,
    Instead of flowing drinks!
    Into my safe haven.
    So tired I was of being slapped by His tears and gallons of beer,
    As His Inner Child who has survived His excruciating pain and,
    Flashing memories I was forced to see while trying my best to make Him,

    I'm glad he did.
    I am!
    Within His story of victory,
    There's one thing left for us to confront.
    I just,
    Hope he's more grown and mature than what he was back then,
    Enough is enough!
    No more hiding from a rewind preventing both of us!
    To move forward...


  • m3l0dic 55w

    Sober & Troubled

    Sobriety is amazing.
    You breathe better.
    Sweat less under pressure.
    All the pain you've been feeling for so long,
    Goes away in the snap of a finger.
    Can it heal my mind?
    Your tunnel vision is much clearer,
    Can it allow me to feel happy for once in my life?
    I just,
    Want to know what it's like.
    Drowning inside of Joy until there is no coming back...


  • m3l0dic 56w

    Today & Tomorrow

    Divination is futile with full control over Present time.
    A power capturing events of the future as long as you have rule over your reactions in the face of temptations.
    That's what bothers me...

    At times I feel as if I have no control.
    Berating the Angel on my shoulder by giving in to my demons,
    Entering a state of mind where I simply ask myself,
    Why can't I be silent when I need to,
    Here and there...

    It dawns on me every single time,
    As I sift through memories of my past.
    Where I was told to be quiet if I did not want imprints of my Mother's leather belt on my back.
    Where my Mother and Father locked me inside of his car for an hour while being cursed at,
    As I watched them head upstairs,
    Ready to kick back and relax.
    Until it was time to face me again...

    I can see why my inner child yells so often.
    So sick and tired of being beaten by tyrants with a vision as blind as Hydras bobbing aimlessly through a sea empty of Light...

    One day he realized and showed me how I was born with a shine only God could see.
    How I make my own room dark every moment I shout and scream.
    About atrocities my mind should avoid at all times,
    By concealing the Light I speak!
    Into existence away from anyone who syphons my dire need,
    To bring happiness and peace!
    Back into my tomorrows...


  • m3l0dic 57w

    Too Broken For Seduction

    Sex feels so,
    Bland when you're next to someone who's tasteless.
    With taste buds reserved for one meal and one meal only.
    As lonely as I've been,
    Thoughts of lace and seduction are kept at a distance...

    I only have visions for a happy life.
    With a wife.
    Hopefully a kid born with her eyes along a nose like mine.
    A dream I intend to manifest into my reality,
    Unfortunately stained by a family smearing dirt on pictures they paint into lies...

    There is no seducing a heart broken into illimitable pieces,
    While reattached by reasons of divine nature.
    In other words,
    I'm trying my best follow God since God was and is my savior.
    Who else was?
    During every moment I've fallen to a drink or thoughts of putting myself in danger,
    By my own hands?...

    After escaping bottomless nights under involuntary torment,
    All you want to do is intertwine with whom your soul has known for eternity.
    A love as sweet as fresh honey combs no matter how much it hurts to be,
    Stuck inside a Matrix meant to keep you apart from a union I most certainly,


  • m3l0dic 57w

    Leave My Peace Alone

    No need for your heinous messages,
    As I read purely for alimentation.
    No need for your association,
    I'm fine,
    Without your baggage and hatred!
    No need for me to react to any of your knavish antics when I'm braised in,
    A light provided by my savior while I pray in,
    The name of Love I just began to feel for myself...

    A public service announcement for everybody doused in a coat of anger worn as I become cold through a lyrical prowess,
    Too deep for you to understand on any day that I'm crowded,
    By thoughts of a life so mellifluous...

    I am sorry that I'm not sorry.
    As a kid who kicks a rhythm unable to be mimicked by just any individual,
    A hit through this pipe bomb is what you'll have to wrestle with along a militant visual,
    I create when assembling my army of poems so lyrical...

    Emulation is flattery at it's finest and I thank you for it.
    No matter what is done on your side of the fence,
    You are a pain who will never get points for trying to score with,
    The same shots I take at life regardless of how hard you try soaring,
    Those palms to the sky when you should work towards,
    Being yourself...

    I can see why you love copying what I do.
    You probably see yourself in me,
    Even if I never see myself in you.
    When you look into your mirror,
    I am the reflection of what you want to be,
    As you wake up pretending like you have nothing to lose...

    Weirdly enough,
    I agree.
    You are nothing!
    To me,
    While I make sure to rip in to,
    The glass house you made for yourself as I force you to give in to!
    The Peace I'm trying to spread as I break you down into pieces...


  • m3l0dic 57w

    Dead Jokerz

    Dark skies shroud eyes of a joker as the storm,
    As I bat mine,
    There are no signals to alert my mind,
    That someone will come by protecting me with,
    A shield I can only hold for myself on this battlefield I was placed in...

    Concrete rife with debris from each bomb detonated by He who bleeds,
    Destruction for a laugh at crying souls whom see,
    Right through His sardonic decrees I refuse to follow through.
    Lurking at me from every corner,
    I choose silence to strike a self righteous con into oblivion as Death looms...

    After all,
    I am the one they label a Vigilante,
    For putting His evils to a rest.
    Not Batman,
    A human trying to repent for sins I've committed in the flesh!
    Who knew.
    How His actions would come back around full circle when squared up by the mess,
    Made by a monster who could not gain courage to address,
    The heavy trail of carnage left.
    For me to clean and hide.
    Until I had gotten sick of watching a demon get away with his lies...


  • m3l0dic 58w

    Question Markz

    "If you don't write your own life story,
    Somebody else is going to write it for you,"
    Was the motto,
    For a hollowed heart filled by a liquor bottle,
    Where anyone can spot growth diminishing with every shot spiraling around a rabbit hole of,
    What if?...


  • m3l0dic 58w

    A Patient Friday

    Waiting for answers you need for a life so puzzling can eat away at your waning sanity.
    What other answer is there besides,
    Your best friend during any moment your heart is turbulent with screeching cries stemming from loss.
    Loss of,
    Knowing who you truly are in a natural world decorated by facades we choose to believe,
    While knowing we have a choice between what's real.
    What kills your inner child...