Not much of a writer... But would like to become one

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  • lydiafrancis 2w

    In the process of making you happy
    I lost my smile...

  • lydiafrancis 2w

    Too much to say
    Yet all I can see is only myself

  • lydiafrancis 7w

    My love,grey cloud

    The silent words
    That you shower upon me
    As sweet tears
    Your dull face
    Lights up my dark life
    My love
    My grey cloud
    Visit me soon
    I'm selfish
    Sucking up your sacrifice
    Let the world know
    How much you love me.


  • lydiafrancis 9w

    Looking beautiful just for your eyes
    Is my pride.

  • lydiafrancis 13w

    You are my darkest cloud
    With beautiful rain drops.

  • lydiafrancis 15w

    Life - What's your biggest success?
    Me - The person I love, loved me back!.

  • lydiafrancis 16w

    Is it possible to get jealous over yourself?
    Because I look so pretty even in front of a
    Broken mirror.

  • lydiafrancis 17w

    When you can love them with all might
    But Time doesn't let you love.
    That's really sad.

  • lydiafrancis 17w

    Let me make things better and beautiful for you.

  • lydiafrancis 17w

    To My?

    How should I describe you ?
    My sunshine or My moonlight ?
    My Journey or My path?
    My Rain or My cloud?
    My Muse or My poetry ?
    My flower or My petal?
    My escape or My hope?
    My smile or My tears ?
    My music or My lyrics ?
    My silence or My sound?
    Leave all this...
    My love or My life?